3rd-Party Consulting & Asset Offers

Free speech doesn't mean careless copy!

Anyone can download the Open-Source core version of the FIBO Data Model on the website and PowerPoint presentations of the educational materials. The YouTube Channel has free webinar videos.

Some consulting services and software providers inquired about the proper use of the Open-Source model, articles, and PowerPoint presentations.

A few banks asked me about the “FIBO Data Model consulting” proposals they received from third parties that never discussed copyright and license permissions.

Right now, Jayzed Data Models markets the Financial Industry Business Data Model solely to direct customers and financial Institutions. No third party has an endorsement, sublicensing, or developer license agreement whatsoever.

Independent contractors and consulting companies

You are very welcome to utilize FIB-DM. However, you must not change or rebrand the PowerPoint. On your derived FIBO data model offering, you must retain the EDM Council, Object Management Group, and Jayzed Data Model copyright and MIT and GPL 3.0 license agreement.

GPL 3.0 means that your FIB-DM-derived “accelerators” are Open Source. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued U.S. Patent No. 12,038,939 for the Configurable Ontology to Data Model Transformation (CODT).

Your FIB-DM in ERWin, ER/Studio, and Sparx EA with added diagrams and new subject areas with additional entities is a great asset. Publish it open source on your website, showing off your expertise and capabilities!

Banks and Financial Institutions

My capacity for FIBO Data Model training and direction beyond the 2-day course is limited. You should scrutinize FIBO competence and take 3rd-party consulting offers for your implementation.

You are welcome to download and distribute the PowerPoints and articles within your organization. If you want to lift off individual slides or diagrams for internal presentations, ask for permission by email.

If you want to keep your in-house or third-party FIB-DM models secret, you should license the Full Version.

Free internet doesn’t mean free copy.

Just like the original WW2 poster from a Canadian distillery, Seagram warned, “Free speech doesn’t mean Free talk.” The free worldwide web must respect patents and copyrights.

All Data Models are products of the patented CODT process. All reports, PDF, HTML, PowerPoint, and MS Excel are subject to copyright; all rights reserved.