Release 2020/Q1, Normative

The FIB-DM NORM 2020/Q1 transformation is complete. This page is a summary of the release notes.

The 1968-entity normative data model derived from the FIBO 31 March 2020 Production release. The conceptual model passed the extensive PowerDesigner Model Validation Checks.

As a business conceptual data model (CDM), FIB-DM Normative doesn’t have keys and attributes on all entities. Furthermore, multiple inheritances is an indented feature of the CDM. Hence the check options below are ticked off as not applicable. View the text file of the model check report here.

A screenshot with annotations of the FIB-DM 2020-Q1 Check Model Parameters
FIB-DM 2020-Q1 Check Model Parameters

The PowerDesigner complete compare report shows the differences between the 2018/Q4 and the new 2020/Q1 versions. Notably, the FIBO team changed 300 classes representing an individual reference index into ontology individuals. On balance, the data model gained five hundred real entities.

The EDM Council published the first quarter development release on 31 March 2020. In addition to the industry-standard Production version, FIB-DM distributes the informative model based on FIBO development.

Please refer to the EDM Council website for information about Prod vs. Dev and the FIBO Q1 release notes.

The workbook combines PowerDesigner List Reports for Entities and Packages.

You can download the MS-Excel or a PDF.

Use the Status, Package, and Entity Type columns to filter.

The FIB-DM Stereotype indicates special entities:

  • Associative Entities, derived from FIBO object properties, connect two or more base entities. They have a blue color in the diagrams.
  • Equivalent Entities derive from FIBO classes that have the like-named property set. The diagrams depict the entities with a dashed border. Physical modelers may consider a VIEW for these entities.