Semantics for Data Architects Video (part 1)

Industry-standard, Semantic Enterprise Architecture, Configurable Ontology to Data-model Transformation, Open Source

The Financial Industry Business Ontology, FIBO is the authoritative model of Financial Industry concepts, their definitions, and relations. FIB-DM is the conceptual data model derived from the industry-standard ontology. The data model resources are educational diagrams, PowerPoints, videos, and supporting tools in MS-Excel and Visio. Semantics for Data Architects is the education module for Finance, Business, and other non-technical users. Part 1 formulates the chasm between semantic and conventional data management and FIB-DM as a bridge. We discuss use cases of leveraging FIBO for relational design and the limited support in standard tooling. The presentation provides a technical overview of the Configurable Ontology to Data-model Transformation (CODT). Part 1 closes with an overview of the OpenSource FIB-DM core.

You can read the presentation or download the PowerPoint here.