US Rescue Act Discount Calculator

The embedded MS-Excel sheet determines the license pricing tier based on asset size and applies the discount under the United States Stimulus promotion.

  1. Enter your Financial Institution’s asset size in cell C2
    a) Enterprise Data Management Council members apply their current rate Tier.
    b) Banks and Investment Managers enter Assets under Management as per the latest financial statements.
    Please convert foreign currency amounts into USD.
  2. The calculator determines the pricing Tier (C3) and the license list price (C4).
  3. The 40% Discount (F2) is available for six licenses, two per pricing tier, on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  4. The Net Price (F4) is the final offer after discounts.

Yes, foreign banks can get the discounted licenses. The 1.9 trillion COVID Rescue Act is a stimulus for US businesses – not a subsidy for domestic banks. Exports are welcome.

No, Central Banks, Multilateral Lenders, and other qualifying financial institutions cannot apply the discount on top of the asset size waiver. In other words, you already receive the Tier C price of $15,000 irrespective of your asset size.

The Full Model Upgrade page describes additional data model packages in detail and shows the Open Source vs. Commercial License side by side.