Semantics for Data Architects Video (part 2)

Packages, naming convention, entities, associations, annotations, and lineage.

The Financial Industry Business Ontology, FIBO is the authoritative model of Financial Industry concepts, their definitions, and relations. FIB-DM is the conceptual data model derived from the industry-standard ontology. The data model resources are educational diagrams, PowerPoints, videos, and supporting tools in MS-Excel and Visio. Semantics for Data Architects is the education module for Finance, Business, and other non-technical users. Part 2 is mostly a demo of the FIBO data model structure in PowerDesigner. We explore packages and diagrams, entities, associations, and associative entities. Data model object properties cover FIBO annotations and lineage, the traceability of the model object to their ontology source URI, transformed into PowerDesigner extended attributes. The demo concludes with a discussion of ontology-derived data model peculiarities, such as multiple inheritances, associative entities, and “star schemas”.

You can read the presentation or download the PowerPoint here.