Frequently asked questions

Answers to the the top-ten questions asked on LinkedIn and in emails:


Q: Do I need PowerDesigner to use the model?

FIBO in Data Modeling tools
FIBO in Data Modeling tools

A: No, while the Masterfile is a PowerDesigner CDM (Conceptual Data Model), all major modeling tools import native PowerDesigner files. For other tools, try the UML-XMI import, or 3rd party migrations like Metadata Matters for E/R Studio.

Open Source Version

Q: Is there a download page?

A: Here, FIBO Data Model Download

Full Data Model, Commercial version

How can I examine the details of the complete data model?

You can browse or download the full conceptual data model report here. It has all 1875 entities, their attributes, relationships, associations, and inheritances.

What is the difference between core and extended version?

FIB-DM Core is free and Open Source. The core version will likely have FIBO Foundation (FND), Business Entities (BE) and Financial Business & Commerce (FBC) modules.
The extended is for sale with has all FIBO production modules. As of 2018/Q4 that is core + Securities (SEC), Derivatives (DER) and Indicators (IND). Licensees get updates, when the EDMC releases new modules for production. 

Will I get a model updates, when FIBO has new content (Loans, Funds, Market Data,…)

Yes, as a licensee with maintenance you will receive updates 4 times a year following the FIBO quarterly release schedule.