Release 2020/Q1 resources

The latest Financial Industry Business Data Model release derived from FIBO 31 March 2020 production and development ontologies. There are two versions of the data model – Normative and Informative. This page is directory for release resources.

I suggest, you start watching the overview video and download the PowerPoint, then examine the MS-Excel Entity reports.

FIB-DM 2020-Q1 Atlantic (video thumbnail)A fast forward (10 min) overview video of the new version and Configurable Ontology to Data model Transformation
FIB-DM 2020-Q1 Atlantic (screenshot)The overview presentation has slides instead of inline videos.
FIB-DM release 2020/Q1 PROD, Entity List report (Excel screenshot)Normative Data Model Packages and Entities list report
FIB-DM INFORM Excel list reportInformative Data Model Packages and Entities list report
FIBO FIB-DM Production and Development modules Venn diagramThe article explains the difference between Normative and Informative data models.
FIB-DM 2020 new packages and entitiesFull Model Upgrade benefits, entitlements, and license prices.