Securities diagrams

This gallery shows the Securities package diagrams of the Financial Industry Business Data Model. FIBO modules are transformed into FIB-DM packages. In other words, the data model entities, attributes, and relationships in a package all share the same code prefix.

A diagram showing the four Securities sub packages in the FIBO data model.

The diagram shows the packages for Securities and their dependencies.
SEC Securities models fundamentals common to all securities, such as identifiers, issuance, and listings. Specialized packages for Equities (stocks), Debt (bonds), and Funds (Collective Investment Vehicles) subtype from and have relationships to the SEC Securities package.

Asset-Backed Securities is a new package in the latest FIB-DM version derived from FIBO Q3/2023.

A diagram to depict the entities and relationships in the FIB-DM Asset-backed securities package.
Asset-Backed Securities package entities

The top of the diagram shows the various types of ABS, which all have an Underlier, the corresponding Pool. The Associative entity at the bottom in blue relates the Pool to its Constituent (defined in other FIB-DM packages).
For example, The Home Equity Loan ABS has an Underlier, the Home Equity Line of Credit Pool, with Constituents defined in the FIB-DM Loan data model package. 
You can look up the entity definitions in the latest data model report. All entities in the FIB-DM package have the Code starting with fibo-sec-dbt-abs.

The diagrams in the gallery below are from an earlier FIB-DM release. While still useful to understand the design patterns, the EDM Council has changed names and ontology structure since. Always consult your current FIB-DM version!