The galleries present the concept and package diagrams of the Financial Industry Business Data Model. FIBO ontology modules transform into FIB-DM packages. In other words, the data model entities, attributes, and relationships in a package all share the same code prefix. Concept diagrams show business content in a context, independent of packages.

The diagram shows the FIB-DM base packages with connectors representing the main dependencies.
Grey: The FIBO includes upper ontologies from the Object Management Group (OMG) and Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C).
Green: Foundation, Business Entities, and Finance Business & Commerce are the Core FIBO ontology modules.
Blue: New specialized packages for Banking and Processes derived from the recent FIBO modules.
Orange: Investment and Capital Market related content for Securities and Derivative instruments.


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Finance Business & Commerce

Business Entities

Loans & Mortgages



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