Data Model Resources

A visual guide to FIB-DM Education materials and tools. The info cards represent a single documentation resource, such as a PowerPoint, article, whitepaper, or utility. Arrows show the recommended education path. The dotted lines show related items for further study.

Data Model education map and path

Visual guide to data model resources
Visual guide to data model resources

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Legend for the info cards

FIB-DM Resource Info card legend

Description of the icons


Data Architect / Modeler
Finance, Business, and other non-technical users

Resource Type

A deck of slides, the handout for a webinar or onsite presentation.
An article, white paper, or another document. It typically has more text and fewer images than the presentation deck.
The video of the presentation or webinar. The spoken word has more explanation than the deck. Often a demo replaces screenshots slides.
Other modeler resources. For example, Visio templates and stencils and Excel workbooks


The resource applies to the Open Source FIB-DM core version and is available on the website.
A copy of the resource is shared on LinkedIn, open for comments.