Release 2021, Informative

The FIB-DM INFORM January 2021 transformation is complete. This page is a summary of the release notes.

The 4062-entity informative data model derived from the FIBO 2020/Q4 Development release.

Is this The World’s Largest Data Model?

FIB-DM Informative January 2021 Release, Entity Package report (stacked column chart)
FIB-DM Informative January 2021 Release, Entity Package report (stacked column chart)

The conceptual model passed the same PowerDesigner Model Validation Checks as the normative version. Please refer to the article for a definition of normative/informative and how to derive from the two models for Enterprise, Departmental, and Project development.

In addition to the FIBO Development derived version, FIB-DM distributes the industry-standard Normative version.

Please refer to the EDM Council website for information about Prod vs. Dev and the FIBO Q4 release notes.

The Informative model contains all fourteen FIBO base modules. They transformed into data model packages. The diagram depicts the base packages with their main dependencies.

The FIB-DM Informative model release packages and their main dependencies.

The gray-colored packages at the top derived from Upper Ontologies for countries and currencies and generic annotations. The blue FIBO core packages are Foundation packages, included in the Open Source trial version. Core and the green packages comprise the FIB-DM Normative Commercial license model. The yellow packages are still in FIBO development and hence part of the Informative Commercial Model. Licensees with maintenance contracts receive two PowerDesigner data models, Normative and Informative.

The workbook combines PowerDesigner List Reports for Entities and Packages.

You can download the MS-Excel or 298-page PDF report.

The FIB-DM Stereotype indicates special entities:

  • Associative Entities, derived from FIBO object properties, connect two or more base entities. They have a blue color in the diagrams.
  • Equivalent Entities derive from FIBO classes that have the like-named property set. The diagrams depict the entities with a dashed border. Physical modelers may consider a VIEW for these entities.