Loan diagrams

The Loans Package diagram displays all objects derived from the FIBO 2023/Q1 Production Loans ontology file (FIB-DM Normative). Supertyes and relationships reused for other business areas (e.g., Bonds) are defined in Foundation, Business Entities, and Finance Business & Commerce.

A diagram depicting entities in the FIB-DM Loans & Mortgages package.

The package for data model objects derived from the Loans ontology module. This ontology is the top-level, and most fundamental ontology for the LOAN module, extending the Debt ontology to define concepts common to all loans. It includes the primary obligations to fund the loan and to pay it back according to payment schedules. Kinds of loans covered in this ontology include open and closed end, secured and unsecured.

Debt, Foundation, and other FIB-DM packages provide the Associative Entities connecting “island” entities like the Payment Schedule in this package diagram to the Loan.

The Card Accounts package diagram depicts the entities derived from the FIBO Cards ontology.

An E/R diagram of the entities in the FIB-DM Cards package.
Card Accounts package entities

This ontology defines revolving credit account-related concepts that are specific to credit and debit cards. Note that it does not differentiate between consumer and commercial/corporate cards and is capable of representing either.

This gallery contains entity-relationship diagrams for the Loans Package derived from FIBO Development. Note that the FIB-DM Informative model is deprecated, and no longer updated. The EDM Council’s FIBO team moved a lot of content into Foundation, Business Finance & Commerce and Debt ontology modules, and releases more Loan and Mortgage support into production.