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#4.5: May, Publish your FIBO Model!

From:                                         Jurgen Ziemer

Sent:                                           Thursday, May 28, 2020 10:34 AM

To:                                               FIB-DM Users (subset)

Subject:                                     Publish your ERWIN, Sparx EA, Visual Paradigm, E/R Studio, or other FIBO Data Model!

Hello, FIB-DM independent contractors, consulting-, and software companies,

Publish your ERWIN, Sparx EA, Visual Paradigm, E/R Studio, or other FIBO Data Model!

FIB-DM Data Modeling Tools (as of 2020-05-27)
FIB-DM Data Modeling Tools (as of 2020-05-27)

This interim newsletter goes to the subset of 40% non-institutional FIB-DM downloaders and users on data modeling tools other than PowerDesigner.

Most FIB-DM users have to migrate or import the PowerDesigner or UML-XMI model into their tool. Many have questions, and I only have Sparx and PowerDesigner licensed and installed.

While you can’t sell an ERWin FIB-DM, distributing your high-quality migration and diagrams showcases your expertise and capabilities. You may win new prospects, customers, and business.

Under the General Public License, all FIB-DM Core-derived works are Open Source already – you don’t have to ask for my permission to share them.

To prepare your model, just make sure to retain (or add, if lost in the import) the Jayzed, EDMC, and OMG copyright and license properties on all packages (subject areas).

FIB-DM Core License and Copyright (Sparx EA screenshot)
FIB-DM Core License and Copyright (Sparx EA screenshot)

The example screenshot below shows FIBUM, the Universal UML-XMI model imported into Sparx Enterprise Architect.

Copyright: Add your name or company to the Jayzed, EDMC, OMG entry.

License: Just leave it as is. (You must not add a proprietary license to GPL 3.0)

To distribute your model, simply provide a download on your website, a DropBox link, or email a ZIP as an attachment.

The EDM Council supports FIB-DM because Jayzed Data Models Inc. fully complies with their MIT license requirements. Likewise, I look forward to sharing links to your derived models or migration tips in the next newsletters, on LinkedIn, and the FIB-DM website.

Thanks & regards


#4: May, 2020/Q1 Release

From:                                         Jurgen Ziemer

Sent:                                           Tuesday, May 12, 2020 5:40 AM

To:                                               FIB-DM Users

Subject:                                     Newsletter 4: Release 2020/Q1 of the FIBO Data Model shipped last week

Hello FIB-DM Users,

The new Informative 4,563-entity data model based on the latest FIBO 2020/Q1 Development version announced in the previous April newsletter has shipped.

Last week commercial licensees received the two PowerDesigner models, Normative and Informative. The LinkedIn Post, “The World’s Largest Data Model?” had 36 Likes and comments.

The diagram shows the FIBO Data Model packages. The Normative (green) version adds Securities, Derivatives, and Indicators & Indices to your Core version. The Informative (yellow) version, a separate PowerDesigner model file, adds Loans, Funds, Corporate Actions, Business Processes, and Market Data.

You can view and download the new subject area diagrams and complete MS-Excel Package/Entity definition list reports on the FIB-DM website. Structurally, the Full version is identical to your Open Source model file – it just unlocks the additional subject areas, entities, and diagrams. In other words, as the Core version imported into your data modeling tools, so does the Full version.

Of course, you should upgrade! The Full Model Upgrade article explains the commercial license and maintenance coverage, entitlements, and pricing.

The offer includes extensive Model Resources, PowerPoints, spreadsheets, Visio, and videos. The commercial license lifts the GPL 3.0, “copyleft” requirement that derived models must remain Open Source. You can keep them confidential.

Finally, small pension funds, community banks, academia, and individual contractors who can’t afford a license, please be patient. Scoping and distributing the Open Source Core model is a lot of work. Licensees paid for the competitive advantage. So there must remain some FIBO release time-lag and premium content. There will be a FIB-DM Core release later this year.

Please contact me at if you have any questions or like an online FIB-DM overview meeting.

Thanks and regards

Jurgen Ziemer

The FIB-DM Informative model release packages and their main dependencies.

#3: April, Normative/Informative models

From:Jurgen Ziemer
Sent:Tuesday, April 7, 2020 6:08 AM
To:FIB-DM Users
Subject:FIB-DM newsletter: New 4416-entity data model derived from FIBO Q1 2020Development version

Hello FIB-DM Users,

It has been six weeks since the last newsletter – here are the news:

Starting with the April 2020 release, FIB-DM follows the EDM Council schedule with quarterly model releases. Commercial license holders get the four thousand four hundred entity DEV version in addition to the normative data model derived from FIBO production. 

FIBO FIB-DM Production and Development modules Venn diagram
FIBO FIB-DM Production and Development modules

The article defines FIBO/FIB-DM production and development as normative and informative versions of the model. We explain how to use the two models in a model-driven architecture.

FIB-DM Normative and Informative model for Implementation architecture diagram
FIB-DM Normative and Informative Model for Implementation
Atlantic CODT picture

Commercial releases used to be once a year when the EDM Council promotes a new module into production. Atlantic CODT, the completely recoded version of the transformation technology eliminated the weeks-long manual work, making two models, quarterly possible. 

You are welcome to email me you questions or comment on the LinkedIn versions of the articles. 

Stay save,

Jurgen Ziemer

#2: February, EDM Council

From:                                         Jurgen Ziemer

Sent:                                           Tuesday, February 25, 2020 8:20 AM

To:                                               FIB-DM Users

Subject:                                     FIB-DM newsletter: EDM Council FIBO invites you, data modelers

Dear FIB-DM User,

One hundred more people downloaded the data model since our first newsletter, a month ago. The user community now is over four hundred, 139 Financial Institutions, Regulators, Universities, and Government entities.

FIB-DM Institutional downloads (pie chart)
FIB-DM Institutional downloads

I am in the middle of transforming the latest 14 January FIBO release into a data model update. FIB-DM will grow by three hundred entities, mainly in the Foundation and Securities packages. Check out and follow the FIB-DM LinkedIn pages for updates and details.

The Enterprise Data Management Council (EDMC), the creator of the industry-standard ontology, welcomes FIB-DM data modelers to shape the industry standard. Please see below and respond to Robert, the EDMC FIBO Project Manager’s invitation – no ontology expertise is expected.

Likewise, please share your migrations and extensions of the FIBO Data Model. All derived artifacts are Open Source already under the General Public License. You don’t have to ask for permission –publish your work on GitHub or elsewhere. In particular, your import into other data modeling tools, the most frequently asked question:

While 40% of FIB-DM users are on PowerDesigner, 178 of you have other data modeling tools, a staggering duplication of migration efforts. Please publish and distribute your ERWin, Sparx, Visual Paradigm, or other FIBO Data Model with your diagrams!

FIB-DM Data Modelling Tools (pie chart)
FIB-DM Data Modelling Tools

I look forward to sharing your link on the FIB-DM website, LinkedIn, and the next newsletter. For institutions, this is giving back to the industry. For independent contractors and consultancies: While you can’t sell your “ERWin FIB-DM,” distributing the Open Source showcases your expertise. Banks may ask you to migrate their full commercial version or advise on customization.

Thanks and regards


The EDM Council invitation:

Dear Data Modelers! If you are interested in building the Financial Industry Business Data Models, I’d like to warmly invite you to join the Open Financial Industry Business Ontology initiative. A few details: – FIBO is open, i.e., the “fibo” GitHub repository is public. – FIBO is released under MIT license. – All documentation relevant to understanding and developing FIBO is in GitHub (see e.g. FIBO ontology guide). – All changes in FIBO are discussed publicly on GitHub. – FIBO Viewer allows browsing FIBO online. – We help in organizing working groups (please consider joining one of 3 currently active FIBO Working groups)

– We promote FIBO “external” products such as Jurgen’s FIB-DM (the ontology derived data model). Important! To join the FIBO Community, you do not have to be an ontologist or a Semantic Web ninja. It’s enough you are familiar with data modeling and/or know something about the financial domain. Please write an e-mail to to get more information.

Thank you!


Robert Trypuz, PhD FIBO Project Manager

EDM Council

#1: January, Introduction

From:                                         Jurgen Ziemer

Sent:                                           Tuesday, January 21, 2020 6:11 AM

To:                                               FIB-DM Users

Subject:                                     Your FIBO Data Model – upcoming new version

Dear FIB-DM User,

You are among three hundred people who downloaded the Financial Industry Business Data Model (FIB-DM).

I am Jurgen Ziemer, the Data Architect/Ontologist who derived the data model from the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO).

There will be a new version of the Open Source Data Model coming out this spring. I plan to send new download links to active users via this distribution list, rather than having you submit the download form again.

Beyond model releases, I also want to update you on new FIB-DM LinkedIn posts, free data model education PowerPoints, the YouTube channel, and on occasion, the benefits of upgrading to the Full FIBO Data Model.

Breaking News: The Enterprise Data Management Council (EDMC) made FIB-DM the “official” FIBO Data Model. See the new FIB-DM external Product page on the EDMC website:     

The Global Association of Financial Institutions takes notice of you, council member data modelers leveraging their industry standard.

Thanks again for using the FIBO Data Model. I welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions about the model and user community.

Best regards


P.S. The sender of this email, distribution list, is an unmonitored mailbox. Please contact me at my email address below.

If you are no longer using FIB-DM, forward this email to with “REMOVE” in the header, and I will take you off the distribution list.

If you want to join, send an email to with “SUBSCRIBE” in the header, your name, company, and data modeling tool in the message text, and I will add your email address to the distribution list.

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