Financial Industry Business Data Model

FIB-DM is a complete model transformation of FIBO, the Financial Industry Business Ontology. Major financial institutions created FIBO as the open-source industry-standard for concepts, their relationships, and definitions.

We created FIB-DM with CODT our patent-pending Configurable Ontology to Data-model Transformation.

FIBO in PowerDesigner
FIBO in Powerdesigner

There is a chasm between semantic and conventional data management. FIBO is specified in Ontology Web Language (OWL), a powerful semantic language that fully encompasses the Entity Relationship meta model. However, that is a barrier for Data Architects and Financial Institutions, because OWL has a gradual learning curve and Ontologists with Finance domain experience are rare. Furthermore, semantic technologies require heavy investment in tools, platforms and specialized databases.

Ontologist and Data Architect unite at Bridge across the chasm.
Bridge across the chasm unites Ontologists and Data Architects

The Financial Industry Business Data Model is the bridge from semantic to conventional data management. We took the industry standard ontology and make it available in the leading data modeling tool, SAP PowerDesigner. Data Architects can use FIB-DM as an Enterprise reference model and directly derive models from the blueprint.

FIB-DM within the Enterprise Reference Data Architecture
FIB-DM within the Enterprise Reference Data Architecture.

Ontologists and DAs use a common names, definitions and design patterns.

FIB-DM Agreements diagram
FIB-DM Agreements – Agreements