Data Model Resources

A visual guide to FIB-DM Education materials and tools. The info cards illustrate a single education unit, the intended audience, and the available formats, video, PowerPoint, article, or whitepaper.

Data Model education map and path

Click on the info card to open the resource page with the video, PowerPoint or article in a separate tab.

Semantics for Finance Users (resource info card)Open-Source Model for the Financial Industry (resource info card)Semantics for Managers (resource info card)
Semantics for Mid-size Banks (resource info card)Semantics for Large Banks (resource info card)Semantics for eXtra Large Banks (resource info card)
Semantics for Data Architects (resource info card)Scoping a Data Model from FIB-DM (resource info card)Semantics for Project Architects (resource info card)
Ontology - Data Model Hierarchy (resource info card)Object Properties - Associative Entities (resource info card)Data Model to Ontology (resource info card)
Coming soon ….Semantics for Project Architects (resource info card)The new track for Project (or Solution)
data architects, exploring FIB-DM packages.
FIB-DM Resource – visual guide

Legend for the info cards

FIB-DM Resource legend
FIB-DM Resource legend

The green border around the icon indicates the primary audience.

Description of the icons


Enterprise Data Architect / Modeler
Lego Project Modeler (icon)Project or Solution Data Architect / Modeler
Finance, Business, Management, and other non-technical users
FIB-DM user roles

Resource Type

A deck of slides, the handout for a webinar or onsite presentation.
An article, white paper, or another document. It typically has more text and fewer images than PowerPoint.
The video of the presentation or webinar. The spoken word has more explanation than the deck. Often a demo replaces screenshot slides.
FIB-DM resource types