Loan diagrams

The Loans Package diagram displays all objects derived from the FIBO 2023/Q1 Production Loans ontology file (FIB-DM Normative). Supertypes and relationships reused for other business areas (e.g., Bonds) are defined in Foundation, Business Entities, and Finance Business & Commerce.

A diagram depicting the data model packages for FIBO Loans and Mortgages.
FIB-DM Loans and Mortgages package diagram…

The package diagram shows the dependencies, ontology includes in the FIBO, supertype/subtype entities in the data model.

The E/R diagrams in the gallery depict the entities in the four packages. You can click on a gallery diagram to open the scalable vector graphic (SVG) in a new browser tab.

The package for data model objects derived from the Loans ontology module. This ontology is the top-level, and most fundamental ontology for the LOAN module, extending the Debt ontology to define concepts common to all loans. It includes the primary obligations to fund the loan and to pay it back according to payment schedules. Kinds of loans covered in this ontology include open and closed end, secured and unsecured.

Debt, Foundation, and other FIB-DM packages provide the Associative Entities connecting “island” entities like the Payment Schedule in this package diagram to the Loan.

The Card Accounts package diagram depicts the entities derived from the FIBO Cards ontology.

This ontology defines revolving credit account-related concepts that are specific to credit and debit cards. Note that it does not differentiate between consumer and commercial/corporate cards and is capable of representing either.

The Consumer Loans package diagram shows entities derived from the FIBO ontology with the same name.

The consumer loans ontology defines concepts specific to loans offered only to consumers rather than organizations, primarily for personal, family, or household purposes.
A Consumer Loan breaks down into subtypes: unsecured and Secured Consumer Loans, currently Car and Home loans. The Consumer Loan has a Borrower, typically restricted to individuals. The Loan is collateralized by Physical Collateral (the car or house,) defined in the Finance, Business & Commerce/Debt & Equity package. An asset Pool, defined in the Asset Backed Securities package may have the Loan as a Constituent.

The entities in the package diagram below derived from the FIBO Student Loans ontology.

Student Loans can be Regulated, where the lender is a government entity or non-profit, or private, without any special regulations. The loan has a Borrower, the student. An Asset-Backed Securities Pool, defined in the Debt package, may have the Student Loan as a Constituent.