Release 2020/Q1 Atlantic overview

A short presentation about the new FIBO Data Model release and the technology that derived the model from the Financial Industry Business Ontology.

The narrative is more detailed than the slides. You should watch the video on this website or YouTube first, then download the PowerPoint.


FIBO and FIB-DM are the Industry Standard

Update: FIB-DM &@ EDM Council

  • 31 March 2020: The Enterprise Data Management Council (EDMC) releases the latest version of the industry-standard ontology.
  • 6 May 2020: Jayzed Data Models releases the 2020/Q1 FIBO Data Model.

You work at a Financial Institution and already embrace model-driven development, reference models, and industry standards.

Data Architect experienced in Enterprise Reference models. You are already using the 2018/Q4 Open Source or Full Commercial version.

Ontologist with FIBO experience. You already scoped, customized, or extended the FIBO. Now, you want to promote your ontology across your Financial Institution.

An exciting ride for Data Architects and Ontologists

An encyclopedic reference of Enterprise and Project model building blocks

Semantic Enterprise Information Architecture (SEIA)

Semantic Model-Driven Development (SMDD)

Atlantic is the way to Semantic EIA and MDD

2020/Q1 4,563 entities

The world’s largest data model.

Configurable Ontology to Data model Transformation (CODT)

FIB-DM + EDM Council FIBO website and webinar

The Enterprise Data Management Council (EDMC) is the global association of Financial Institutions (FI).

Working with major FIs and the OMG, created the FIBO as an industry standard.

The council features FIB-DM as a FIBO-derived partner product on its website and in a recent webinar.

Two models – Normative and Informative

Informative model maturity

The EDM Council explains that the FIBO Development version contains draft and well-vetted content.

Well-vetted content awaits promotion into Production. Design and names are stable, but classes may move to a different module.

Ontologists use FIBO Production as the industry standard. They consult Development to enhance and extend their enterprise ontology.

The Informative FIBO Data Model makes FIBO Development available to Data Architects.

Using the new Informative FIBO Model

Two data models in PowerDesigner or ERWin. For data modeling tools other than PowerDesigner, you import the two models – just like you did with the 2018-Q4 version.

FIB-DM Informative Packages

Semantic Enterprise Information Architecture

CODT, the patent-pending technology that created the FIBO Data Model

The old OWL file-parsing-approach doesn’t produce usable data models. It can’t cope with very large ontologies.

The new ETL approach creates high-quality models. The technology is fully scalable and configurable.

Metadata-Sets are keyed records holding properties for all objects in the model. (E.g.. all 4,568 entities)

•             Ontology metadata sets hold the record extracted from the ontology platform

•             Entity-Relationship metadata sets transform ontology into ER.

•             PowerDesigner (or another tool) metadata sets are in the tool’s required import format.

Version 1.0 Atlantic: CODT meets MS-Excel, PowerQuery, and the M-language

Full Transparency of metadata and

Stacked queries and ETL master the complexity

Thanks, and enjoy the ride


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•             Semantics for Large Banks (CODT)

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