Release 2023/Q1, Normative

The normative FIB-DM October 2023 version is available. The 2,761-entity normative data model derived from the FIBO 2021/Q1 Production release.


The Entity Stereotype indicates special entities:

  • Associative Entities, derived from FIBO object properties, connect two or more base entities. They have a blue color in the diagrams.
  • Equivalent Entities derive from FIBO classes that have the like-named property set. The diagrams depict the entities with a dashed border. Physical modelers may consider a VIEW for these entities.

You can download the PDF Entity report.

The conceptual model passed the extensive PowerDesigner Model Validation Checks.

FIB-DM PowerDesigner – package browser and Check Model results
A screenshot with annotations of the FIB-DM 2020-Q1 Check Model Parameters