Data Model Download

Twelve hundred users downloaded the FIBO Data Model already!

A free download of the Financial Industry Business Data Model (FIB-DM) core under GNU General Public License (GPL-3.0), an Open Source Initiative® recommended license. The FIB-DM sub-model has more than one thousand entities transformed from FIBO Q4/2018 Foundation, Business Entities, and Finance Business & Commerce modules. For the Full 4,062-entity model derived from FIBO 2020/Q2 upgrade here.

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The email has three download links:

  1. PowerDesigner users download the Conceptual Data Model (CDM). Extract the model file from the ZIP archive and open the model.
  2. For ERWin, ER/Studio and other modeling tools with native PowerDesigner import use the Logical Data Model (LDM)
  3. All other tools with XML import use the Class Model (UML-XMI)

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