FIBO Data Model on the web

An overview of selected external websites featuring FIB-DM.

FIB-DM LinkedIn showcase page (small widget)


Follow our LinkedIn page to be notified of updates and new releases in your feed. This is also the place to add your comments, feedback, and public questions.

FIB-DM YouTube channel (small widget)


The channel has webinars and conference presentations teaching data model structure and business content. Playlists provide suggested viewing for education, FIBO ontologists, Business Users, and conference presentations.

FIB-DM on the EDMC FIBO Portal (screenshot)
FIB-DM on the EDMC FIBO Portal

EDM Council

The EDM Council features the Data Model as a FIBO-derived product. The Enterprise Data Management Council created the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO). The council wants Financial Member Institutions of all sizes to leverage their industry standard. The EDMC released FIBO Products, the ontology, derived glossaries, and data dictionaries accessible to MS-Excel. The new FIBO External products section on the EDMC website features the FIBO as a Data Model alongside the FIBO semantic markup, Schema.Org.

Banks downloading the FIBO Data Model

The logos in the chart below come from 2,500 FIB-DM Open-Source download form submissions.

An abstract world map of Banks who downloaded the FIBO Data Model.