Entity definitions – list report

The entity list report shows all Financial Industry Business Data Model Entities with their name, code, definition.

  • Data model entities derive from ontology classes and object properties. The Type indicates BASE for a standard entity derived from a class. ASSOC is an associative entity derived from ontology object properties.
  • The Code is the source ontology class or object property prefix and local name transformed from the Financial Industry Business Ontology, FIBO.
  • The Name is a conversion from FIBO Camel Code to the Logical Data Model naming convention.
  • All FIBO classes and property have the skos:definition annotation property, the source for the entity Comment.

The report reflects the latest FIB-DM release derived from FIBO Production 2020/Q1.

NameCodeCommentEntity Type
ABAIIN Registry Entryfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:ABAIINRegistryEntryan entry in the ABA IIN registry, a repository of financial institution characteristics collected by the ABA for those institutions to which they issue IINsBASE
ABARTN Registry Entryfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:ABARTNRegistryEntryan entry in the ABA RTN registry, a repository of financial institution characteristics collected by the ABA Registrar on behalf of the ABABASE
Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:Accountcontainer for records associated with a business arrangement for regular dealings or services (such as personal or professional services, banking)BASE
Account Holderfibo-fbc-pas-caa:AccountHolderparty holding an accountBASE
Account Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-caa:AccountIdentifieridentifier that denotes an accountBASE
Account Providerfibo-fbc-pas-caa:AccountProviderparty that provides and services the accountBASE
Account Specific Service Agreementfibo-fbc-pas-caa:AccountSpecificServiceAgreementservice-agreement that is account-specific, applicable in cases where a client holds multiple accounts with differing terms and conditionsBASE
Accounting Frameworkfibo-be-le-lei:AccountingFrameworka qualifier that indicates the accounting framework, i.e., the set of policies, methods, rules, and processes, applied for accounting consolidation purposes with respect to this relationshipBASE
Accounting Transactionfibo-fbc-pas-caa:AccountingTransactionevent or condition recognized by an entry in the records of an accountBASE
Accrualfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Accrualthe process of accumulating interest or other income that has been earned but not paidBASE
Ad Hoc Schedulefibo-fnd-dt-fd:AdHocSchedulea schedule that consists of (comprises) AdHocScheduleEntries, each of which specifies a dateBASE
Ad Hoc Schedule Entryfibo-fnd-dt-fd:AdHocScheduleEntryan entry, including a date, among multiple ad hoc schedule entries that jointly make up an AdHocScheduleBASE
Addressfibo-fnd-plc-adr:Addressindex to a location to which communications may be deliveredBASE
Address Componentfibo-fnd-plc-adr:AddressComponentaspect of an addressBASE
Addressing Schemefibo-fnd-plc-adr:AddressingSchemesystem for allocating addresses to objectsBASE
Adultfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:Adulta person who has attained the age of majority as defined by given jurisdictionBASE
Affiliatefibo-be-oac-cctl:Affiliatean affiliate of, or a person affiliated with, a specific person is a person that directly, or indirectly through one or more intermediaries, controls, or is controlled by, or is under common control with, the person specifiedBASE
Agency Agreementfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:AgencyAgreementan agreement that designates a party as a registered agent to represent and act on behalf of another party in some, typically legal, financial, or medical capacityBASE
Agent For Service Of Processfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:AgentForServiceOfProcessa registered agent (person or organization) designated by a business entity, such as a corporation, to receive legal correspondence on behalf of the business entity in the jurisdiction in which the agent’s address is locatedBASE
Agent In Rolefibo-fnd-pty-rl:AgentInRoleAn agent-in-role is a relative concept that ties an autonomous agent to a role they are playing in a given situational context.BASE
Agreementfibo-fnd-agr-agr:Agreementa negotiated understanding between two or more parties, reflecting the offer and acceptance of commitments on the part of either partyBASE
Agreement Corporationfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:AgreementCorporationa corporation chartered by a state to engage in international banking, so named because the corporation enters into an ‘agreement’ with the Fed’s Board of Governors that it will limit its activities to those permittedBASE
Alpha2Code (cr)lcc-cr:Alpha2Codea digraph representing a country or geographic regionBASE
Alpha2Code (cr)fibo-sec-sec-ast:SecurityHoldera party that holds a transferable contract (security), and has the rights defined in that contractBASE
Alpha2Code (lr)fibo-be-oac-cpty:COCOBondholderHolder of bank bonds which convert to equity holdings in a bank.BASE
Alpha2Code (lr)lcc-lr:Alpha2Codea language identifier for a human language as defined by ISO 639-1, that is, a two-letter combination of characters used to represent a language or languagesBASE
Alpha3Code (cr)fibo-der-rtd-rtd:RateBasedDerivativeInstrumenta derivative instrument whose underlier is a non-physical observable rateBASE
Alpha3Code (cr)lcc-cr:Alpha3Codea trigraph representing a country or geographic regionBASE
Alpha3Code (lr)lcc-lr:Alpha3Codea language identifier for a human language as defined by ISO 639, that is, a three-letter combination of characters used to represent a language or languagesBASE
Alpha3Code (lr)fibo-sec-dbt-bnd:ZeroCouponBondCallcall event associated with a zero coupon or original issue discount bondBASE
American Exercise Termsfibo-sec-dbt-ex:AmericanExerciseTermsexercise terms that stipulate that an option may be exercised anytime between the purchase date and date of expirationBASE
American Statistics Publisherfibo-ind-ei-usei:AmericanStatisticsPublishera statistical information publisher comprised of the government agencies and departments that publish statistical information on behalf of the U.S. Federal GovernmentBASE
Amortizationfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Amortizationthe process of reduction of debt or other costs through periodic charges to assets or liabilities, such as through principal payments on mortgagesBASE
Amortization Schedulefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:AmortizationSchedulea schedule of periodic payments (repayment installments) that specify changes in the balance of the debt over timeBASE
Amortizing Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:AmortizingBondbond that regularly pays down the principal (face value) on the debt along with its interest expense over the life of the bondBASE
Amount Of Moneyfibo-fnd-acc-cur:AmountOfMoneya sum of moneyBASE
Ancient Languagelcc-lr:AncientLanguagean extinct language that has an attested literature and is recognized as having special status in the academic communityBASE
Annualized Standard Deviationfibo-fnd-utl-alx:AnnualizedStandardDeviationstandard deviation for some measure over a specific reference periodBASE
applies Infibo-fnd-law-jur:appliesInindicates the jurisdiction in which a law, regulation, or legal system appliesASSOC
applies Tofibo-fnd-rel-rel:appliesToa relation indicating something that is pertinent or relevant to the conceptASSOC
appointsfibo-fnd-rel-rel:appointsassigns a job or role to someone, selects or designates to fill an office or a position, fixes or sets by authority or by mutual agreementASSOC
Appraisalfibo-fnd-arr-asmt:Appraisalwritten estimate of the market value of something, provided by a qualified appraiserBASE
Appraiserfibo-fnd-arr-asmt:Appraiserparty that evaluates or estimates the nature, quality, ability, or value of someone or somethingBASE
Arithmetic Meanfibo-fnd-utl-alx:ArithmeticMeansum of a collection of numbers divided by the number of numbers in the collectionBASE
Arrangementlcc-lr:Arrangementa structure or means of organizing information such as a schema, numbering system, organization scheme, measurement system, taxonomy, or language for organizing informationBASE
Arrangement (lcc)fibo-fnd-utl-alx:StandardDeviationsquare root of variance, standard deviation measures the spread or dispersion around the mean of a data setBASE
Articles Of Incorporationfibo-be-oac-exec:ArticlesOfIncorporationThe articles of association are a contract (1) between the members (stockholders, subscribers) and the organization and (2) among the members themselves. It sets out the rights and duties of directors and stockholders individually and in meetings. Certain statutory clauses (such as those dealing with allotment, transfer, and forfeiture of shares) must be included; the other clauses are chosen by the stockholders to make up the bylaws of the organization. A court, however, may declare a clause ultra vires if it is deemed unfair, unlawful, or unreasonable. A copy of the articles is lodged with the appropriate authority such as the registrar of companies. Articles are public documents and may be inspected by anyone (usually on payment of a fee) either at the premises of the organization or at the registrar’s office. Lenders to the organization take special interest in its provisions that impose a ceiling on the borrowings beyond which the organization’s management must get shareholders’ approval before taking on more debt. The usual American term is articles of incorporation.BASE
Artificial Languagelcc-lr:ArtificialLanguagea language for human communication that has been artificially devisedBASE
Aspectfibo-fnd-utl-alx:Aspectcharateristic or feature that can be used to dimensionalize, filter, or subset somethingBASE
Assessment Activityfibo-fnd-arr-asmt:AssessmentActivityactivity involving the evaluation or estimation of the nature, quality, ability, or value of someone or somethingBASE
Assessment Eventfibo-fnd-arr-asmt:AssessmentEventevent involving the evaluation or estimation of the nature, quality, or ability of someone or somethingBASE
Assessment Reportfibo-fnd-arr-asmt:AssessmentReportreport that includes an opinion, judgement, appraisal, or view about something and typically the methodology and raw inputs used to arrive at that opinionBASE
Assetfibo-fnd-oac-own:Assetsomething of monetary value that is owned or provides benefit to some partyBASE
Asset Classfibo-sec-sec-cls:AssetClassa financial instrument classifier for a group of securities that exhibit similar characteristics, behave similarly in the marketplace and are subject to the same laws and regulationsBASE
Auction Date Rulefibo-sec-sec-sch:AuctionDateRulea business recurrence interval convention that is a published rule for defining the date of some auction eventBASE
Auditorfibo-be-oac-exec:Auditoran individual qualified (at the state level) to conduct audits. An auditor may be an internal auditor (an individual whose primary job function is to audit his or her own company) or an external auditor (an individual from outside the company, who typically is employed by an auditing firm who handles many different clients).BASE
Automated Systemfibo-fnd-aap-agt:AutomatedSystema system that reduces or eliminates the need for human involvement in order to complete a task.BASE
Autonomous Agentfibo-fnd-aap-agt:AutonomousAgentAn agent is an autonomous individual that can adapt to and interact with its environment.BASE
Average Absolute Deviationfibo-fnd-utl-alx:AverageAbsoluteDeviationaverage of the absolute deviations from a central pointBASE
Average Daily Earningsfibo-ind-ei-ei:AverageDailyEarningsa measure of the average daily wage an employee makes over the reporting periodBASE
Average Earningsfibo-ind-ei-ei:AverageEarningsa measure of the average wage an hourly or salaried worker makes in a given period of timeBASE
Average Hourly Earningsfibo-ind-ei-ei:AverageHourlyEarningsa measure of the average hourly wage an employee makes over the reporting periodBASE
Average Monthly Earningsfibo-ind-ei-ei:AverageMonthlyEarningsa measure of the average monthly wage an employee makes over the reporting periodBASE
Average Weekly Earningsfibo-ind-ei-ei:AverageWeeklyEarningsa measure of the average weekly wage an employee makes over the reporting periodBASE
Balancefibo-fbc-pas-caa:Balanceamount of money available or owedBASE
Bankfibo-fbc-fct-fse:Banka depository institution, usually a corporation, that accepts deposits, makes loans, pays checks, and performs related services, for individual members of the public, businesses or other organizationsBASE
Bank Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:BankAccountaccount held or provided by, as a service, a bankBASE
Bank Account Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-caa:BankAccountIdentifieridentifier that identifies a bank accountBASE
Bank For International Settlementsfibo-fbc-fct-fse:BankForInternationalSettlementsan international financial organization that serves central banks in their pursuit of monetary and financial stability, helping to foster international cooperation in those areas and acting as a bank for central banksBASE
Bank Holding Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:BankHoldingCompanyany company that owns and/or has direct or indirect control of one or more banks; BHCs may also own nonbanking subsidiaries such as broker-dealers and asset managersBASE
Bank Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-caa:BankIdentifieridentifier that uniquely identifies the financial institution and, when appropriate, the branch of that financial institution servicing an accountBASE
Bankers Acceptancefibo-sec-dbt-tstd:BankersAcceptancea short-term debt instrument issued by a company that is guaranteed by a commercial bankBASE
Banking Productfibo-fbc-fct-fse:BankingProducta product provided to consumers and businesses by a bank or similar depository institution such as a checking account, savings account, certificate of deposit, debit or pre-paid card, or credit cardBASE
Banking Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:BankingServicea financial service offered by a bank or similar depository institution, such as a cash management service, foreign exchange service, lending or credit service, investment service, insurance service, merchant service, payroll service, etc.BASE
Base Quantityfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:BaseQuantityquantity kind in a conventionally chosen subset of a given system of quantities, where no subset quantity can be expressed in terms of the othersBASE
Base Ratefibo-ind-ir-ir:BaseRatebasic rate of interest on which the actual rate a bank charges on loans to its customers is calculatedBASE
Base Unitfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:BaseUnitmeasurement unit that is defined by a system of units to be the reference measurement unit for a base quantityBASE
Basic Bank Account Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-caa:BasicBankAccountIdentifieridentifier that uniquely identifies an individual account at a specific financial institution in a particular country and which includes a bank identifier of the financial institution servicing that accountBASE
Basis Swapfibo-der-drc-swp:BasisSwapa swap in which payment streams are referenced to different basesBASE
Basketfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Basketcollection of goods, services, or other things (e.g., financial contracts) that can be purchased and sold in some marketplaceBASE
Basket Constituentfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:BasketConstituentcomponent of a basketBASE
Basket Of Indicesfibo-sec-sec-bsk:BasketOfIndicesbasket composed of market indicesBASE
Basket Of Indices Constituentfibo-sec-sec-bsk:BasketOfIndicesConstituentsingle constituent of a basket of indicesBASE
Basket Of Securitiesfibo-sec-sec-bsk:BasketOfSecuritiesbasket composed of securities, typically of a particular asset class such as equities or bondsBASE
Beneficial Ownerfibo-be-oac-cown:BeneficialOwnera party that enjoys the possession and/or benefits of ownership (such as receipt of income) of a property even though its ownership (title) is in the name of another party (called a nominee or registered owner)BASE
Beneficiaryfibo-fnd-agr-agr:Beneficiarya party that receives some benefit or advantage or profits from somethingBASE
Benefit Corporationfibo-be-le-cb:BenefitCorporationa not for profit corporation set up under specific state legislation to provide some stated societal benefit, and with some corresponding relaxation of the obligation to maximize shareholder returnBASE
Bermudan Exercise Termsfibo-sec-dbt-ex:BermudanExerciseTermsexercise terms that stipulate that an option may only be exercised on predetermined dates within some exercise window, often on one day each month or at the date of expirationBASE
Best Bidfibo-fbc-fi-ip:BestBidhighest bid price a prospective buyer is willing to pay at a particular time for a given securityBASE
Best Efforts Offeringfibo-sec-sec-iss:BestEffortsOfferinga securities offering that is sold on a best efforts, rather than firm commitment, basis, whereby investment bankers commit to doing their best to sell the securities offered, but do not assume the full risk of an underwriterBASE
Best Offerfibo-fbc-fi-ip:BestOfferlowest price acceptable to a prospective seller for a given security at a particular point in timeBASE
Bibliographic Codelcc-lr:BibliographicCodean alpha-3 code that is a member of the set of bibliographic codes in ISO 639-2BASE
Bid Ask Spreadfibo-fbc-fi-ip:BidAskSpreaddifference between an offer (ask) price and a bid priceBASE
Bid Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:BidPriceprice a prospective buyer is willing to payBASE
Bill Of Exchangefibo-sec-dbt-tstd:BillOfExchangeshort-term negotiable financial instrument consisting of an order in writing addressed by one person (the seller of goods) to another (the buyer), requiring the latter to pay a fixed amount of money on demand (a sight draft) or on a predetermined date (a time draft)BASE
Birth Certificatefibo-fnd-aap-ppl:BirthCertificatean original document certifying the circumstances of the birth, or a certified copy of or representation of the ensuing registration of that birthBASE
Birth Certificate Identification Schemefibo-fnd-aap-ppl:BirthCertificateIdentificationSchemesystem for allocating identifiers to birth certificatesBASE
Birth Certificate Identifierfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:BirthCertificateIdentifieridentifier associated with a vital record documenting the birth of a childBASE
Blue Sky Lawfibo-sec-sec-rst:BlueSkyLawa kind of securities regulation passed by various states, designed to protect investors against securities fraud by requiring sellers of new issues to register their offerings and provide financial detailsBASE
Board Agreementfibo-be-corp-corp:BoardAgreementa formal, legally binding agreement between members of the Board of Directors of the organizationBASE
Board Capacityfibo-be-oac-exec:BoardCapacitythe capacity that resides in the board of directors of a companyBASE
Board Memberfibo-be-oac-exec:BoardMembera person who is a member of the board of directors of a corporationBASE
Board Of Directorsfibo-be-oac-exec:BoardOfDirectorsGoverning body (called the board) of an incorporated firm. Its members (directors) are elected normally by the subscribers (stockholders) of the firm (generally at an annual general meeting or AGM) to govern the firm and look after the subscribers’ interests. The board has the ultimate decision-making authority and, in general, is empowered to (1) set the company’s policy, objectives, and overall direction, (2) adopt bylaws, (3) name members of the advisory, executive, finance, and other committees, (4) hire, monitor, evaluate, and fire the managing director and senior executives, (5) determine and pay the dividend, and (6) issue additional shares. Though all its members might not be engaged in the company’s day-to-day operations, the entire board is held liable (under the doctrine of collective responsibility) for the consequences of the firm’s policies, actions, and failures to act. Members of the board usually include senior-most executives (called inside directors or executive directors) as well as experts or respected persons chosen from the wider community (called outside directors or non-executive directors).BASE
Body Incorporated Through Agreementfibo-be-le-cb:BodyIncorporatedThroughAgreementA body with legal personhood, incorporated through some agreement among the principals, and without equity or guarantee instruments which would isolate the principals from liability.BASE
Body Incorporated With Guaranteefibo-be-le-cb:BodyIncorporatedWithGuaranteeIncorporated entity without share capital, and in which the liability of its members is limited to the amount each one of them undertakes to contribute at the time the firm is wound up.BASE
Body Limited By Guarantee Principals Agreementfibo-be-le-cb:BodyLimitedByGuaranteePrincipalsAgreementThe formal agreement between the principals of a body limited by guarantee.BASE
Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:Bondfixed-income instrument in which the issuer owes the holders a debt and, depending on the terms of the bond, is obliged to pay interest (the coupon) and/or to repay the principal at maturityBASE
Bond Amortization Payment Termsfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:BondAmortizationPaymentTermsterms that include a schedule for repayment of the principal over the lifetime of the bond, typically in equal payments at regular intervalsBASE
Bond Conversion Termsfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:BondConversionTermsterms indicating when a convertible bond can be converted to another security (usually a publicly traded share issued by of the same issuer).BASE
Bond Couponfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:BondCouponinterest rate on a debt security that the issuer promises to pay to the holder until maturity, expressed as an annual percentage of the face valueBASE
Bond Insurancefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:BondInsuranceinsurance policy that a bond issuer purchases that guarantees the repayment of the principal and all associated interest payments to the bondholders in the event of defaultBASE
Bond Principal Repayment Termsfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:BondPrincipalRepaymentTermsterms for the repayment of the principal on a bondBASE
Bond Registrarfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:BondRegistrarperson or entity responsible for maintaining records on behalf of the issuer that identify the owners of a registered bond issueBASE
Bond Variable Couponfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:BondVariableCouponbond coupon that has a variable interest rateBASE
Bond With Partial Callfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:BondWithPartialCallbond with a feature whereby the issue can be partially called for amounts that are at the discretion of the issuerBASE
Bond With Published Sinking Fundfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:BondWithPublishedSinkingFundbond whereby amortization is via a known and published scheduleBASE
Bond With Warrantfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:BondWithWarrantbond issue whereby the issue includes a warrantBASE
Borrowerfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Borrowera party to a debt instrument that is obligated to repay the amount borrowed (principal) with interest and other fees according to the terms of the instrumentBASE
Borrowing Capacityfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:BorrowingCapacityan amount of money that an individual or organization can borrowBASE
Branchfibo-be-le-fbo:Brancha part of a business organization or company, identified as a branchBASE
Branch Of Governmentfibo-be-ge-ge:BranchOfGovernmenta division of the government of a state, with separate and independent powers and areas of responsibility so that the powers of one branch are not in conflict with the powers associated with the other branchesBASE
Brokerfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Brokerany party that acts as an intermediary between a buyer and a seller, usually charging a commissionBASE
Broker Dealerfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:BrokerDealerany party in the business of buying and selling securities, operating as both a broker and a dealer, depending on the transactionBASE
Brokerage Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:BrokerageAccountaccount offered by a broker that allows the investor to deposit funds and place investment ordersBASE
Brokerage Firmfibo-fbc-fct-fse:BrokerageFirma firm in the business of buying and selling securities, operating as both a broker and a dealer, depending on the transactionBASE
Build America Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:BuildAmericaBondtaxable municipal bond issued through December 31, 2010 under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)BASE
Bullet Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:BulletBondbond whose entire principal value is paid on the maturity date, rather than amortized over its lifetimeBASE
Bullet Principal Repayment Termsfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:BulletPrincipalRepaymentTermsterms for repayment of the principal for a bond as a single payment covering the whole principal amountBASE
Businessfibo-be-fct-fct:BusinessAn organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money. Every business requires some form of investment and enough customers to whom its output can be sold on a consistent basis in order to make a profit. Businesses can be privately owned, not-for-profit or state-owned. An example of a corporate business is PepsiCo, while a mom-and-pop catering business is a private enterprise.BASE
Business Centerfibo-fnd-plc-loc:BusinessCentermunicipality where business is conducted, especially one that is considered a financial centerBASE
Business Center Codefibo-fbc-fct-bc:BusinessCenterCodea code used to denote a municipality or business centerBASE
Business Center Code Schemefibo-fbc-fct-bc:BusinessCenterCodeSchemethe coding scheme used to define a set of codes for municipalities or business centersBASE
Business Day Adjustmentfibo-fnd-dt-bd:BusinessDayAdjustmentconvention that specifies what happens when a date falls on a day that is a weekend or a holiday in one or more business centersBASE
Business Day Adjustment Codefibo-fbc-fct-bc:BusinessDayAdjustmentCodea code used to denote convention for specifying what happens when a date falls on a day that is weekend or holiday in some municipality or business centerBASE
Business Day Conventionfibo-fnd-dt-bd:BusinessDayConventionconvention that enumerates the possible ways to handle a date that falls on a weekend or holidayBASE
Business Entityfibo-be-le-lp:BusinessEntityan entity that is formed and administered as per commercial law in order to engage in business activitiesBASE
Business Identifier Codefibo-fbc-fct-fse:BusinessIdentifierCodean international identifier for financial and non-financial institutions used to facilitate automated processing of information for financial servicesBASE
Business Identifier Code Data Recordfibo-fbc-fct-ireg:BusinessIdentifierCodeDataRecordan entry in a registry that conforms to ISO 9362:2014 for the mananagement of BIC codes and related registration informationBASE
Business Identifier Code Schemefibo-fbc-fct-fse:BusinessIdentifierCodeSchemea scheme that specifies the elements of a unique business identifier code (BIC) scheme to identify financial and non-financial institutions used to facilitate automated processing of information for financial servicesBASE
Business Licensefibo-be-le-lp:BusinessLicensea license that allows the holder to conduct business or carry out a specific profession within some jurisdiction for some period of timeBASE
Business Objectivefibo-fnd-gao-obj:BusinessObjectiveobjective that reflects the strategic goals and direction of a business within a time frame and available resourcesBASE
Business Party Prefixfibo-fbc-fct-fse:BusinessPartyPrefixa four-character (4 alphanumeric) code associated with the individual institution or businessBASE
Business Party Suffixfibo-fbc-fct-fse:BusinessPartySuffixa two-character (2 alphanumeric) code associated with the individual institution or businessBASE
Business Recurrence Intervalfibo-fnd-dt-bd:BusinessRecurrenceIntervalrecurrence interval that is specified using a business recurrence interval conventionBASE
Business Recurrence Interval Conventionfibo-fnd-dt-bd:BusinessRecurrenceIntervalConventionconvention that specifies how recurring days should be handled, such as the end of the month, a particular day of the month, a day of the week, or more specifically, a t-bill auction dateBASE
Business Register Identifierfibo-fbc-fct-breg:BusinessRegisterIdentifieridentifier that uniquely identifies a business register, such as a register identified by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) registration authorities listBASE
Business Registration Authorityfibo-fbc-fct-breg:BusinessRegistrationAuthorityregistration authority that is responsible for maintaining a registry of business entitiesBASE
Business Registryfibo-fbc-fct-breg:BusinessRegistryregistry for registering and maintaining information about business entitiesBASE
Business Registry Entryfibo-fbc-fct-breg:BusinessRegistryEntryentry in a business registryBASE
Business Strategyfibo-fnd-gao-obj:BusinessStrategystrategy for achieving a specific business goal, objective, solution or outcomeBASE
Buyerfibo-fnd-pas-pas:Buyera party that acquires, or agrees to acquire, ownership (in case of goods), or benefit or usage (in case of services), in exchange for money or other consideration under a contract of saleBASE
buysfibo-fnd-pas-pas:buyslinks a party in the role of purchaser to something that they have purchased or plan to purchaseASSOC
buys Fromfibo-fnd-pas-pas:buysFromlinks a party in the role of purchaser to a party from which they have made or are planning to make a purchaseASSOC
Bylawfibo-be-oac-exec:BylawCorporate bylaws are typically called Articles of Association in the United Kingdom, or Articles of Incorporation in the United States. In government usage, the term bylaws is used to describe laws, orders, regulations, rules, etc., made by a ministry, local authority (a municipality, for example), or public corporation, in accordance with the powers conferred by or delegated under a statue (called the parent act).BASE
Calculated Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:CalculatedDatea date that is or will be calculated in some wayBASE
Calculated Pricefibo-fnd-acc-cur:CalculatedPricea monetary price determined by a formulaBASE
Calculation Formulafibo-fnd-utl-alx:CalculationFormulamathematical formula that transforms one or more inputs into an amount or number of somethingBASE
Calculation Periodfibo-sec-sec-sch:CalculationPerioda date period defined as the number of days from the start of the calculation period to the scheduled end date of the periodBASE
Calculation Period Lengthfibo-sec-sec-sch:CalculationPeriodLengthan explicit duration defined as the number of days from the adjusted effective or start date to the adjusted termination or end date calculated in accordance with the applicable day count fractionBASE
Calendar Periodfibo-fnd-dt-fd:CalendarPeriodan enumeration that indicates whether a CalendarSpecifiedDate is figured with respect to a calendar week, a calendar month, a calendar quarter, or a calendar yearBASE
Calendar Specified Intervalfibo-fnd-dt-fd:CalendarSpecifiedIntervala RecurrenceInterval that is specified as the nth day of some CalendarPeriod (such as a calendar month), and a TimeDirection (forward from the beginning of the month, or backwards from the end).  The nth day is an ordinal number, not a cardinal number. ‘1’ means the first day of the calendar period.BASE
Call Eventfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:CallEventan event associated with the call schedule for a debt instrumentBASE
Call Featurefibo-sec-dbt-dbti:CallFeaturea redemption provision defining the rights of the issuer to buy back a security at a call price after a call protection periodBASE
Call Notification Provisionfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:CallNotificationProvisiona provision of a call feature defining notification requirementsBASE
Call Premiumfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:CallPremiumthe price over par paid by an issuer to redeem securities when exercising a call provisionBASE
Call Schedulefibo-sec-dbt-dbti:CallSchedulea schedule of call prices and when they are in effectBASE
Call Windowfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:CallWindowan explicit period of time prior to a call date during which an issuer or agent must give notice to holdersBASE
Callable Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:CallableBondbond that includes a stipulation allowing the issuer the right to repurchase and retire the bond at the call price after the call protection periodBASE
Callable Convertible Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:CallableConvertibleBondconvertible bond that is also callableBASE
Canadian Consumer Price Indexfibo-ind-ei-caei:CanadianConsumerPriceIndexan economic indicator representing a measure of changes over time in the prices of a fixed basket of consumer goods and services that Canadian private households consumeBASE
Canadian Credit Unionfibo-fbc-fct-cafse:CanadianCreditUniona not-for-profit financial institution, typically formed by the employees of a company, labor union, or religious group, operated as a cooperative association organized for the purpose of promoting thrift among its members and creating a source of credit for provident or productive purposesBASE
Canadian Households Consumers Universefibo-ind-ei-caei:CanadianHouseholdsConsumersUniversea statistical universe consisting of all private households in Canada, with the exception of soldiers on military bases, people living on First Nations reserves, institutionalized persons, and households living in the rural areas of the three northern territoriesBASE
Canadian Producer Price Indexfibo-ind-ei-caei:CanadianProducerPriceIndexan economic indicator representing a measure of the change over time in the prices of a fixed-basket of domestic producer goods and servicesBASE
Canary Exercise Termsfibo-sec-dbt-ex:CanaryExerciseTermsexercise terms that stipulate that an option may only be exercised on predetermined dates until the first step is reached, but not after that pointBASE
Capabilityfibo-fnd-plc-fac:CapabilityA capability represents the ability to perform a particular type of work and may involve people with particular skills and knowledge, intellectual property, defined practices, operating facilities, tools and equipment.BASE
Capitalfibo-fnd-acc-aeq:Capitalmoney and other property of a corporation or other enterprise used in transacting its businessBASE
Capital Labor Energy Materials Multifactor Productivityfibo-ind-ei-ei:CapitalLaborEnergyMaterialsMultifactorProductivitya ratio of a quantity index of gross output to a quantity index of combined inputsBASE
Capital Labor Multifactor Productivity Value Addedfibo-ind-ei-ei:CapitalLaborMultifactorProductivityValueAddeda ratio of a quantity index of value added to a quantity index of combined labor and capital inputBASE
Capital Productivity Value Addedfibo-ind-ei-ei:CapitalProductivityValueAddeda ratio of a quantity index of value added to a quantity index of capital inputBASE
Capital Surplusfibo-fnd-acc-aeq:CapitalSurpluscapital contributed in excess of of the par value (stated value) of the ownership interest issuedBASE
Cash Instrumentfibo-fbc-fi-fi:CashInstrumenta financial instrument whose value is determined by the market and that is readily transferable (highly liquid)BASE
Cashflow Expressionfibo-der-drc-bsc:CashflowExpressionan expression that specifies a calculation of a cash flow as a component of a cashflow formulaBASE
Cashflow Formulafibo-der-drc-bsc:CashflowFormulaa formula for determining cashflows for a derivative instrumentBASE
Cashflow Termsfibo-der-drc-bsc:CashflowTermsterms setting out a cashflow structure of payments committed to by one party to a contractBASE
Catalogfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Cataloga list of goods and/or services available for sale with their description and possibly prices, published as a printed or  electronic document (e-catalog)BASE
causesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:causesthe relationship between an event (the cause) and a second event (the effect), where the second event is understood as a consequence of the first; also, the relationship between a set of factors (causes) and a phenomenon (the effect)ASSOC
Central Bankfibo-fbc-fct-fse:CentralBanka financial institution that is the monetary authority and major regulatory bank for a country (or group of countries)BASE
Central Counterparty Clearing Housefibo-fbc-fct-fse:CentralCounterpartyClearingHousea clearing house that helps facilitate trading in derivatives and equities marketsBASE
Central Securities Depositoryfibo-fbc-fct-fse:CentralSecuritiesDepositorya functional entity that provides a central point for depositing financial instruments (‘securities’), for example bonds and sharesBASE
Certificatefibo-fnd-arr-doc:Certificatedocument attesting to the truth of some fact or set of factsBASE
Certificate Of Depositfibo-fbc-pas-caa:CertificateOfDepositcash instrument associated with a time deposit account that cannot be withdrawn for a certain “term” or period of time.BASE
Certificate Of Obligationfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:CertificateOfObligationmunicipal security available to governing councils in case of emergency, such as a natural disaster, that needs immediate action without time for voter referendumBASE
Certificate Of Participationfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:CertificateOfParticipationmunicipal security evidencing a pro rata share in a specific pledged revenue stream, usually lease payments by the issuer that are typically subject to annual appropriationBASE
characterizesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:characterizesa feature or quality that distinguishes something from something elseASSOC
Chartered Legal Personfibo-be-le-lp:CharteredLegalPersona legal person created by a royal charter or decreeBASE
Chief Executive Officerfibo-be-oac-exec:ChiefExecutiveOfficerTop executive responsible for a firm’s overall operations and performance. He or she is the leader of the firm, serves as the main link between the board of directors (the board) and the firm’s various parts or levels, and is held solely responsible for the firm’s success or failure. One of the major duties of a CEO is to maintain and implement corporate policy, as established by the board. Also called President or managing director, he or she may also be the chairman (or chairperson) of the board.BASE
Chief Financial Officerfibo-be-oac-exec:ChiefFinancialOfficerSenior-most executive responsible for financial control and planning of a firm or project. He or she is in charge of all accounting functions including (1) credit control, (2) preparing budgets and financial statements, (3) coordinating financing and fund raising, (4) monitoring expenditure and liquidity, (5) managing investment and taxation issues, (6) reporting financial performance to the board, and (7) providing timely financial data to the CEO. Also called chief finance officer, comptroller, controller, or finance controller.BASE
Civil Law Jurisdictionfibo-fnd-law-jur:CivilLawJurisdictiona civil law jurisdictionBASE
Civil Law Systemfibo-fnd-law-jur:CivilLawSystema legal system originating in Europe, intellectualized within the framework of late Roman law, and whose most prevalent feature is that its core principles are codified into a referable system which serves as the primary source of lawBASE
Civilianfibo-ind-ei-ei:Civiliana person that is not a member of the military (i.e., that is not on active duty)BASE
Civilian Labor Forcefibo-ind-ei-ei:CivilianLaborForcea subset of the civilian, non-institutional population considered to be part of the labor force during a given reporting periodBASE
Civilian Labor Force Participation Ratefibo-ind-ei-ei:CivilianLaborForceParticipationRatean economic indicator representing the rate of participation the labor force of a given economy for some specified periodBASE
Civilian Non Institutional Populationfibo-ind-ei-ei:CivilianNonInstitutionalPopulationa statistical universe consisting of people of a certain age who reside in a given region, do not live in institutions (for example, correctional facilities, long-term care hospitals, and nursing homes), and are not on active military dutyBASE
Claimfibo-fnd-law-lcap:Claima demand or assertion made by one party on another, based on facts that, taken together, give rise to a legally enforceable right or judicial actionBASE
Classification Schemefibo-fnd-arr-cls:ClassificationSchemea system for allocating classifiers (elements in a classification scheme) to objects, similar to identifiers in some cases; such classification schemes are intended to permit the classification of arbitrary objects into hierarchies (or partial orders)BASE
Classifierfibo-fnd-arr-cls:Classifiera standardized classification or delineation for something, per some scheme for such delineation, within a specified contextBASE
classifieslcc-cr:classifiesarranges in categories according to shared characteristicsASSOC
Clearing Bankfibo-fbc-fct-fse:ClearingBanka commercial bank that facilitates payment and settlement of financial transactions, such as check clearing or facilitating trades between the sellers and buyers of securities or other financial instruments or contractsBASE
Clearing Corporationfibo-fbc-fct-fse:ClearingCorporationa clearing house that is organized as a corporationBASE
Clearing Housefibo-fbc-fct-fse:ClearingHousea financial service provider that is exchange affiliated and provides clearing services, including the validation, delivery, and settlement of financial transactions, for financial intermediariesBASE
Clearing Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:ClearingServicea set of activities provided on behalf of an institutional market participant by a clearing services provider following a trade that finalizes the transfer of security ownershipBASE
Clientfibo-fnd-pas-pas:Clienta party that purchases professional services from, or has a formal relationship to purchase services from another partyBASE
Client Identifierfibo-fnd-pas-pas:ClientIdentifieran identifier for a clientBASE
Closing Price Determination Methodfibo-fbc-fi-ip:ClosingPriceDeterminationMethodstrategy for calculating or otherwise determining an official closing price, typically by an exchange or trading venueBASE
Code Elementlcc-lr:CodeElementa sequence of characters denoting something that it is associated with for some purpose, within a specified context, according to some rule setBASE
Code Element (lcc)fibo-der-drc-bsc:Underlierthe financial instrument(s), index or parameter, or combination thereof, that form the basis for the derivative instrumentBASE
Code Setlcc-lr:CodeSeta system of alpha-numeric symbols, or combinations of symbols, that stand for specified values in some contextBASE
Code Set (lcc)fibo-fnd-plc-adr:StreetNameidentifier for a street in some context (e.g., city, municipality, geographic region)BASE
Collateralfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Collateralasset offered as security, pledged as an inducement to another party, to lend money, extend credit, or provision securitiesBASE
Collateral Agreementfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:CollateralAgreementwritten contract that specifies terms, over and above those specified in a promissory note, loan, or other debt instrument, under which the collateral must be made available to the lenderBASE
Collateralized Guarantyfibo-fbc-dae-gty:CollateralizedGuarantya guaranty that takes the form of some asset that is pledged by a borrower to a lender (usually in return for a loan)BASE
Collection (lcc)fibo-fnd-gao-obj:Objectiveshort-term, quantitative, measurable result that a person, organization, or system seeks to attain in order to achieve its long-term goalsBASE
Collection (lcc)lcc-lr:Collectiona grouping of some variable number of things (may be zero) that have some shared significanceBASE
Collection (skos)fibo-sec-dbt-bnd:ZeroCouponBondbond issued with a coupon rate of zero and at a deep discount to face valueBASE
Collection Constituentfibo-fnd-arr-arr:CollectionConstituenta constituent of a collectionBASE
Collection Of Security Pricesfibo-fbc-fi-ip:CollectionOfSecurityPricescollection consisting of a series of prices, each of which has a specific date and time associated with it, for some securityBASE
Collective Language Codelcc-lr:CollectiveLanguageCodea language identifier or code used to represent a group of languagesBASE
Combined Statistical Areafibo-ind-ei-ei:CombinedStatisticalAreaa combination of adjacent metropolitan and micropolitan areas with economic ties measured by commuting patternsBASE
Commercefibo-be-fct-fct:Commercethe commercial activity of buying and selling goodsBASE
Commercial Activityfibo-be-fct-fct:CommercialActivitythe context of carrying out trade and other commercial, i.e., for-profit activitiesBASE
Commercial Bankfibo-fbc-fct-fse:CommercialBanka bank that provides services, such as accepting deposits, giving business loans and auto loans, mortgage lending, and basic investment products like savings accounts and certificates of depositBASE
Commercial Finance Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:CommercialFinanceCompanya finance company that makes loans to manufacturers and wholesalers, secured by accounts receivable, inventories, and equipmentBASE
Commercial Paperfibo-sec-dbt-tstd:CommercialPaperan unsecured short-term debt instrument typically issued by a bank, corporation, or foreign government to obtain funds to meet short-term debt obligations, such as accounts receivable, inventories, or payroll, backed only by an issuing bank or company promise to pay the face amount on the maturity date specified on the noteBASE
Commitmentfibo-fnd-agr-agr:CommitmentA legal construct which represents the undertaking on the part of some party to act or refrain from acting in some manner.BASE
Commitment At Largefibo-fnd-agr-agr:CommitmentAtLargea commitment made by some party without direct involvement from the potential beneficiaries of that commitmentBASE
Committee On Uniform Securities Identification Procedures Numberfibo-sec-sec-idind:CommitteeOnUniformSecuritiesIdentificationProceduresNumbernine-character alphanumeric number that identifies all North American stocks and registered bonds for the purposes of facilitating clearing and settlement of trades, issued by CUSIP Global Services on behalf of the American Bankers’ Association, which is a part of Standard and Poor’s Capital IQ, that is the National Numbering Agency Identifier for securities issued in North America, which is also part of the ISIN for the security it identifiesBASE
Commodityfibo-fnd-pas-pas:Commoditya basic good used in commerce that is interchangeable with other commodities of the same typeBASE
Commodity Instrumentfibo-fbc-fi-fi:CommodityInstrumenta financial instrument representing an ownership interest in a raw material or primary agricultural productBASE
Commodity Trading Advisorfibo-fbc-fct-fse:CommodityTradingAdvisoran individual or organization that directly or indirectly advises others as to the value or advisability of buying or selling futures contracts or optionsBASE
Common Code Registry Entryfibo-sec-sec-idind:CommonCodeRegistryEntryentry in a common code registryBASE
Common Interest Development Corporationfibo-be-le-cb:CommonInterestDevelopmentCorporationa not for profit corporation set up under specific state legislation as a business entity for homeowners’ associationsBASE
Common Law Jurisdictionfibo-fnd-law-jur:CommonLawJurisdictiona jurisdiction based on common lawBASE
Common Law Systemfibo-fnd-law-jur:CommonLawSystemcommon law, also known as case law or precedent, is law developed by judges through decisions of courts and similar tribunalsBASE
Common Sharefibo-sec-eq-eq:CommonShareshare that signifies a unit of ownership in a corporation and represents a claim on part of the corporation’s assets and earningsBASE
Company Bylawfibo-be-oac-exec:CompanyBylawThe official rules and regulations which govern a corporation’s management. Drawn up at the time of incorporation, along with the charter.BASE
Company Incorporated By Guaranteefibo-be-le-cb:CompanyIncorporatedByGuaranteea body limited by guarantee whose principals agreement’ includes statements indicating how much money each principal will contribute to the company if it becomes insolventBASE
Company Lawfibo-be-oac-exec:CompanyLawLegislation under which the formation, registration or incorporation, governance, and dissolution of a firm is administered and controlled.BASE
Company Secretaryfibo-be-oac-exec:CompanySecretaryOfficer appointed by the directors of a firm as responsible for ensuring that firm’s legal obligations under the corporate legislation are complied with. His or her formal duties include (1) calling meetings, (2) recording minutes of the meetings, (3) keeping statutory record books, (4) proper payment of dividend and interest payments, and (5) proper drafting and execution of agreements, contracts, and resolutions. A company secretary is not automatically an employee of the firm and, if employed with executive responsibilities, not be its director shareholder. If a firm has only two directors, one may act as its secretary; but a sole director may not. A firm (such as of accountants) may not act as a company secretary for any firm. Called corporate secretary in the US.BASE
Company Statutory Obligationfibo-be-oac-exec:CompanyStatutoryObligationan obligation defined in company law (statute)BASE
Complete Addressfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:CompleteAddressdelivery address that has all the address elements necessary to allow an exact match with the current Postal Service ZIP+4 and City State files to obtain the finest level of ZIP+4 and delivery point codes for the delivery addressBASE
Composite Marketfibo-fbc-fi-ip:CompositeMarketgroup of exchanges or trading venues referenced for pricing purposesBASE
comprisesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:comprisesincludes, especially within a particular scope, is made up ofASSOC
Condition Precedentfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ConditionPrecedentcondition that must be met, or an event or state of affairs that must occur, before a contract is considered in effect or certain obligations are expected of some party to that contractBASE
confersfibo-fnd-rel-rel:confersgrants or bestows by virtue of some authorityASSOC
confers Ownership Offibo-sec-eq-eq:confersOwnershipOfgrants or bestows ownership via contractASSOC
Constantfibo-fnd-utl-alx:Constantsymbol that represents a value that does not change (i.e., is fixed) with respect to a formula or expressionBASE
Constitutionfibo-fnd-law-cor:ConstitutionA constitution defines the basic principles and laws of a nation, state, or social group that determine the powers and duties of the government and guarantee certain rights to the people in it.BASE
Constitutional Contractual Controlfibo-be-oac-cpty:ConstitutionalContractualControlSome control set out in some contract among the principals of an organization.BASE
Constitutional De Jure Controlfibo-be-oac-cpty:ConstitutionalDeJureControlControl which is based in some instrument which has constitutional standing (is constitutive of the entity) such as voting shares, general partner equity etc.BASE
Constitutional Ownerfibo-be-oac-opty:ConstitutionalOwnera party that holds an equity stake in some entity, in the form of shareholders’ equityBASE
constrainsfibo-fnd-law-cor:constrainsforces, compels, or obligesASSOC
Consumerfibo-fnd-pas-pas:Consumera party that utilizes economic goods or servicesBASE
Consumer Expenditure Surveyfibo-ind-ei-usei:ConsumerExpenditureSurveya program conducted on a regular basis that provides information on the buying habits of consumers, including data on their expenditures, income, and consumer unit (families and single consumers) characteristicsBASE
Consumer Finance Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:ConsumerFinanceCompanya finance company that lends to individuals under the small loans laws of the jurisdiction in which they operateBASE
Consumer Price Indexfibo-ind-ei-ei:ConsumerPriceIndexan economic indicator representing a measure of the change over time in the prices of consumer goods and services that households consumeBASE
Contingent Obligationfibo-fnd-law-lcap:ContingentObligationan obligation that depends on a future event or the performance of an actionBASE
Contingent Rightfibo-fnd-law-lcap:ContingentRighta right that depends on a future event or the performance of an actionBASE
Contractfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:Contractvoluntary, deliberate agreement between two or more competent parties to which those parties agree to be legally bound, and to which the parties must have provided valuable considerationBASE
Contract Documentfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractDocumentlegal document that records the formal terms and conditions of some contractBASE
Contract Originatorfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractOriginatorparty that originates a contract and acts as principalBASE
Contract Partyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractPartylegally competant person or organization that has entered into the binding agreement, accepting and/or conceding obligations, responsibilities, and benefits as specifiedBASE
Contract Principalfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractPrincipalparty identified as being the principal or first party to a contract, in the event that the contract distinguishes any party as the principalBASE
Contract Third Partyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractThirdPartysomeone that may be indirectly involved but is not a principal party to an arrangement, contract, deal, lawsuit, or transactionBASE
Contractual Capabilityfibo-fnd-law-lcap:ContractualCapabilitythe capacity to enter into legally binding contractsBASE
Contractual Commitmentfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractualCommitmentterms and conditions that define the commitment made by the contracting parties, such as rights and obligations when a contract is awarded or entered intoBASE
Contractual Controlfibo-be-oac-cpty:ContractualControlControl vested in an entity by virtue of the terms in some contract between that entity and others.BASE
Contractual Controlling Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:ContractualControllingPartyA party which exercises some control which is set out in some contract.BASE
Contractual Definitionfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractualDefinitioncontractual element that defines something in a contract or other legal instrumentBASE
Contractual Elementfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractualElementgeneral and special arrangements, provisions, requirements, rules, specifications, and standards that form an integral part of an agreement or contractBASE
Contractual Obligationfibo-fnd-law-lcap:ContractualObligationan obligation or duty that is specified in and imposed by a contractBASE
Contractual Optionfibo-fnd-law-lcap:ContractualOptiona contractual right that may be exercised at some point in the future, such as an option to extend a contract, or other available but not obligatory rights as defined in the contractBASE
Contractual Productfibo-fnd-pas-pas:ContractualProducta product that is realized as a contractBASE
Contractual Restrictionfibo-sec-sec-rst:ContractualRestrictioncontract terms setting out restrictions on either the holder or the issuer of the security, as specified in the terms of the instrument itselfBASE
Contractual Rightfibo-fnd-law-lcap:ContractualRighta contingent right conferred via a contractBASE
Contractual Template Productfibo-fnd-pas-pas:ContractualTemplateProducta contractual product that is finalized through specification of values for parameters defined in a templateBASE
Contractually Capable Entityfibo-be-le-lei:ContractuallyCapableEntitya unique entity that is legally or financially responsible for the performance of financial transactions, or has the legal right in its jurisdiction to enter independently into legal contracts, regardless of whether it is incorporated or constituted in some other way (e.g. trust, partnership, contractual). This excludes natural persons, but includes governmental organizations and supranationals.BASE
Controlfibo-fnd-oac-ctl:Controlthe possession by a party, direct or indirect, of the power to direct or cause the direction of the management and policies of a thing, whether through the ownership of voting shares, by contract, or otherwiseBASE
Controlled Companyfibo-be-oac-cctl:ControlledCompanya controlled party that is a legal entity over which a controlling party has some degree of control, typically by way of ownership of voting sharesBASE
Controlled Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:ControlledPartySome party which is controlled in some way and to some degree by some other party.BASE
Controlled Thingfibo-fnd-oac-ctl:ControlledThingthing over which some party exercises some form of control in some contextBASE
Controlling Alliancefibo-be-oac-cpty:ControllingAllianceSome group of entities which have formed some alliance or agreement in terms of which they jointly exercise control over some entity.BASE
Controlling Capacityfibo-fnd-oac-ctl:ControllingCapacitythe possession, direct or indirect, of the power to direct or cause the direction of the thing which is controlledBASE
Controlling Equityfibo-be-oac-opty:ControllingEquityshareholders’s equity that formally confers control in the entity, either by law or as explicitly stated in a corresponding equity instrumentBASE
Controlling Interest Option Holderfibo-be-oac-cpty:ControllingInterestOptionHolderA party which holds some option which may be exercised to confer on that party some de jure controlling interest at some time in the future and at the discretion of that holder.BASE
Controlling Interest Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:ControllingInterestPartySome party which holds some form of controlling interest in some other party in some context.BASE
Controlling Leverage Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:ControllingLeveragePartyA party which exercises control as a result of some investment in an equity.BASE
Controlling Partyfibo-fnd-oac-ctl:ControllingPartyParty which exercises some form of control in some context.BASE
controlsfibo-fnd-rel-rel:controlsexercises authoritative or dominating influence over; directsASSOC
Conventionfibo-fnd-dt-bd:Conventionwidely accepted or established way of doing ‘something’ within some community of practiceBASE
Conventional Street Addressfibo-fnd-plc-adr:ConventionalStreetAddressphysical address that identifies a location on a street to which communications may be deliveredBASE
Conversion Termsfibo-sec-sec-iss:ConversionTermscontract terms specifying when and how a security may be converted to another security (usually of the same issuer)BASE
Convertible Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:ConvertibleBondbond that gives the holder the right to convert the bond into a fixed number of shares (conversion ratio) if the equity price rises above a specified level (strike price)BASE
Convertible Preferred Sharefibo-sec-eq-eq:ConvertiblePreferredSharea preferred share that is convertible into another securityBASE
Convertible Securityfibo-sec-sec-iss:ConvertibleSecuritya security that can be converted into another securityBASE
Cooperative Bankfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:CooperativeBanka state-chartered savings association located in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island or VermontBASE
Cooperative Societyfibo-be-fct-fct:CooperativeSocietya commercial enterprise owned and managed by and for the benefit of customers or workersBASE
Coordinate Systemlcc-cr:CoordinateSystema system that uses one or more numbers, or coordinates, to uniquely determine the position of a point or other geometric element on a planar or spherical surfaceBASE
Corporate Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:CorporateBondbond issued by a company in order to raise financing for purposes such as mergers and acquisitions, business expansion, or to cover ongoing operational needsBASE
Corporate Limited Partnerfibo-be-ptr-ptr:CorporateLimitedPartnerA limited partner in a partnership, who is and may only be a Corporate Legal Person (i.e., not a natural person)BASE
Corporate Officerfibo-be-oac-exec:CorporateOfficerThe executives of a corporation charged with certain operational responsibilities. Typically appointed by the board of directors, the corporate officers usually include the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), President, and in some corporations the Chief Operating Officer.BASE
Corporate Officer Capacityfibo-be-oac-exec:CorporateOfficerCapacitythe capacity vested in a public officer of a companyBASE
Corporate Officer Dutyfibo-be-oac-exec:CorporateOfficerDutysome duty incumbent upon some officer of a companyBASE
Corporationfibo-be-le-cb:Corporationa formal organization treated as an entity – an artificial person or legal entity distinct from its owners – created by or under the authority of the laws of a state or nationBASE
Counterpartyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:Counterpartyparty or parties with whom one negotiates on a given agreementBASE
Countrylcc-cr:Countrya geopolitical entity representing a country or dependent territoryBASE
Country Subdivisionlcc-cr:CountrySubdivisiona geopolitical entity, typically a division of a country, dependency, or other area of special geopolitical interest related to a country or other geopolitical entityBASE
Countyfibo-fnd-plc-loc:Countypolitical and administrative division of a country, state or province, providing certain local governmental servicesBASE
Coupon Paymentfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:CouponPaymentpayment event involving an interest payment on a bondBASE
Coupon Payment Termsfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:CouponPaymentTermsterms for payment of interest on a bondBASE
Coupon Schedulefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:CouponSchedulepayment schedule that consists of interest payments on a bondBASE
Court Appointed Controlfibo-be-oac-cpty:CourtAppointedControlControl conferred on some entity by act of some court, for example in the context of receivership.BASE
Court Of Lawfibo-fnd-law-cor:CourtOfLawA court of law is a court that hears cases and decides them on the basis of statutes or the common law.BASE
CRD Credit Institutionfibo-fbc-fct-eufse:CRDCreditInstitutionan undertaking whose business is to receive deposits or other repayable funds from the public and to grant credits for its own account as defined by the European Banking Authority (EBA)BASE
Credit Agreementfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:CreditAgreementa contractual agreement in which a debtor receives something of value and agrees to repay the creditor at some date in the future, in some form (e.g., cash, securities, etc.), generally with interestBASE
Credit Institutionfibo-fbc-fct-eufse:CreditInstitutionan undertaking the business of which is to take deposits or other repayable funds from the public and to grant credits for its own account, and to which authorisation has been granted to operate within the European Union and European Economic Area countries (EEA)BASE
Credit Institution Or Investment Firmfibo-fbc-fct-eufse:CreditInstitutionOrInvestmentFirma European financial institution that is a credit institution or an investment firm as defined by the European Banking Authority (EBA)BASE
Credit Institution Register Entryfibo-fbc-fct-eurga:CreditInstitutionRegisterEntryan entry in the Credit Institution Register, a repository of credit institutions collected by the European Banking Authority (EBA) as provided by the various national banking authorities for those institutions that qualifyBASE
Credit Unionfibo-fbc-fct-fse:CreditUniona not-for-profit depository institution that makes personal loans and offers other consumer banking services, organized for the purpose of promoting thrift among its members and creating a source of credit for provident or productive purposesBASE
Creditorfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Creditora party to whom an obligation, such as an amount of money, or good, or performance of some service existsBASE
Cross Currency Interest Rate Swapfibo-der-rtd-irswp:CrossCurrencyInterestRateSwapan interest rate swap in which the two streams of interest payments are in different currenciesBASE
Cumulative Preferred Sharefibo-sec-eq-eq:CumulativePreferredSharepreferred share whose dividends, if not paid due to insufficient earnings or other reasons, accumulate until paid outBASE
Currencyfibo-fnd-acc-cur:Currencymedium of exchange value, defined by reference to the geographical location of the monetary authorities responsible for itBASE
Currency Basketfibo-fnd-acc-cur:CurrencyBasketa selected group of currencies, in which the weighted average is used as a measure of the value or the amount of an obligationBASE
Currency Conversion Servicefibo-ind-fx-fx:CurrencyConversionServicea foreign exchange service involving the conversion of currency of one country or group of countries for another, typically, but not always, as a counter transactionBASE
Currency Forward Ratefibo-ind-fx-fx:CurrencyForwardRatea rate of exchange between two currencies for settlement at some future point in time, expressed as a premium on the spot rateBASE
Currency Identifierfibo-fnd-acc-cur:CurrencyIdentifiera sequence of characters representing some currencyBASE
Currency Instrumentfibo-fbc-fi-fi:CurrencyInstrumenta financial instrument used for the purposes of currency tradingBASE
Currency Spot Buy Ratefibo-ind-fx-fx:CurrencySpotBuyRatean indicative spot buying market rate as observed by the reporting sourceBASE
Currency Spot Mid Ratefibo-ind-fx-fx:CurrencySpotMidRatean indicative middle market (mean of spot buying and selling) rate as observed by the reporting sourceBASE
Currency Spot Ratefibo-ind-fx-fx:CurrencySpotRatea rate to exchange one currency for another for immediate deliveryBASE
Currency Spot Sell Ratefibo-ind-fx-fx:CurrencySpotSellRatean indicative spot selling market rate as observed by the reporting sourceBASE
Current Employment Statisticsfibo-ind-ei-usei:CurrentEmploymentStatisticsa survey conducted on a regular basis that presents analytical information related to businesses and government agencies, in order to provide detailed industry data on employment, hours, and earnings of workersBASE
Current Population Surveyfibo-ind-ei-usei:CurrentPopulationSurveya survey conducted on a regular basis that presents analytical information related to the general population of a given statistical area with respect to labor force, employment, unemployment, persons not in the labor force, hours of work, earnings, and other demographic and labor force characteristicsBASE
CUSIP International Numbering System Numberfibo-sec-sec-idind:CUSIPInternationalNumberingSystemNumber9-character alphanumeric identifier that employs the same 9 characters as CUSIP, but also contains a letter of the alphabet in the first position signifying the issuer’s country or geographic region, issued by CUSIP Global ServicesBASE
Custodianfibo-sec-eq-eq:Custodianbank or other financial institution that keeps custody of stock certificates and other assets of a mutual fund, individual, or corporate clientBASE
Custom Productfibo-fnd-pas-pas:CustomProducta product that is made to an individual’s order, commissioned to a customer’s specifications, or designed to orderBASE
Customerfibo-fnd-pas-pas:Customera buyer that receives or consumes products (goods or services) and has the ability to choose between different products and suppliersBASE
Customer Identifierfibo-fnd-pas-pas:CustomerIdentifieran identifier for a customerBASE
Daily Average Market Ratefibo-ind-ind-ind:DailyAverageMarketRatea measure of the overall price level of a given rate, calculated as the sum of all values of the rates for a particular reference rate, foreign exchange rate, lending rate, or other market rate divided by the total number of rates collected over the course of a twenty-four (24) hour period for a specific dateBASE
Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:Datea calendar day on some calendarBASE
Date Periodfibo-fnd-dt-fd:DatePerioda time span over one or more calendar days, defined by at least two of three properties: (1) a start date, (2) an end date, and (3) a date period (duration); if more than one of these properties is missing, the DatePeriod is invalidBASE
Date Returned By Settlement Date Rulefibo-sec-sec-sch:DateReturnedBySettlementDateRulea rule-determined date that is a published rule for defining the date returned by settlement dateBASE
Date Returned By Trading Date Rulefibo-sec-sec-sch:DateReturnedByTradingDateRulea rule-determined date that is a published rule for defining the date returned by trading dateBASE
Date Timefibo-fnd-dt-fd:DateTimea combination of a date and a time, without a time zoneBASE
Date Time Stampfibo-fnd-dt-fd:DateTimeStampa combination of a date, a time, and a time zoneBASE
Dated Collection Constituentfibo-fnd-arr-arr:DatedCollectionConstituenta constituent of a collection that is associated with a date and timeBASE
Dated Structured Collectionfibo-fnd-arr-arr:DatedStructuredCollectiona structured collection that includes some dated elementsBASE
Day Count Conventionfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:DayCountConventiona business recurrence interval convention that is used to calculate the number of days in an interest payment, which applies to the amount of accrued interest or the present value for debt instrumentsBASE
Day Of Monthfibo-fnd-dt-bd:DayOfMonthspecific, recurring day of the monthBASE
Day Of Weekfibo-fnd-dt-bd:DayOfWeekspecific, recurring day of the weekBASE
De Facto Controlfibo-fnd-oac-ctl:DeFactoControlcontrol that is understood, due to condition or situation treated as standard or official, even if not explicitly stated (or actually standardized)BASE
De Facto Controlling Interest Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:DeFactoControllingInterestPartyA party which exercises some control over an entity other than via some constitutional instrument such as shares.BASE
De Jure Controlfibo-fnd-oac-ctl:DeJureControlcontrol that is formalized in law, or codified in some legal instrumentBASE
De Jure Controlling Interestfibo-be-oac-cpty:DeJureControllingInterestcontrolling interest that is formalized by some formal legal constructBASE
De Jure Controlling Interest Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:DeJureControllingInterestPartyAn entity that may exercise de jure controlling interestBASE
Dealerfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Dealerany party that purchases goods or services for resale and acts on their own behalf in a transactionBASE
Debtfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Debtan obligation to pay something, such as an amount of money, good, service, or instrumentBASE
Debt Instrumentfibo-fbc-fi-fi:DebtInstrumenta financial instrument enables the issuing party to raise funds by accepting the obligation to repay a lender by a particular time in accordance with the terms of a contractBASE
Debt Offeringfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:DebtOfferingan offering of one or more debt instruments for saleBASE
Debt Poolfibo-sec-sec-pls:DebtPoola pool consisting of debt instruments, such as bonds, loans or mortgagesBASE
Debt Termsfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:DebtTermscontract terms that specify the formal rights and obligations of borrower and lender under a contract in which funds are lent from the one party to the otherBASE
Debtorfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Debtora party that owes a debt or other obligation to another partyBASE
definesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:definesdetermines or identifies the essential qualities or meaning of, discovers and sets forth the meaning of, fixes or marks the limits of, demarcatesASSOC
defines Terms Forfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:definesTermsForrelates a contract to something for which the contract defines legally binding terms and conditionsASSOC
Degree Of Controlfibo-be-oac-cpty:DegreeOfControlthe degree of control one entity has over anotherBASE
Delegated Legal Authorityfibo-fnd-law-lcap:DelegatedLegalAuthorityinstitutionalized and legal power inherent in a particular job, function, or position that is meant to enable its holder to successfully carry out his or her responsibilities, where such power has been delegated through some formal meansBASE
delegates Control Tofibo-be-oac-exec:delegatesControlToindicates a party to which this legal person has delegated some authority or controlASSOC
Deliver Cashfibo-der-drc-bsc:DeliverCashcommitment to deliver cash at the earliest available date as per settlement conventionBASE
Delivery Address Code Setfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:DeliveryAddressCodeSetsystem of numeric codes that substitute for specified delivery point details according to the U.S. Postal Service Publication 28BASE
Delivery Point Codefibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:DeliveryPointCodespecific set of digits between 00 and 99 assigned to a delivery pointBASE
Delivery Point Code Setfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:DeliveryPointCodeSetsystem of numeric codes that substitute for specified delivery point details according to the U.S. Postal Service Publication 28BASE
Delivery Termsfibo-der-drc-bsc:DeliveryTermssettlement terms specifying what (cash, an asset, etc.) is to be delivered when, to whom, under what conditions at the time of settlementBASE
Demand Deposit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:DemandDepositAccountnon-interest-bearing deposit account in which deposits are payable immediately on demand, or that are issued with an original maturity or required notice period of less than seven days, or that represent funds for which the depository institution does not reserve the right to require at least seven days’ written notice of an intended withdrawalBASE
denoteslcc-lr:denotesserves as a linguistic expression of the notion of, meansASSOC
Department Of State Addressfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:DepartmentOfStateAddressdelivery address whose delivery address line uses ‘UNIT’ followed by the unit identifier, followed by ‘BOX’ followed by box number, in place of a street address, ‘DPO’ as the literal value for the city, and the appropriate armed forces subdivision code in place of a subdivision (state) codeBASE
Department Of State Unit Componentfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:DepartmentOfStateUnitComponentcomponent of a Department of State address that includes ‘UNIT’ followed by the unit identifierBASE
Deposit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:DepositAccountaccount that provides a record of money placed with a depository institution for safekeeping and managementBASE
Depository Institutionfibo-fbc-fct-fse:DepositoryInstitutionany financial institution engaged in the business of receiving demand deposits from the public or other institutionsBASE
Derivative Contract Partyfibo-der-drc-bsc:DerivativeContractPartya party to a derivative instrumentBASE
Derivative Instrumentfibo-fbc-fi-fi:DerivativeInstrumenta financial instrument that confers on its holders certain rights or obligations, whose value is derived from one or more underlying assetsBASE
Derivative Transaction Termsfibo-der-drc-bsc:DerivativeTransactionTermsthe contract terms for a derivative transaction, covering payment or delivery by either party to the otherBASE
Derivatives Clearing Organizationfibo-der-drc-bsc:DerivativesClearingOrganizationan entity that enables each party to an agreement, contract, or transaction to substitute, through novation or otherwise, the credit of the DCO for the credit of the parties; arranges or provides, on a multilateral basis, for the settlement or netting of obligations; or otherwise provides clearing services or arrangements that mutualize or transfer credit risk among participantsBASE
Derived Quantityfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:DerivedQuantityquantity kind that may be defined as a product of powers of one or more other kinds of quantityBASE
Derived Unitfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:DerivedUnitmeasurement unit that is defined with respect to one or more base units, such as as a product of powers of one or more other measurement unitsBASE
Designated Contract Marketfibo-der-drc-bsc:DesignatedContractMarketan exchange, trading system, or platform that enables listing for trading futures or option contracts based on any underlying commodity, index or instrumentBASE
designatesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:designatesto name something officially or appoint someone to a position officiallyASSOC
designates Signatoryfibo-be-le-lp:designatesSignatorydesignates a party able to sign contracts on the part of the legal personASSOC
Dialectlcc-lr:Dialecta language variant that is specific to a geographical region or speech communityBASE
Differencefibo-fnd-utl-alx:Differencequantity by which amounts differ; the remainder left after subtraction of one value from anotherBASE
Dimensionalityfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:Dimensionalityclassifier that represents a set of equivalent units of measureBASE
Direct Consolidationfibo-be-oac-opty:DirectConsolidationdirect ownership recorded as accounting consolidation, by some party of some other formal organizationBASE
Dispersionfibo-fnd-utl-alx:Dispersiondegree of scatter or variability shown by observationsBASE
Distribution Strategyfibo-fnd-gao-obj:DistributionStrategystrategy for making a product or service available, or for distributing funds, such as in the form of a dividend or couponBASE
Dividendfibo-sec-eq-eq:Dividendcommitment to distribute a portion of earnings to shareholders, prorated by class of security, to be paid in the form of money, shares, scrip, or on rare occasion, propertyBASE
Dividend Distribution Methodfibo-sec-eq-eq:DividendDistributionMethodconvention by which dividends are distributed, i.e., by payment of a monetary amount or by reinvestment, as specified by the board of directors at the time a decision to issue a dividend is madeBASE
Dividend Or Share Coupon Schedulefibo-sec-eq-eq:DividendOrShareCouponSchedulepayment schedule indicating the dates on which dividends or share coupon payments are due to be paidBASE
Divisionfibo-be-le-fbo:Divisiona part of a company, such as a line of business, that may have separate accounting or reporting requirementsBASE
Documentfibo-fnd-arr-doc:Documentsomething tangible that records something, such as a recording or a photograph, or a writing that can be used to furnish evidence or informationBASE
Domestic Ultimate Parentfibo-be-oac-cctl:DomesticUltimateParentan organization that is recognized as the ultimate parent of a given company within the country or jurisdiction of incorporation; this relationship may or may not be present, i.e. in the case of a company that has no parentBASE
Draweefibo-sec-dbt-tstd:Draweea party that is required to pay the amount stated on the bill of exchange to the payeeBASE
Drawerfibo-sec-dbt-tstd:Drawera party that requires the drawee to pay a third party (or the drawer can be paid by the drawee)BASE
Drivers Licensefibo-fnd-aap-ppl:DriversLicensean official document which states that a person may operate a motorized vehicle, such as a motorcycle, car, truck or a bus, on a public roadway or provides official identifying information for a non-driverBASE
Drivers License Identification Schemefibo-fnd-aap-ppl:DriversLicenseIdentificationSchemesystem for allocating identifiers to driver’s, operating, or non-driver identification documentsBASE
Drivers License Identifierfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:DriversLicenseIdentifieridentifier associated with a drivers’ or operating license for operating a motor vehicle or non-driver identification cardBASE
Durationfibo-fnd-dt-fd:Durationan interval of time of some specific lengthBASE
Dutyfibo-fnd-law-lcap:Dutysome obligation which exists and is imposed on some individualBASE
Economic Indicatorfibo-ind-ei-ei:EconomicIndicatora statistical measure of economic activity that is regular and comparable in the context of a statistical area (region), used for analysis of economic performance and predictions of future performanceBASE
Economic Indicator Publisherfibo-ind-ei-pub:EconomicIndicatorPublishera statistical information publisher that publishes economic news, including economic indicatorsBASE
Economic News Releasefibo-ind-ei-pub:EconomicNewsReleasepublished statistical information that is about economic indicators and possibly other economic newsBASE
Economic Rate Based Derivative Instrumentfibo-der-rtd-rtd:EconomicRateBasedDerivativeInstrumenta rate-based derivative whose underlier is an economic indicatorBASE
Economic Rate Observablefibo-der-rtd-rtd:EconomicRateObservablea rate-based observable that is specifically an economic indicatorBASE
Edge Corporationfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:EdgeCorporationa corporation chartered by the Federal Reserve to engage in international banking and financial operationsBASE
Electronic Funds Transfer Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:ElectronicFundsTransferServicea service involving any transfer of funds other than a transaction involving a paper instrument, that is initiated through an electronic terminal, telephone, or computer and that orders or authorizes a financial institution to debit or credit an accountBASE
Electronic Mail Addressfibo-fnd-plc-vrt:ElectronicMailAddressvirtual address that defines an electronic messaging endpoint to which email messages can be delivered, typically via an Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) based communications systemBASE
electsfibo-be-oac-exec:electschooses someone to hold office or some other position by votingASSOC
Emancipated Minorfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:EmancipatedMinora minor who is allowed to conduct a business or any other occupation on his or her own behalf or for their own account outside the control of a parent or guardianBASE
embodiesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:embodiesis an expression of, or gives a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling), makes concrete and perceptibleASSOC
Employed Populationfibo-ind-ei-ei:EmployedPopulationa subset of the civilian labor force considered to be employed during the reporting periodBASE
Employment Population Ratiofibo-ind-ei-ei:EmploymentPopulationRatioan economic indicator representing the ratio of the employed population with respect to the overall civilian non-institutional population of a given economy for some specified periodBASE
Employment Situation Establishment Surveyfibo-ind-ei-usei:EmploymentSituationEstablishmentSurveya survey conducted on a regular basis that presents analytical information related to the labor force of a given statistical area, surveyed with respect to businesses, and is, for the most part, seasonally adjustedBASE
Employment Situation Household Surveyfibo-ind-ei-usei:EmploymentSituationHouseholdSurveya survey conducted on a regular basis that presents analytical information related to the labor force of a given statistical area, surveyed with respect to households, and is, for the most part, seasonally adjustedBASE
Employment Situation Surveyfibo-ind-ei-usei:EmploymentSituationSurveya survey conducted on a regular basis that presents analytical information focused on the employment characteristics of a given statistical areaBASE
End Of Day Market Ratefibo-ind-ind-ind:EndOfDayMarketRatea measure of the price level (value) of a given market rate of the end of the business day for a specific dateBASE
End Of Monthfibo-fnd-dt-bd:EndOfMonththe last day of a calendar month, irrespective of the length of the calendar monthBASE
Enterprisefibo-ind-ei-ei:Enterprisea functional business entity that produces and/or sells goods or servicesBASE
Enterprise Populationfibo-ind-ei-ei:EnterprisePopulationa statistical universe consisting of enterprises designed for the purposes of supporting surveys such as those used as the basis for employment and producer price indicesBASE
Entitlementfibo-fbc-fi-fi:Entitlementa financial instrument that provides the holder the privilege to subscribe to or to receive specific assets on terms specifiedBASE
Entity Controlling Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:EntityControllingPartySome party which is able to direct the activities of some business entity.BASE
Entity Expiration Reasonfibo-fbc-fct-breg:EntityExpirationReasoncode for the reason that a legal entity ceased to exist and/or operateBASE
Entity Legal Formfibo-be-le-lei:EntityLegalForma classifier for a legal entity that indicates the nature of that entity as defined from a legal or regulatory perspective, in the jurisdiction in which it was establishedBASE
Entity Legal Form Identifierfibo-be-le-lei:EntityLegalFormIdentifiera code that uniquely identifies an entity legal form as defined in ISO 20275BASE
Entity Legal Form Registryfibo-fbc-fct-breg:EntityLegalFormRegistryregistry for registering and maintaining information about the legal forms that are valid for business entities for a particular jurisdiction following the ISO 20275 standardBASE
Entity Legal Form Registry Entryfibo-fbc-fct-breg:EntityLegalFormRegistryEntryentry in an entity legal form registry that conforms to ISO 20275BASE
Entity Legal Form Schemefibo-be-le-lei:EntityLegalFormSchemea scheme that specifies the elements of an unambiguous identifier for the entity legal forms that are sanctioned in a given jurisdiction as defined in ISO 20725BASE
Entity Ownerfibo-be-oac-opty:EntityOwnera party that has some ownership interest in some entityBASE
Entity Ownershipfibo-be-oac-opty:EntityOwnershipownership by some party of an interest in some non-governmental formal organizationBASE
Entity Statusfibo-fbc-fct-breg:EntityStatuslifecycle stage indicating the operational and/or legal status of an entityBASE
Entity Validation Levelfibo-fbc-fct-breg:EntityValidationLevelcode for the level of validation performed by the GLEIF or LOU with respect to the reference data provided by the registrantBASE
Equityfibo-fnd-acc-aeq:Equitythe excess of asset value over liabilitiesBASE
Equity Apportionment Terms Setfibo-be-ptr-ptr:EquityApportionmentTermsSetcontract terms defining the apportionment of equity for some formal business organization.BASE
Equity Based De Jure Controlfibo-be-oac-cpty:EquityBasedDeJureControlDe Jure controlling interest in an entity which is based on the holding of some form of equity in that entity.BASE
Equity Conversion Termsfibo-sec-eq-eq:EquityConversionTermsconversion terms specifying the details regarding conversion of shares into other securitiesBASE
Equity Instrumentfibo-fbc-fi-fi:EquityInstrumenta financial instrument representing an ownership interest in an entity or pool of assetsBASE
Equity Issuerfibo-sec-eq-eq:EquityIssuerissuer of shares that represent equity ownership in a corporation, or ownership in a mutual fund, or an interest in a general or limited partnership, or ownership in a structured product, such as a real estate investment trustBASE
Equity Linked Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:EquityLinkedBondbond based on the return on an equity over time, i.e. the price and dividend payments or the total return (similar to total return swaps)BASE
Equity Positionfibo-sec-eq-eq:EquityPositionposition in an equity instrumentBASE
Establishmentfibo-ind-ei-ei:Establishmentan enterprise (or part of an enterprise) that operates from a single physical locationBASE
Establishment Employmentfibo-ind-ei-ei:EstablishmentEmploymentthe total number of persons who work in or for the establishment including working proprietors, active business partners and unpaid family workers, as well as persons working outside the establishment when paid by and under the control of the establishment, for example, sales representatives, outside service engineers and repair and maintenance personnelBASE
Establishment Populationfibo-ind-ei-ei:EstablishmentPopulationa subset of the enterprise population focused on establishmentsBASE
Euroclear Clearstream Common Codefibo-sec-sec-idind:EuroclearClearstreamCommonCodenine-character alphanumeric securities identifier, issued in Luxembourg, jointly by Euroclear and ClearstreamBASE
Eurodollar Depositfibo-sec-dbt-tstd:EurodollarDeposita certificate of deposit with a fixed interest rate issued in U.S. dollars outside the jurisdiction of the Federal Reserve, held at banks outside of the United States, including branches of U.S. banks located outside of the U.S.BASE
European Economic Area Branchfibo-fbc-fct-eufse:EuropeanEconomicAreaBrancha branch of a credit institution authorised in another European Economic Area (EEA) country that has the right to passport its activitiesBASE
European Exercise Termsfibo-sec-dbt-ex:EuropeanExerciseTermsexercise terms that stipulate that an option may only be exercised at the date of expirationBASE
evaluatesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:evaluatesassesses the nature, quality, or ability of someone or somethingASSOC
evaluates (utl)fibo-fnd-utl-alx:evaluatescalculates a quantity value based on some mathematical formulaASSOC
Examinerfibo-fbc-fct-rga:Examinera party empowered as an official representative by a regulatory agency to investigate and review specified documents for accuracy and truthfulnessBASE
Exchangefibo-fbc-fct-mkt:Exchangeany organization, association, or group of persons, whether incorporated or unincorporated, which constitutes, maintains, or provides a facility for bringing together purchasers and sellers of financial instruments, commodities, or other products, services, or goods, and includes the market place and facilities maintained by such exchangeBASE
Exchange And Listing Servicefibo-sec-sec-lst:ExchangeAndListingServicetrading and (optionally) listing service for the purposes of securities tradingBASE
Exchange Ratefibo-fnd-acc-cur:ExchangeRatea rate at which one currency can be exchanged for anotherBASE
exchangesfibo-der-drc-swp:exchangesgives or takes one thing in return for anotherASSOC
Executivefibo-be-oac-exec:Executiveperson appointed and given the responsibility to manage the affairs of an organization and the authority to make decisions within specified boundariesBASE
Executive Board Memberfibo-be-oac-exec:ExecutiveBoardMemberAn individual performing the role of a board member of a company who also has executive responsibilities in the company.BASE
Executive Branchfibo-be-ge-ge:ExecutiveBranchthe branch of government that has its authority and responsibility for the daily administration of the stateBASE
exemplifiesfibo-fnd-dt-oc:exemplifiesis a realization or example ofASSOC
Exempt Issuerfibo-sec-sec-iss:ExemptIssuera securities issuer that issues securities that are exempt from certain regulatory reporting requirementsBASE
Exempt Offeringfibo-sec-sec-iss:ExemptOfferinga public offering involving securities that are exempt from certain regulatory reporting requirements, either because the issuer is exempt or the transaction specific to the offering is exemptBASE
Exempt Securityfibo-fbc-fi-fi:ExemptSecuritysecurity that is exempt from certain regulatory rulesBASE
Exempt Transactionfibo-sec-sec-iss:ExemptTransactiona securities transaction for which there is no requirement to register the transaction with a regulatory agencyBASE
Exercise Conventionfibo-sec-dbt-ex:ExerciseConventionconvention that determines when the holder or future holder of an option can implement the rights defined in the optionBASE
Exercise Termsfibo-sec-dbt-ex:ExerciseTermscontract terms specific to the conditions, conventions and other stipulations related to the exercise of an optionBASE
Explicit Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:ExplicitDatea date in which the ‘hasDateValue’ property is requiredBASE
Explicit Date Periodfibo-fnd-dt-fd:ExplicitDatePerioda date period for which the start date, end date, and duration are all explicitBASE
Explicit Durationfibo-fnd-dt-fd:ExplicitDurationa duration for which the ‘hasDurationValue’ property must be setBASE
Explicit Interest Amount Calculation Eventfibo-der-rtd-irswp:ExplicitInterestAmountCalculationEventthe explicit representation of the calculation event in a given period, in which an interest payment is calculated based on the rate (fixed or floating) and the notional amount (in the payment currency, and factored for Fx if necessary), on a given dateBASE
Explicit Recurrence Intervalfibo-fnd-dt-fd:ExplicitRecurrenceIntervala recurrence interval defined via an explicit durationBASE
Exposurefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Exposurethe extent to which an individual or organization is unprotected and open to damage, danger, risk of suffering a loss, or uncertaintyBASE
Expressionfibo-fnd-utl-alx:Expressionfinite combination of symbols that are well-formed according to applicable rulesBASE
Extension Provisionfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:ExtensionProvisioncontract terms that specify the conditions under which a contract can be extendedBASE
Extinct Languagelcc-lr:ExtinctLanguagean individual language or variant that is no longer in use and has no current descendantBASE
Extraordinary Redemption Provisionfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:ExtraordinaryRedemptionProvisionprovision that gives a bond issuer the right to call its bonds due to an unusual one-time occurrence, as specified in the offering statementBASE
Extraordinary Voting Rightfibo-sec-eq-eq:ExtraordinaryVotingRightright to vote at extraordinary meetings, as opposed to being able to vote strictly at annual general meetingsBASE
Face Amount Certificate Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:FaceAmountCertificateCompanyan investment company which is engaged or proposes to engage in the business of issuing face-amount certificates of the installment type, or which has been engaged in such business and has any such certificate outstandingBASE
facilitatesfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:facilitatesprovides the context in which an event, a task, a conversation or something else can occurASSOC
Facilityfibo-fnd-plc-fac:Facilitysomething that is built, contrived, established, or installed to serve a particular purpose, or make some course of action or operation easier, or provide some capability or serviceBASE
Family Officefibo-be-fct-fct:FamilyOfficea family office as defined in the relevant legislationBASE
Farm Credit System Institutionfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:FarmCreditSystemInstitutionany federally-chartered financial institution that is supervised, examined, and regulated by the Farm Credit Administration and operates in accordance with the Farm Credit Act of 1971, as amended, 12 U.S.C. 2001 et seq. All Farm Credit System institutions are federally-chartered instrumentalities of the United States.BASE
FDIC Certificate Numberfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:FDICCertificateNumberidentifier issued to a depository institution by the FDIC on approval of that institution’s application for insuranceBASE
FDIC Registry Entryfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:FDICRegistryEntryan entry in the FDIC institution directory, a repository of financial institution characteristics collected by the FDIC related to the institutions they insureBASE
Federal Capital Areafibo-fnd-plc-loc:FederalCapitalAreageopolitical entity that is or includes the municipality or capital city that acts as the seat of the federal governmentBASE
Federal Governmentfibo-be-ge-ge:FederalGovernmenta union of states under a central government distinct from the individual governments of the separate statesBASE
Federal Reserve Districtfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:FederalReserveDistricta region of the US identifying the jurisdiction of a Federal Reserve Bank, numbered and named for the city in which that reserve bank is locatedBASE
Federal Reserve District Bankfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:FederalReserveDistrictBankFederal Reserve district and member bank, with jurisdiction over a specific region of the US, named for the city in which the reserve bank is locatedBASE
Federal Reserve District Identifierfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:FederalReserveDistrictIdentifieridentifier associated with a Federal Reserve districtBASE
Federal Statefibo-fnd-plc-loc:FederalStateself-governing geopolitical unit which forms part of a wider geopolitical unit that is recognized as a countryBASE
Federated Sovereigntyfibo-be-ge-ge:FederatedSovereigntya political entity characterized by a union of partially self-governing states or regions under a central (federal) governmentBASE
Feefibo-fbc-pas-caa:Feecharge for services performedBASE
Finance Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:FinanceCompanya financial intermediary in the business of making loans to individuals or businesses that obtains its financing from banks, institutions, and other money market sources rather than from depositsBASE
Financial Assetfibo-fnd-acc-aeq:FinancialAssetasset in the form of stocks, bonds, rights, certificates, bank balances, etc., as distinguished from tangible, physical assets or intangible assets such as intellectual propertyBASE
Financial Exposurefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:FinancialExposurethe extent to which an individual or organization is open to risk of suffering a loss in a transaction, or with respect to some investment or set of investments, e.g., some holding; the amount one stands to lose in that transaction or investmentBASE
Financial Holding Companyfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:FinancialHoldingCompanya financial entity engaged in a broad range of banking-related activities, created by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999BASE
Financial Information Publisherfibo-ind-ind-ind:FinancialInformationPublishera formal organization acting as a publisher or provider of information related to the financial markets or of interest to financial market participants such as information on economiesBASE
Financial Institutionfibo-fbc-fct-fse:FinancialInstitutiona financial service provider identified as either a government agency or privately owned entity that collects funds from the public and from other institutions, and invests those funds in financial assets, such as loans, securities, bank deposits, and income-generating propertyBASE
Financial Instrumentfibo-fbc-fi-fi:FinancialInstrumenta written contract that gives rise to both a financial asset of one entity and a financial liability or equity instrument of another entityBASE
Financial Instrument Classification Schemefibo-sec-sec-cls:FinancialInstrumentClassificationSchemea classification scheme defining a particular classifier for a security, such as the ISO 10962 CFI classification schemeBASE
Financial Instrument Classifierfibo-sec-sec-cls:FinancialInstrumentClassifiera standardized classifier for a financial instrument based on its typeBASE
Financial Instrument Global Identifierfibo-sec-sec-idind:FinancialInstrumentGlobalIdentifierfinancial instrument identifier that is defined as specified in the Object Management Group (OMG) Financial Instrument Global Identifier (FIGI) SpecificationBASE
Financial Instrument Global Identifier Registry Entryfibo-sec-sec-idind:FinancialInstrumentGlobalIdentifierRegistryEntryentry in a Financial Instrument Global Identifier (FIGI) registryBASE
Financial Instrument Identification Schemefibo-sec-sec-id:FinancialInstrumentIdentificationSchemeformal definition of the structure and application of a particular set of financial instrument identifiersBASE
Financial Instrument Identifierfibo-fbc-fi-fi:FinancialInstrumentIdentifieran identifier for a financial instrumentBASE
Financial Instrument Short Namefibo-sec-sec-iss:FinancialInstrumentShortNamean identifier that is a short name for any kind of financial instrument within a defined structure as specified in ISO 18774BASE
Financial Intermediation Servicefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:FinancialIntermediationServiceany financial service in which a third party (the intermediary) matches lenders and investors with entrepreneurs and other borrowers in need of capitalBASE
Financial Objectivefibo-fnd-gao-obj:FinancialObjectiveobjective that reflects the strategic financial goals and direction of a person, organization or system within a time frame and available resourcesBASE
Financial Productfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:FinancialProducta product provided to consumers and businesses by financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, consumer finance companies, and investment companies all of which comprise the financial services industryBASE
Financial Product Catalogfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:FinancialProductCataloga catalog of financial products and/or services available for sale with their description and other product detailsBASE
Financial Servicefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:FinancialServicea service provided to consumers and businesses by financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, consumer finance companies, and investment companies all of which comprise the financial services industryBASE
Financial Service Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:FinancialServiceAccountaccount provided by a financial service provider associated with a specific financial product or serviceBASE
Financial Service Providerfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:FinancialServiceProvidera functional entity either licensed to provide financial services to consumers and/or businesses or established by law to provide financial services, such as a central bankBASE
Financial Service Provider Identifierfibo-fbc-fct-fse:FinancialServiceProviderIdentifieran identifier that is officially allocated to a financial service provider based on a function that they provide, typically in a jurisdiction over which a regulatory agency has some jurisdictionBASE
Financial Service Provider Identifier Schemefibo-fbc-fct-fse:FinancialServiceProviderIdentifierSchemethe scheme that defines the financial service provider identifier per the issuing registration authority or regulatory agencyBASE
Finite Populationfibo-fnd-utl-alx:FinitePopulationpopulation for which it is possible to count its unitsBASE
Firm Commitment Offeringfibo-sec-sec-iss:FirmCommitmentOfferinga securities offering whereby the underwriter purchases the securities outright for their own accountBASE
First Regular Coupon Datefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:FirstRegularCouponDatescheduled date for the first regular coupon payment, in a regular repeating series of coupon periods, after any non standard (long or short) first coupon period in the scheduleBASE
Fixed Basketfibo-ind-ei-ei:FixedBasketa basket of goods and services whose quantity and quality are held fixed for some period of timeBASE
Fixed Basket Constituentfibo-ind-ei-ei:FixedBasketConstituentcomponent of a fixed basketBASE
Fixed Coupon Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:FixedCouponBondbond whose coupon rate and principal amount are fixed at the time of origination or sale and remain constant while the security is outstandingBASE
Fixed Coupon Termsfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:FixedCouponTermsterms for payment of interest on a bond with a fixed interest rateBASE
Fixed Float Cross Currency Interest Rate Swapfibo-der-rtd-irswp:FixedFloatCrossCurrencyInterestRateSwapan interest rate swap in which fixed interest payments on the notional are exchanged for floating interest payments and the two streams of interest payments are in different currenciesBASE
Fixed Float Interest Rate Swapfibo-der-rtd-irswp:FixedFloatInterestRateSwapan interest rate swap in which fixed interest payments on the notional are exchanged for floating interest paymentsBASE
Fixed Float Single Currency Interest Rate Swapfibo-der-rtd-irswp:FixedFloatSingleCurrencyInterestRateSwapan interest rate swap in which fixed interest payments on the notional are exchanged for floating interest payments and where both payment streams are expressed in terms of the same currencyBASE
Fixed Income Securityfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:FixedIncomeSecuritya tradeable debt instrument that provides a return in the form of fixed periodic interest payments and the eventual return of principal at maturityBASE
Fixed Interest Ratefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:FixedInterestRatean interest rate that does not fluctuate over the lifetime of a loan or other debt instrumentBASE
Fixed Interest Rate Legfibo-der-rtd-irswp:FixedInterestRateLega swap stream that specifies fixed interest amounts and terms for the payment of that interestBASE
Fixed Payment Legfibo-der-drc-swp:FixedPaymentLegthe terms for the fixed payment leg of a swap such as a dividend swap, or for any swap that has a fixed leg, including, for example, a single stock swapBASE
Float Float Cross Currency Interest Rate Swapfibo-der-rtd-irswp:FloatFloatCrossCurrencyInterestRateSwapan interest rate swap that exchanges cashflows based on two different interest rates in different currenciesBASE
Float Float Interest Rate Swapfibo-der-rtd-irswp:FloatFloatInterestRateSwapan interest rate swap that exchanges cashflows based on two different floating interest ratesBASE
Float Float Single Currency Interest Rate Swapfibo-der-rtd-irswp:FloatFloatSingleCurrencyInterestRateSwapan interest rate swap that exchanges cashflows based on two different floating interest rates in the same currencyBASE
Floating Interest Ratefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:FloatingInterestRatea variable interest rate that is based on a specific index or benchmark rateBASE
Floating Interest Rate Legfibo-der-rtd-irswp:FloatingInterestRateLega swapstream in which variable interest is paid on some notional amount, linked to some underlying interest reference rateBASE
Floating Rate Notefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:FloatingRateNotebond with a variable interest rate based on a published reference interest rateBASE
Floating Rate Note Datefibo-sec-sec-sch:FloatingRateNoteDatea calculated date associated with a floating-rate note, also known as a floater or FRN, which is a debt instrument with a variable interest rateBASE
Floating Rate Note Date Rulefibo-sec-sec-sch:FloatingRateNoteDateRulea business day adjustment rule applied to floating-rate note instrumentsBASE
For Profit Corporationfibo-be-le-cb:ForProfitCorporationa corporation whose objective is to make money, in other words, to ensure realization of a financial benefit such that the amount of revenue gained from a business activity exceeds the expenses, costs and taxes needed to sustain that activityBASE
Foreign Branch Ownershipfibo-be-oac-opty:ForeignBranchOwnershipownership by some party of some formal organization or organizational sub-unit that is a foreign affiliate and legally part of the owning entityBASE
Foreign Exchange Servicefibo-ind-fx-fx:ForeignExchangeServicea financial service involving the exchange of one currency for another, conversion of one currency for another, and transfer of money from one country to another whereby currency conversion is requiredBASE
Formal Organizationfibo-fnd-org-fm:FormalOrganizationorganization that is recognized in some legal jurisdiction, with associated rights and responsibilitiesBASE
Formulafibo-fnd-utl-alx:Formulageneral fact or rule expressed in letters and symbols; may consist of one or more expressionsBASE
FRS Member Bankfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:FRSMemberBankfinancial institution that is a member of the Federal Reserve System (FRS)BASE
FRS Non Member Bankfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:FRSNonMemberBankfinancial institution that is not a member of the Federal Reserve System (FRS)BASE
FRS State Member Bankfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:FRSStateMemberBankstate-chartered bank that is a member of the Federal Reserve System (FRS)BASE
fulfills Obligationfibo-fnd-pas-psch:fulfillsObligationsatisfies a requirement for payment of some claim, debt, or other obligationASSOC
Full Amortizationfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:FullAmortizationamortization in which the very last payment (which, if the schedule was calculated correctly, should be equal to all others) pays off all remaining principal and interest on the loanBASE
Full Faith And Credit Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:FullFaithAndCreditBondbond secured by an unconditional promise to pay by another entityBASE
Fully Indexed Interest Ratefibo-sec-dbt-dbti:FullyIndexedInterestRatea variable interest rate that is calculated by adding a margin to a specified index rateBASE
Functional Business Entityfibo-be-fct-fct:FunctionalBusinessEntitya business entity defined in terms of its functionBASE
Functional Entityfibo-be-fct-fct:FunctionalEntityany independent party (i.e., person, business entity, governmental entity, or other organization) defined in terms of its functionBASE
Fund Familyfibo-sec-sec-pls:FundFamilya collection of managed investments that are all managed by a single investment institutionBASE
Fund Unit Holderfibo-be-tr-tr:FundUnitHoldera party that holds some unit in a fundBASE
Fundsfibo-fnd-acc-cur:Fundsan artificial currency used as calculation basis for another currency (or currencies) and/or for accounting purposesBASE
Funds Identifierfibo-fnd-acc-cur:FundsIdentifierthe trigraph representing the fundsBASE
Futurefibo-fbc-fi-fi:Futurea contract that obligates the buyer to receive and the seller to deliver, in the future, the assets specified at an agreed priceBASE
Futures Commission Merchantfibo-fbc-fct-fse:FuturesCommissionMerchantan individual or organization that which does both of the following: (1) solicits or accepts orders to buy or sell futures contracts, options on futures, retail off-exchange forex contracts, or swaps and (2) accepts money or other assets from customers to support such ordersBASE
Fx Spot Volatilityfibo-ind-fx-fx:FxSpotVolatilitya measure of exchange rate fluctuationBASE
General Delivery Addressfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:GeneralDeliveryAddressdelivery address that uses the words ‘GENERAL DELIVERY’, uppercase preferred, spelled out (no abbreviation), in place of a street addressBASE
General Ledgerfibo-fbc-pas-caa:GeneralLedgeraccounting record summarizing changes in position as transactions are posted during an accounting periodBASE
General Obligation Municipal Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:GeneralObligationMunicipalBondmunicipal bond that is backed by the full faith and credit and general resources of the issuing municipality, including its general taxing authorityBASE
General Partnerfibo-be-ptr-ptr:GeneralPartnera partner in a partnership, who holds some part of the general partner equity and typically is jointly and severally liable with the other partners for the liabilities incurred by that partnershipBASE
General Partner Equityfibo-be-ptr-ptr:GeneralPartnerEquityEquity in a partnership held by general partners; this is typically accompanied by full liability capability on the part of the holders of the equity.BASE
generatesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:generatesproduces through the application of one or more mathematical or logical steps or rulesASSOC
Geographic Coordinate Systemlcc-cr:GeographicCoordinateSystema three-dimensional reference system that locates points on the Earth’s surfaceBASE
Geographic Directional Symbolfibo-fnd-plc-adr:GeographicDirectionalSymbolcode element that gives directional information for postal deliveryBASE
Geographic Regionlcc-cr:GeographicRegionan area, especially part of a country or the world having definable characteristics but not always fixed boundariesBASE
Geographic Region Identifierlcc-cr:GeographicRegionIdentifiera string of letters assigned to a country or other geographic region for the purpose of uniquely representing itBASE
Geographic Region Kindlcc-cr:GeographicRegionKinda classification scheme for geographic regions, including but not limited to subdivisions of a geopolitical entity, (noting that there may be more than one kind for a given country or other entity)BASE
Geometric Meanfibo-fnd-utl-alx:GeometricMeanmean that indicates the central tendency or typical value of a set of numbers by using the product of their values (as opposed to the arithmetic mean which uses their sum)BASE
Geopolitical Entitylcc-cr:GeopoliticalEntityany country, federal province, city or other administrative unit that represents a geophysical location and has some political identityBASE
Global Ultimate Parentfibo-be-oac-cctl:GlobalUltimateParentan organization that is recognized as the ultimate parent of the company; this relationship may or may not be present, i.e. in the case of a company that has no parentBASE
Goalfibo-fnd-gao-gl:Goala desired result that a person, organization or system envisions or plans, or to which it commits, in order to achieve a desired stateBASE
Goodfibo-fnd-pas-pas:Goodany tangible thing that is not money or real estateBASE
Goods Or Services Populationfibo-ind-ei-ei:GoodsOrServicesPopulationa statistical universe consisting of specific goods and/or services designed for the purposes of supporting surveys such as those used as the basis for price indicesBASE
Governmentfibo-be-ge-ge:Governmentthe system by which a state or community is controlledBASE
Government Appointeefibo-be-ge-ge:GovernmentAppointeean individual appointed by government decree to lead, or participate in some capacity in a government bodyBASE
Government Bodyfibo-be-ge-ge:GovernmentBodya formal organization that is an agency, instrumentality, or other body of supranational, national, federal, state, or local government, including certain multijurisdictional agencies and departments that carry out the business of governmentBASE
Government Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:GovernmentBonddebt security issued by a government to fund government spendingBASE
Government Departmentfibo-be-ge-ge:GovernmentDepartmenta specialized organization responsible for a sector of government public administrationBASE
Government Guarantyfibo-fbc-dae-gty:GovernmentGuarantya guaranty provided by a government entity, e.g. for a government-backed securityBASE
Government Issued Debt Securityfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:GovernmentIssuedDebtSecuritydebt security issued by some government on behalf of some polity, including sovereign and municipal debtBASE
Government Issued Licensefibo-fbc-fct-rga:GovernmentIssuedLicensegrant of permission needed to legally perform some task, provide some service, exercise a certain privilege, or pursue some business or occupationBASE
Government Ministerfibo-be-ge-ge:GovernmentMinistergovernment official that is an executive, who is either appointed or elected to a high office in the governmentBASE
Government Officialfibo-be-ge-ge:GovernmentOfficiala person elected or appointed to administer some aspect of a governmentBASE
Government Specified Statistical Areafibo-ind-ei-ei:GovernmentSpecifiedStatisticalAreastatistical area defined by a government agencyBASE
Governmental Constitutionfibo-fnd-law-cor:GovernmentalConstitutiona set of rules and principles that define the nature and extent of governmentBASE
governsfibo-fnd-rel-rel:governsprevails or has decisive influence over; exercises authorityASSOC
governs Payment Offibo-fbc-dae-dbt:governsPaymentOflinks contractual terms embedded in a contract, such as interest or repayment terms to the element those terms apply toASSOC
Green Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:GreenBondbond issued specifically to fund climate or environmental projectsBASE
Gross Domestic Productfibo-ind-ei-ei:GrossDomesticProductan economic indicator representing the broadest measure of aggregate economic activity, measuring the total unduplicated market value of all final goods and services produced within a statistical area in a periodBASE
Groupfibo-fnd-org-fm:Groupcollection of agents (people, organizations, software agents, etc.) that are considered as a unitBASE
Guarantee Providing Memberfibo-be-oac-opty:GuaranteeProvidingMemberan entity that has issued some guarantee for a body incorporated by the issuance of guaranteesBASE
guaranteesfibo-be-oac-opty:guaranteesprovides a formal assurance or promise, esp. that certain conditions shall be fulfilled relating to a product, service, or transactionASSOC
Guarantorfibo-fbc-dae-gty:Guarantora party that guarantees, endorses, or provides indemnity for some obligation on behalf of some other partyBASE
Guarantyfibo-fbc-dae-gty:Guarantya commitment whereby something, such as a debt, cash flows on a debt instrument (e.g., interest payments), or performance of some obligation, is guaranteed if the person or organization with primary liability fails to performBASE
haslcc-lr:hasindicates that someone (or something) possesses something, such as a characteristic, attribute, feature, or capabilityASSOC
has Account Close Datefibo-fbc-pas-caa:hasAccountCloseDaterelates an account to the date that it was closedASSOC
has Account Open Datefibo-fbc-pas-caa:hasAccountOpenDaterelates an account to the date that it was created or openedASSOC
has Accrual Basisfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasAccrualBasisidentifies the convention that defines how interest accrues on something, that is the number of days in a month and days in a year that are counted when performing interest accrual calculationsASSOC
has Acquisition Pricefibo-sec-sec-ast:hasAcquisitionPricehas a value as of the date of acquisition, expressed as an amount of money or goodsASSOC
has Actual Closing Datefibo-sec-sec-iss:hasActualClosingDateindicates the date on which an offering or transaction officially closes, in contrast with an intended or planned closing dateASSOC
has Addressfibo-fnd-plc-adr:hasAddressindicates a means by which something (in the case of a network address) or some entity may be located or contacted or may receive correspondenceASSOC
has Affiliatefibo-be-oac-cctl:hasAffiliatehas a party which directly, or indirectly through one or more intermediaries, controls, or is controlled by, or is under common control with the companyASSOC
has Announcement Datefibo-sec-sec-iss:hasAnnouncementDateindicates the first day the public will receive information regarding a new security issueASSOC
has Applicable Date Periodfibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasApplicableDatePeriodindicates the date period for which the statistical measure is applicableASSOC
has Appraiserfibo-fnd-arr-asmt:hasAppraiserrelates something, e.g., a value assessment, to an agent that conducts that appraisalASSOC
has Argumentfibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasArgumentindicates a specific input to a function, formula or expression, also known as an independent variableASSOC
has As Of Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasAsOfDaterelates something to the date on which it is accurate or valid (e.g. a credit report has an asOfDate that means the date when the information was drawn)ASSOC
has Available Amountfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasAvailableAmountindicates an amount of money available for an individual or organization to borrowASSOC
has Award Datefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasAwardDatespecifies the date on which bonds are awarded to the lead manager or syndicate on negotiated deals, or the date of bidding on competitive dealsASSOC
has Balancefibo-fbc-pas-caa:hasBalancerelates an account to the net amount of money available in that accountASSOC
has Base Currencyfibo-fnd-acc-cur:hasBaseCurrencya predicate indicating the base currency in an exchange rate; one unit of this currency represents R units of the dealt currency, where R is the exchange rate valueASSOC
has Base Money Unitfibo-fnd-acc-cur:hasBaseMoneyUnitthe currency in which the money amount is denominatedASSOC
has Base Periodfibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasBasePeriodspecifies the base period (typically a prior period) against which a numberic index for a more recent reporting period is comparedASSOC
has Borrowerfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasBorrowerrelates a contract, such as a debt instrument or credit agreement, to one or more parties that are incurring the debtASSOC
has Business Centerfibo-fnd-plc-loc:hasBusinessCenteridentifies a location where business is conducted, and hence the business calendar used to adjust datesASSOC
has Business Day Adjustmentfibo-fnd-dt-bd:hasBusinessDayAdjustmentidentifies a convention for adjustment of the business day for handling weekends and holidaysASSOC
has Business Day Conventionfibo-fnd-dt-bd:hasBusinessDayConventionidentifies a convention regarding how a date should be handled when it falls on a day that is not a business dayASSOC
has Business Recurrence Interval Conventionfibo-fnd-dt-bd:hasBusinessRecurrenceIntervalConventionidentifies a convention regarding how certain recurring dates should be handled with respect to a given schedule, such as the end of the monthASSOC
has Calendar Periodfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasCalendarPeriodidentifies a calendar period used in computing a CalendarSpecifiedDate, such as a calendar week, calendar month, calendar quarter, or calendar yearASSOC
has Call Featurefibo-sec-dbt-dbti:hasCallFeatureindicates the specific terms related to any inherent call feature as specified in the offering/instrumentASSOC
has Call Pricefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasCallPriceindicates the amount of the call on the specified call date, typically the sum of par value and the call premium, as specified in the contractASSOC
has Call Rate Basisfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasCallRateBasisfor each call event on the schedule, indicates whether the rate is expressed as a percentage of Par or percentage of CAVASSOC
has Capacityfibo-fnd-law-lcap:hasCapacityidentifies an individual or organization that has some capability to carry out certain actions, or has certain rights or obligationsASSOC
has Citizenshipfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:hasCitizenshiplinks a person to their country of citizenshipASSOC
has Closing Price Determination Methodfibo-fbc-fi-ip:hasClosingPriceDeterminationMethodindicates a strategy by which the closing price is determinedASSOC
has Commencement Datefibo-fnd-pty-pty:hasCommencementDatethe date a party relationship comes into forceASSOC
has Compounding Frequencyfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasCompoundingFrequencythe frequency at which interest is compoundedASSOC
has Constituentfibo-fnd-arr-arr:hasConstituentan essential part, component, or element of some collection or setASSOC
has Constitutional Ownerfibo-be-oac-opty:hasConstitutionalOwnerlinks a constitutional interest/position in something (e.g., a legal entity) to the party that holds or owns it, in whole or in partASSOC
has Contextfibo-fnd-rel-rel:hasContextprovides a context in which something is defined, expressed, or representedASSOC
has Contract Partyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasContractPartyindicates a person or organization that has entered into the binding agreement, accepting and/or conceding obligations, responsibilities, and benefits as specifiedASSOC
has Contractual Elementfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasContractualElementindicates an element, such as a contractual definition, term describing a commitment, right or obligation, that forms part of an agreement or contractASSOC
has Controlling Interest Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:hasControllingInterestPartyindicates an entity that has the ability to exercise some control over a formal business organizationASSOC
has Convertible Datefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasConvertibleDatedate on which a bond can be converted into the specified equity securityASSOC
has Counterpartyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasCounterpartyidentifies a counterparty to a contractASSOC
has Countryfibo-fnd-plc-loc:hasCountryidentifies a countryASSOC
has Countyfibo-fnd-plc-loc:hasCountyindicates a country subdivision providing certain local governmental servicesASSOC
has Couponfibo-sec-eq-eq:hasCouponrelates a preferred share to a dividend or coupon that applies to the shareASSOC
has Coverage Areafibo-fnd-plc-loc:hasCoverageAreaindicates a geographic region in which some service is provided, or to which some policy applies, or in which something is availableASSOC
has Currencyfibo-fnd-acc-cur:hasCurrencya medium of exchange value in which something, such as a monetary amount is definedASSOC
has Data Sourcefibo-fnd-arr-doc:hasDataSourcerelates something, such as an agreement, contract, document, report, process, and so forth to a source of data used to analyze, develop, explain, produce, or otherwise create it (e.g., Experian provides data for a CreditReport)ASSOC
has Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasDateidentifies a specific dateASSOC
has Date Addedfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasDateAddedindicates the date something was included in something elseASSOC
has Date Establishedfibo-fbc-fct-fse:hasDateEstablishedthe date that the financial service provider was establishedASSOC
has Date Insuredfibo-fbc-fct-fse:hasDateInsuredthe date that the financial service provider was first insured for the purposes of protecting client accountsASSOC
has Date Of Assessmentfibo-fnd-arr-asmt:hasDateOfAssessmentdate on which an assessment process was completedASSOC
has Date Of Birthfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:hasDateOfBirthlinks a person with their date of birthASSOC
has Date Of Incorporationfibo-be-corp-corp:hasDateOfIncorporationthe formal date of incorporation as stated in filing documentsASSOC
has Date Of Issuancefibo-fnd-arr-doc:hasDateOfIssuancelinks something, typically an agreement, contract, or document, with the date it was issuedASSOC
has Date Of Registrationfibo-be-corp-corp:hasDateOfRegistrationa date on which the corporation has registered in some jurisdiction for regulatory and / or for tax purposesASSOC
has Date Periodfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasDatePeriodidentifies a specific period of time, including a start date, end date and or durationASSOC
has Date Receivedfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasDateReceivedrelates something to the date when it was received, e.g., a loan application requestASSOC
has Date Timefibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasDateTimeidentifies a specific date and time of day, excluding the time zoneASSOC
has Date Time Stampfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasDateTimeStampidentifies a specific date and time of day, including the time zoneASSOC
has Dated Datefibo-sec-dbt-dbti:hasDatedDatespecifies the date on which interest begins to accrue on a fixed-income securityASSOC
has Dealt Currencyfibo-fnd-acc-cur:hasDealtCurrencya predicate indicating the dealt currency in an exchange rate; R units of this currency represent one unit of the base currencyASSOC
has Debt Amountfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasDebtAmountindicates the monetary amount of the debtASSOC
has Degree Of Controlfibo-be-oac-cpty:hasDegreeOfControlhas degree of control, (partial, majority, or complete) either alone or with other parties, with respect to some activityASSOC
has Delegated Control Offibo-be-oac-exec:hasDelegatedControlOfindicates a legal person that has delegated some authority or control to this partyASSOC
has Delisting Datefibo-sec-sec-lst:hasDelistingDatespecifies the date set by the exchange for delisting a securityASSOC
has Denominationfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasDenominationthe face value of currency units, coins, or securitiesASSOC
has Designationfibo-fnd-rel-rel:hasDesignationrelates an individual or organization to a position, role, or other designationASSOC
has Dimensionfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:hasDimensionindicates the dimension associated with a given quantity kind in some system of quantities (which may also be derived and depends on the choice of base quantity)ASSOC
has Direct Ownershipfibo-be-oac-opty:hasDirectOwnershiprelates a formal organization to the context in which it is owned directly by another entityASSOC
has Direct Owning Entityfibo-be-oac-opty:hasDirectOwningEntityrelates a formal organization to a direct legal person / ownerASSOC
has Distribution Methodfibo-sec-eq-eq:hasDistributionMethodindicates the method by which dividend or coupon payments are to be distributedASSOC
has Dividend Declaration Datefibo-sec-eq-eq:hasDividendDeclarationDateindicates a date on which an organization states that a dividend payment may be anticipated, including the the dividend amount and the ex-dividend and payment datesASSOC
has Dividend Ratefibo-sec-eq-eq:hasDividendRateindicates a pre-arranged dividend rateASSOC
has Domestic Ultimate Parentfibo-be-oac-cctl:hasDomesticUltimateParentrelates an organization to another recognized as its ultimate parent, within its country or jurisdiction of incorporation, if it has oneASSOC
has Durationfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasDurationthe duration of a date period or similar concept, such as the tenor of a contractASSOC
has Duration To Maturityfibo-fbc-fi-fi:hasDurationToMaturityindicates the lifespan of an instrument or offering, from the date of issuance to the scheduled maturity dateASSOC
has Earlier Formlcc-lr:hasEarlierFormrelates a language to an earlier form (historically significant) of that same languageASSOC
has Effective Datefibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasEffectiveDateindicates the date a contract, relationship, or policy comes into forceASSOC
has Effective Date Time Stampfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasEffectiveDateTimeStampindicates the date and time, including time zone, a contract, relationship, or policy comes into forceASSOC
has Electronic Mail Addressfibo-fnd-plc-vrt:hasElectronicMailAddressspecifies an electronic messaging endpoint at which some entity may be located or contacted or may receive correspondenceASSOC
has End Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasEndDatethe ending date of some Schedule or DatePeriodASSOC
has Entity Expiration Reasonfibo-fbc-fct-breg:hasEntityExpirationReasonindicates the reason that an entity ceased to exist (i.e., disolved, merged with another entity, etc.)ASSOC
has Entity Statusfibo-fbc-fct-breg:hasEntityStatusindicates the status of the entity (i.e., active, inactive)ASSOC
has Equityfibo-be-le-fbo:hasEquityindicates owners’ equity associated with the entityASSOC
has Estimated Valuefibo-fnd-arr-asmt:hasEstimatedValuerelates something to its estimated valueASSOC
has Event Datefibo-fnd-dt-oc:hasEventDateidentifies a date associated with an event (occurrence)ASSOC
has Ex Dividend Datefibo-sec-eq-eq:hasExDividendDateindicates a date on which a stock ‘goes ex-dividend’, typically about three weeks before the dividend is paid to shareholders of recordASSOC
has Execution Datefibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasExecutionDateindicates the date a contract has been signed by all the necessary partiesASSOC
has Execution Date Time Stampfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasExecutionDateTimeStampindicates the date and time, including time zone, a contract has been signed by all the necessary partiesASSOC
has Exercise Datefibo-sec-dbt-ex:hasExerciseDateindicates a date on which an option may be exercised as specified in the terms of the contractASSOC
has Exercise Termsfibo-sec-dbt-ex:hasExerciseTermslinks an option contract to any exercise terms that are specified thereinASSOC
has Exercise Typefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasExerciseTypeindicates the exercise convention specified in the call featureASSOC
has Exercise Windowfibo-sec-dbt-ex:hasExerciseWindowindicates a period of time during which the option may be exercised as specified in the terms of the contractASSOC
has Expiration Datefibo-fnd-arr-doc:hasExpirationDatelinks something, typically an agreement, contract, document, or perishable item, with an expiration dateASSOC
has Explicit Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasExplicitDateindicates a stated date, as opposed to calculated or unknown date, associated with somethingASSOC
has Expressionfibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasExpressionspecifies a mathematical or other formal expression, which may be part of a formulaASSOC
has Extendable Periodfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasExtendablePeriodindicates the date period during which an extension is allowableASSOC
has Extension Provisionfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasExtensionProvisionidentifies a contract provision allowing extension of repayment or maturity datesASSOC
has Extraordinary Redemption Provisionfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasExtraordinaryRedemptionProvisionrelates the redemption provision of a debt instrument to one-time provision that may be exercised by the issuer under certain circumstancesASSOC
has Factorfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:hasFactorindicates a number or quantity that when multiplied with another produces a given number or expressionASSOC
has Final Interest Payment Datefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasFinalInterestPaymentDatethe date on which the last interest payment is dueASSOC
has Final Maturity Datefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasFinalMaturityDateindicates the final payment date of a loan or other financial instrument, at which point the principal (and all remaining interest) is due to be paidASSOC
has Final Stubfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasFinalStubidentifies any special period at the end of a regular scheduleASSOC
has Financial Instrument Short Namefibo-sec-sec-iss:hasFinancialInstrumentShortNamerelates a security to its ISO 18774-compliant short name, which includes an issuer short name, abbreviated instrument characteristics, and abbreviated instrument description per the ISO standardASSOC
has First Call Pricefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasFirstCallPriceindicates the amount of the call on the first call date as specified in the call scheduleASSOC
has First Coupon Payment Datefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasFirstCouponPaymentDatespecifies the first date on which the issuer or its agent expects or commits to make a coupon paymentASSOC
has First Notional Step Datefibo-der-rtd-irswp:hasFirstNotionalStepDateindicates the initial date in a notional step scheduleASSOC
has First Par Call Datefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasFirstParCallDateindicates the first date on which the bond may be called at par for redemptionASSOC
has First Par Call Pricefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasFirstParCallPricespecifies the amount of the call on the first par call date as specified in the call scheduleASSOC
has First Premium Call Datefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasFirstPremiumCallDateindicates the first date on which the bond may be called for redemption at a price above parASSOC
has First Premium Call Pricefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasFirstPremiumCallPricespecifies the amount of the call on the first call date on which the bond may be called at a price above par as specified in the call scheduleASSOC
has First Put Datefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasFirstPutDateindicates the initial date on which the holder may sell the bond to the issuer prior to maturityASSOC
has First Put Pricefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasFirstPutPricespecifies the initial price at which the holder may sell the bond to the issuer prior to maturityASSOC
has First Trade Datefibo-sec-sec-iss:hasFirstTradeDateindicates the date on which a newly issued security starts tradingASSOC
has First Trade Settlement Datefibo-sec-sec-iss:hasFirstTradeSettlementDateindicates the date on which the first trade of a newly issued security is settledASSOC
has Floating Rate Capfibo-der-rtd-irswp:hasFloatingRateCapindicates an optional ceiling or ‘cap’ on interest rates on floating rate debtsASSOC
has Floating Rate Floorfibo-der-rtd-irswp:hasFloatingRateFloorindicates an optional lower bound on interest rates on floating rate debtsASSOC
has Formulafibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasFormulaspecifies a concise way of expressing information symbolically, as in a mathematical or chemical formulaASSOC
has Full Sovereignty Overfibo-be-ge-ge:hasFullSovereigntyOverrelates a polity to a geopolitical entity where the polity has absolute, supreme and ultimate dominion and authority of a political state subject to no higher power, expressed within its territory in full self-government and in complete freedom from any outside influenceASSOC
has Funding Sourcefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasFundingSourceindicates the source of funds for a new issue of municipal securitiesASSOC
has Generating Entityfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:hasGeneratingEntityspecifies a legal entity that generates somethingASSOC
has Generating Entity Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:hasGeneratingEntityIdentifierspecifies an identifier for the entity that generated somethingASSOC
has Global Ultimate Parentfibo-be-oac-cctl:hasGlobalUltimateParentrelates an organization to another recognized as its ultimate parent, if it has oneASSOC
has Governing Jurisdictionfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasGoverningJurisdictionindicates the jurisdiction governing the contract, as agreed by all partiesASSOC
has Grace Periodfibo-sec-eq-eq:hasGracePeriodindicates a period of time after a coupon payment becomes due, before the issuer is subject to penaltiesASSOC
has Guaranteed Amountfibo-fbc-dae-gty:hasGuaranteedAmountrelates the guaranty to the monetary amount guaranteedASSOC
has Guarantorfibo-fbc-dae-gty:hasGuarantorrelates the guarantor to the contract for which they are providing a guarantyASSOC
has Headquarters Addressfibo-be-le-fbo:hasHeadquartersAddressindicates the main address at which communications may be delivered for the organizationASSOC
has Holding Periodfibo-sec-sec-rst:hasHoldingPeriodidentifies a holding period applicable to some financial assetASSOC
has Home Exchangefibo-sec-sec-lst:hasHomeExchangeindicates the current exchange that is considered the primary trading venue for a securityASSOC
has Identityfibo-fnd-rel-rel:hasIdentityprovides a means for identifying something that fills a particular roleASSOC
has Indicator Valuefibo-ind-ei-ei:hasIndicatorValuespecifies quantity value for a given indicatorASSOC
has Individual Postcodefibo-fnd-plc-adr:hasIndividualPostcodeindicates the local or international postcode element of a delivery address as specified by the local postal serviceASSOC
has Inforcefibo-fnd-law-cor:hasInforcerelates a jurisdiction or situation to a rule, regulation or law (collectively “law”) that is currently in force in that situation or jurisdictionASSOC
has Initial Interest Accrual Datefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasInitialInterestAccrualDatethe date from which interest begins to accrueASSOC
has Initial Interest Payment Datefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasInitialInterestPaymentDatethe date on which the first interest payment is dueASSOC
has Initial Principal Payment Datefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasInitialPrincipalPaymentDatethe date on which the first payment against the principal is dueASSOC
has Initial Stubfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasInitialStubidentifies any special period at the start of a regular scheduleASSOC
has Inputfibo-fnd-dt-oc:hasInputrelates something (e.g. an occurrence) to something that is used as an input to some activity or processASSOC
has Interest Calculation Schedulefibo-der-rtd-irswp:hasInterestCalculationSchedulelinks a set of terms to a corresponding schedule for calculating interestASSOC
has Interest Payment Dayfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasInterestPaymentDaythe day of the month on which interest payments must be made on the debtASSOC
has Interest Payment Frequencyfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasInterestPaymentFrequencythe frequency at which interest payments must be made on the debtASSOC
has Interest Payment Termsfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:hasInterestPaymentTermsindicates the specific terms related to interest payments on the principal as specified in the instrument or a related contract documentASSOC
has Interest Ratefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasInterestRaterelates something, such as an agreement, or debt instrument, to the rate (typically annual) of interest that is to be paid by the debtor to the creditor on the debtASSOC
has Interest Rate Reset Schedulefibo-der-rtd-irswp:hasInterestRateResetSchedulelinks a set of terms to a corresponding schedule for resetting the  interest rate, which may be either a regular or ad hoc scheduleASSOC
has Investment Entityfibo-be-oac-opty:hasInvestmentEntityrelates a legal person to a directly owned formal organization or subsidiary, depending on the percent ownership interestASSOC
has Investment Ownershipfibo-be-oac-opty:hasInvestmentOwnershiprelates a legal person to the context in which it owns a formal organizationASSOC
has Investorfibo-be-oac-opty:hasInvestorlinks an investment interest in something (e.g., a legal entity) to the party that holds or owns it, in whole or in partASSOC
has Issued Capitalfibo-be-corp-corp:hasIssuedCapitalThe total of a corporation’s shares that are held by shareholders. A corporation can, at any time, issue new shares up to the full amount of authorized share capital.ASSOC
has Jurisdictionfibo-be-ge-ge:hasJurisdictionrelates a polity or government entity to one or more jurisdictions, over which it has some level of legal authorityASSOC
has Last Coupon Payment Datefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasLastCouponPaymentDatespecifies the final date on which the issuer or its agent expects or commits to make a coupon paymentASSOC
has Last Notional Step Datefibo-der-rtd-irswp:hasLastNotionalStepDateindicates the final date in a notional step scheduleASSOC
has Last Trading Date Timefibo-sec-sec-lst:hasLastTradingDateTimespecifies the last date and time that the security was traded on the exchangeASSOC
has Legfibo-der-drc-swp:hasLegrelates a swap to the legs (swap streams) that comprise the swapASSOC
has Legal Addressfibo-be-le-lei:hasLegalAddressindicates the legal address for the entity, in the jurisdiction in which the entity is established, used for registration purposes with respect to obtaining an LEIASSOC
has Legal Agentfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:hasLegalAgentidentifies a party as one that has the legal, medical or financial capacity to act on behalf of someone else under specific circumstancesASSOC
has Legal Formfibo-be-le-lei:hasLegalFormindicates the nature of the entity as defined from a legal or regulatory perspective in a given jurisdictionASSOC
has Lenderfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasLenderrelates a contract, such as a debt instrument or credit agreement, to one or more parties that are financing the debtASSOC
has Lifecyclefibo-fnd-arr-lif:hasLifecyclerelates something, such as a product, trade, or related process, to a lifecycle that characterizes itASSOC
has Lockout Periodfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasLockoutPeriodindicates the period of time for which a callable security cannot be called and only interest coupon payments are received by the security holderASSOC
has Majority Controlling Interest Partyfibo-be-oac-cctl:hasMajorityControllingInterestPartyrelates a company to an organization that has a majority ownership and control over it, i.e., its parent organization, if there is oneASSOC
has Majority Controlling Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:hasMajorityControllingPartyThe parent of the company, if there is one.ASSOC
has Majority Owned Subsidiaryfibo-be-oac-cctl:hasMajorityOwnedSubsidiaryrelates a company to one of its majority-owned subsidiaries, i.e., a subsidiary of which it owns more than 50 percent (50 percent plus one share) of the outstanding sharesASSOC
has Market Identifier Code Statusfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:hasMarketIdentifierCodeStatusindicates the status of a specific market identifier code (MIC)ASSOC
has Maturity Datefibo-sec-dbt-dbti:hasMaturityDateindicates the date on which the principal amount of a note, draft, acceptance bond or other debt instrument is due to be repaid to the investor and interest payments stopASSOC
has Measurement Unitfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:hasMeasurementUnitindicates the unit in which something is expressedASSOC
has Memberlcc-lr:hasMemberrelates something, typically a collection, group or organization, to some discrete thing identified as a member of itASSOC
has Minuendfibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasMinuendspecifies the quantity value from which something is subtracted; the value that is diminishedASSOC
has Monetary Amountfibo-fnd-acc-cur:hasMonetaryAmountrelates something to a monetary amount (e.g. credit limit, notional amount)ASSOC
has Municipal Trusteefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasMunicipalTrusteespecifies the financial institution with trust powers, designated by the issuer or borrower, that acts, pursuant to a bond contract, in a fiduciary capacity for the benefit of the bondholders in enforcing the terms of the bond contract.ASSOC
has Municipalityfibo-fnd-plc-loc:hasMunicipalityindicates a business center, city, or municipalityASSOC
has Nature Of Controlfibo-be-oac-cpty:hasNatureOfControlhas nature or kind of control, de facto or limited de facto controlASSOC
has Nominal Capitalfibo-be-corp-corp:hasNominalCapitalNominal capital is an alternate term for authorized share capital. The maximum value of securities that a company can legally issue. This number is specified in the memorandum of association (or articles of incorporation in the US) when a company is incorporated, but can be changed later with shareholders approval.  Authorized share capital may be divided into (1) Issued capital – par value of the shares actually issued, (2) Paid up capital – money received from the shareholders in exchange for shares, and (3) Uncalled capital – money remaining unpaid by the shareholders for the shares they have bought.ASSOC
has Non Binding Termsfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasNonBindingTermsrefers to terms that are included in an agreement that are not considered legally bindingASSOC
has Notification Provisionfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:hasNotificationProvisionrelates the redemption provision of a debt instrument to a notification provision (e.g., call or put notification)ASSOC
has Notional Amountfibo-fnd-acc-cur:hasNotionalAmounthas an abstract, unchangeable value used for certain applicable calculations, expressed as some monetary amountASSOC
has Notional Step Schedulefibo-der-rtd-irswp:hasNotionalStepSchedulelinks a set of terms to a corresponding notional step schedule, which may be either a regular or ad hoc scheduleASSOC
has Objectivefibo-fnd-gao-obj:hasObjectiverelates something to a specific objective (result) that it aims to achieve within a time frame and with available resourcesASSOC
has Obligationfibo-fnd-agr-agr:hasObligationidentifies a duty or obligation that a given party has taken onASSOC
has Observed Valuefibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasObservedValuespecifies a collection of values over which some analysis is performedASSOC
has Occurrencefibo-fnd-dt-oc:hasOccurrenceidentifies events of a given occurrence kind, typically as they occur in a scheduleASSOC
has Offeringfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:hasOfferingrelates something to a voluntary but conditional promise submitted by a buyer or seller (offeror) to another (offeree) for acceptance, and which becomes legally enforceable if accepted by the offereeASSOC
has Offering Amountfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:hasOfferingAmountindicates the notional monetary amount (face value), determined based on reference data, market rates or some other agreed method associated with some offeringASSOC
has Offering Pricefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:hasOfferingPriceindicates the price associated with an offering, which may be an explicit or calculated priceASSOC
has Operandfibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasOperandindicates the operand of a mathematical argument, parameter or other similar conceptASSOC
has Operating Addressfibo-be-le-fbo:hasOperatingAddressindicates an address at which an organization carries out operationsASSOC
has Original Issue Discount Amountfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasOriginalIssueDiscountAmountindicates the difference between the stated redemption price at maturity and the issue priceASSOC
has Original Place Of Listingfibo-sec-sec-lst:hasOriginalPlaceOfListingindicates the original exchange that listed the securityASSOC
has Outputfibo-fnd-dt-oc:hasOutputrelates something (e.g. an occurrence) to something that is the result of some activity or processASSOC
has Outstanding Amountfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasOutstandingAmountindicates an amount of money representing the principal, interest, or other amount owed at a specific point in timeASSOC
has Overall Periodfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasOverallPeriodidentifies a DatePeriod that includes all the Dates of a Schedule, including any ScheduleStubsASSOC
has Owned Thingfibo-fnd-oac-own:hasOwnedThingindicates the party in an ownership relationship where a party owns a thingASSOC
has Owning Partyfibo-fnd-oac-own:hasOwningPartyindicates the thing in an ownership relationship where a party owns a thingASSOC
has Partlcc-cr:hasPartindicates any portion of something, regardless of whether the portion itself is attached to the remainder or detached; cognitively salient or arbitrarily demarcated; self-connected or disconnected; homogeneous or gerrymandered; material or immaterial; extended or unextended; spatial or temporalASSOC
has Partial Redemption Allocation Conventionfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasPartialRedemptionAllocationConventionindicates the convention used to determine how the redemption is allocated over the set of bond holdersASSOC
has Partial Sovereignty Overfibo-be-ge-ge:hasPartialSovereigntyOverrelates a polity to a geopolitical entity where the polity exercises partial dominion and authority of a political stateASSOC
has Partyfibo-fnd-pty-pty:hasPartyidentifies an independent party associated with an agreement, contract, policy, regulation, or other business arrangementASSOC
has Party In Controlfibo-fnd-oac-ctl:hasPartyInControlindicates the party in a control relationship where a party controls a thingASSOC
has Party In Rolefibo-fnd-pty-pty:hasPartyInRoleidentifies a party acting in a specific role as related to the particular agreement, contract, policy, regulation, or other business relationshipASSOC
has Paying Partyfibo-der-drc-swp:hasPayingPartydefines the payer party for a funding leg of a swapASSOC
has Payment Amountfibo-fnd-pas-psch:hasPaymentAmountspecifies the amount of money involved in a paymentASSOC
has Payment Schedulefibo-fnd-pas-psch:hasPaymentSchedulespecifies the schedule for payment of an obligationASSOC
has Payment Schedule (der)fibo-der-drc-swp:hasPaymentScheduledefines a schedule of payments for a funding leg of a swapASSOC
has Penultimate Coupon Payment Datefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasPenultimateCouponPaymentDatespecifies the last coupon payment prior to maturityASSOC
has Periodicityfibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasPeriodicityspecifies a recurrence interval (monthly, quarterly, annual) that a statistical measure reflectsASSOC
has Place Of Birthfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:hasPlaceOfBirthlinks a person with their place of birthASSOC
has Postdirectional Symbolfibo-fnd-plc-adr:hasPostdirectionalSymbolspecifies a geographic directional symbol that follows the street name and street suffix in a street addressASSOC
has Predirectional Symbolfibo-fnd-plc-adr:hasPredirectionalSymbolspecifies a geographic directional symbol that occurs after the primary street number but before the street name in a street addressASSOC
has Premium Amountfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasPremiumAmountindicates the premium paid to a bond holder when the bond is calledASSOC
has Pricefibo-fnd-acc-cur:hasPriceindicates the value of something expressed as an amount of money or goodsASSOC
has Price And Yield Day Count Conventionfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:hasPriceAndYieldDayCountConventionindicates the convention used to determine the number of days in a month and days in a year that are counted when performing calculations for yield and price figuresASSOC
has Pricing Sourcefibo-fbc-fi-ip:hasPricingSourceindicates the origin of a given price for a financial instrumentASSOC
has Primary Address Numberfibo-fnd-plc-adr:hasPrimaryAddressNumberspecifies a a location with respect to a given streetASSOC
has Primary Federal Regulatorfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:hasPrimaryFederalRegulatoridentifies the primary federal regulator for an institutionASSOC
has Principalfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasPrincipalindicates the face value of an obligation, such as a bond or loan, that must be repaid at maturity, i.e., the base amount raised by a mortgage or other debt instrumentASSOC
has Principal Executive Office Addressfibo-fbc-fi-fi:hasPrincipalExecutiveOfficeAddressrelates an organization, specifically the issuer of a financial instrument, to its principal executive address, as required for issuance of that instrumentASSOC
has Principal Partyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasPrincipalPartyidentifies the main or principal party to a contractASSOC
has Principal Payment Dayfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasPrincipalPaymentDaythe day of the month on which payments on the principal must be madeASSOC
has Principal Payment Frequencyfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasPrincipalPaymentFrequencythe frequency at which payments on the principal must be madeASSOC
has Principal Repayment Datefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasPrincipalRepaymentDaterelates an instrument to the date by which the principal must be repaid in fullASSOC
has Priority Levelfibo-fbc-dae-gty:hasPriorityLevelrelates a guaranty to some level of priority that guaranty has in the context of the contract, for example for a credit enhancement priorityASSOC
has Put Datefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasPutDateindicates the date on which a security is subject to optional or mandatory redemption by the bond holderASSOC
has Put Featurefibo-sec-dbt-dbti:hasPutFeatureindicates the specific terms related to any inherent put feature as specified in the offering/instrumentASSOC
has Put Frequencyfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasPutFrequencyindicates the frequency of the tender or put periodASSOC
has Quantity Kindfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:hasQuantityKindindicates the quantity kind involved in the definition of a quantity or factorASSOC
has Quantity Valuefibo-fnd-qt-qtu:hasQuantityValuerelates something (an expression, formula, etc.) to its magnitude expressed as a number together with its unit of measure (if applicable)ASSOC
has Quotation Block Amount Basisfibo-ind-fx-fx:hasQuotationBlockAmountBasisindicates the amount of the dealt currency which would be exchanged in a trade for which the stated spot rate appliesASSOC
has Quotation Datefibo-ind-ind-ind:hasQuotationDateindicates the quotation date for a given market rate or indicatorASSOC
has Quotation Settlement Basisfibo-ind-fx-fx:hasQuotationSettlementBasisindicates the settlement period for a trade for which the stated spot rate appliesASSOC
has Quote Currencyfibo-ind-fx-fx:hasQuoteCurrencyindicates the quote currency in an exchange rate; R units of this currency represent one unit of the base currencyASSOC
has Rate Of Returnfibo-fbc-fi-ip:hasRateOfReturnindicates the retrospective rate of return for a given financial instrument over some period of timeASSOC
has Rate Reset Time Of Dayfibo-ind-ir-ir:hasRateResetTimeOfDayindicates the time of day when a change in a benchmark rate is published, typically the same time every business dayASSOC
has Rating Scorefibo-fnd-arr-rt:hasRatingScoreindicates the grade or score associated with a rating with respect to a particular rating scaleASSOC
has Reachfibo-fnd-law-jur:hasReachindicates the geopolitical unit (country, federal province or municipality) or geophysical extent in which the jurisdiction has effectASSOC
has Receiving Partyfibo-der-drc-swp:hasReceivingPartydefines the recipient for a funding leg of a swapASSOC
has Record Datefibo-sec-eq-eq:hasRecordDateindicates the date on which the issuer checks to determine whether or not a party was on the company’s books as a shareholder when required (i.e., they must have been on the books prior to the ex-dividend date), to identify who is eligible to receive the next dividendASSOC
has Recurrence Intervalfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasRecurrenceIntervalindicates the frequency with which some event or publication occursASSOC
has Recurrence Start Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasRecurrenceStartDatethe starting Date of the first recurrence of a RegularScheduleASSOC
has Redemption Amountfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasRedemptionAmountindicates the amount of the principal paid with a redemption paymentASSOC
has Redemption Provisionfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:hasRedemptionProvisionindicates the specific terms related to redemption as specified in the instrument or a related contract documentASSOC
has Reference Currencyfibo-ind-ir-ir:hasReferenceCurrencyrelates something to the currency it is based onASSOC
has Reference Periodfibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasReferencePeriodspecifies a reference (baseline) recurrence interval for which a given economic indicator appliesASSOC
has Regionfibo-fnd-plc-loc:hasRegionindicates a demarcated area on the surface of the EarthASSOC
has Registered Addressfibo-be-le-fbo:hasRegisteredAddressaddress that someone or some organization has officially recorded with some government authority and at which legal papers may be servedASSOC
has Registration Authorityfibo-fbc-fct-ra:hasRegistrationAuthorityindicates the registration authority for somethingASSOC
has Registration Statusfibo-fbc-fct-breg:hasRegistrationStatusindicates the status of a specific registration, such as for an identifier or licenseASSOC
has Registry Entryfibo-fbc-fct-ra:hasRegistryEntrylinks a registry to entries that it containsASSOC
has Related Party In Rolefibo-fnd-pty-pty:hasRelatedPartyInRolerelates a party acting in a specific role directly to another party acting in the same or another roleASSOC
has Relative Price At Issuefibo-sec-dbt-dbti:hasRelativePriceAtIssueindicates a relative price with respect to the face value at which an instrument is issued, namely par, premium or discountASSOC
has Relative Price At Maturityfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:hasRelativePriceAtMaturityindicates a relative price with respect to the face value at the time an instrument matures, namely par, discount or premiumASSOC
has Relative Price At Redemptionfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:hasRelativePriceAtRedemptionindicates a relative price with respect to the face value at the time an instrument is redeemed, namely par, discount or premiumASSOC
has Release Datefibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasReleaseDatespecifies the release date for a given economic indicatorASSOC
has Remarketing Agentfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasRemarketingAgentidentifies the dealer responsible for reselling to investors securities (such as variable rate demand obligations and other tender option bonds) that have been tendered for purchase by their owner.ASSOC
has Repayment Termsfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:hasRepaymentTermsindicates the specific terms related to repayment of principal as specified in the instrument or a related contract documentASSOC
has Reporting Periodfibo-fnd-arr-doc:hasReportingPeriodspecifies the reporting period for which a report or something else, such as a market rate or economic indicator, appliesASSOC
has Reset Date Offsetfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:hasResetDateOffsetindicates the offset from the coupon payment date on which the rate is resetASSOC
has Responsibilityfibo-be-oac-exec:hasResponsibilityidentifies a particular burden of obligation upon one who is responsibleASSOC
has Responsible Partyfibo-be-oac-exec:hasResponsiblePartysome party that has some defined responsibility with respect to the formal organizationASSOC
has Restrictionfibo-sec-sec-rst:hasRestrictionidentifies a restriction applicable to a given financial instrument or listingASSOC
has Rolefibo-fnd-pty-rl:hasRoleprovides a means for relating a person, organization, group, or other entity to a role that entity plays in some relationship and contextASSOC
has Schedulefibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasScheduleindicates a schedule for somethingASSOC
has Scheduled Maturity Datefibo-fbc-fi-fi:hasScheduledMaturityDateindicates the date on which the principal amount of an instrument is due to be repaid to the investor and interest payments stop and/or the date on which the instrument may be redeemedASSOC
has Secondary Federal Regulatorfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:hasSecondaryFederalRegulatoridentifies an additional federal regulator, over and above the primary federal regulator, for an institutionASSOC
has Secondary Unitfibo-fnd-plc-adr:hasSecondaryUnitspecifies an individual unit within a larger structure, such as an apartment, office, hangar, slip, mailbox, and so forth, at a given street addressASSOC
has Series Originfibo-ind-ei-ei:hasSeriesOriginspecifies the original starting date for the time series for a given economic indicatorASSOC
has Settlement Datefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:hasSettlementDateindicates the date by which an executed order or transaction must be settledASSOC
has Shared Sovereignty Overfibo-be-ge-ge:hasSharedSovereigntyOverrelates a polity to a geopolitical entity where the polity exercises shared dominion and authority of a political stateASSOC
has Signatoryfibo-be-le-fbo:hasSignatoryhas a party which is authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the entityASSOC
has Significant Controlling Interest Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:hasSignificantControllingInterestPartyidentifies an entity that owns a significant percentage of the equity in this company, but less than 50 percentASSOC
has Sovereignty Overfibo-be-ge-ge:hasSovereigntyOverrelates a polity to a geopolitical entity where the polity exercises dominion and authority of a political stateASSOC
has Stagefibo-fnd-arr-lif:hasStagerelates something, such as a product or trade lifecycle or related process, to a phase or stage in that lifecycleASSOC
has Start Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasStartDatethe starting Date of somethingASSOC
has Street Addressfibo-fnd-plc-adr:hasStreetAddressindicates a fully-specified address component that consists of a primary address number, predirectional, street name, suffix, postdirectional, and an optional secondary unitASSOC
has Street Namefibo-fnd-plc-adr:hasStreetNamespecifies an identifier for a street in some context (e.g., ‘Baker’, ‘First’, ‘Main’)ASSOC
has Street Suffixfibo-fnd-plc-adr:hasStreetSuffixspecifies an additional qualifier for a street or other delivery location, such as a dwelling located along a waterwayASSOC
has Structure Or Complex Namefibo-fnd-plc-adr:hasStructureOrComplexNamespecifies an identifier for a building, house, office complex, shopping center, or other structureASSOC
has Stubfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasStublinks an abbreviated period at the start or end of some schedule to the overall scheduleASSOC
has Sub Unitfibo-be-le-fbo:hasSubUnitrelates a formally constituted organization to a sub-unit of that organizationASSOC
has Subdivisionfibo-fnd-plc-loc:hasSubdivisionidentifies a country subdivision (state, province, region, etc.)ASSOC
has Subregionlcc-cr:hasSubregionrelates a geographic region to another geographic region that is a designated subregion of itASSOC
has Subscription Periodfibo-sec-sec-iss:hasSubscriptionPeriodindicates a period of time in which investors can commit to purchase shares (or units) to be issuedASSOC
has Subsidiaryfibo-be-oac-cctl:hasSubsidiaryrelates a company to one of its subsidiaries, that is an affiliae controlled by the company directly, or indirectly through one or more intermediariesASSOC
has Subtrahendfibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasSubtrahendspecifies the quantity value that is subtracted from somethingASSOC
has Swap Identifierfibo-der-drc-swp:hasSwapIdentifierrelates a swap lifecycle event to the identifier for the swapASSOC
has Telephone Numberfibo-fnd-plc-vrt:hasTelephoneNumberindicates a virtual address composed of a sequence of digits and symbols that may be assigned to a fixed-line telephone subscriber station, a wireless electronic telephony device, such as a radio telephone or a mobile telephone, or other similar device or serviceASSOC
has Tenorfibo-ind-ir-ir:hasTenorindicates the length of time for which a given rate, such as an interbank rate, exchange rate, other market rate is quoted, or a debt instrument has remaining prior to maturity or expirationASSOC
has Termfibo-fbc-fi-fi:hasTermindicates a fixed or limited period for which something, e.g., an investment, lasts or is intended to lastASSOC
has Termination Datefibo-fnd-arr-doc:hasTerminationDatelinks something, typically an agreement, contract, document, or process, with a date on which it was terminatedASSOC
has Third Partyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasThirdPartyidentifies a party which is not signatory to the party but has some role in the overall context defined by the contract.ASSOC
has Tick Sizefibo-sec-sec-lst:hasTickSizespecifies a minimum price movement for the contract or security with respect to an exchangeASSOC
has Time Directionfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasTimeDirectionA TimeDirection indicates whether a CalendarSpecifiedDate is figured from the beginning or end of a calendar period.ASSOC
has Time To Maturityfibo-fbc-fi-fi:hasTimeToMaturityindicates the interval between the present date and the scheduled maturity date of an instrument or offeringASSOC
has Total Ownerfibo-be-oac-cpty:hasTotalOwnerindicates the party that wholly controls the organization, i.e., one that owns 100 percent interestASSOC
has Trade Datefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:hasTradeDateindicates the date on which a security or commodity future trade actually takes placeASSOC
has Trading Date Timefibo-fbc-fi-ip:hasTradingDateTimeindicates the specific date and time associated with a given priceASSOC
has Transliterated Addressfibo-fnd-plc-adr:hasTransliteratedAddressidentifies a transliterated (i.e., in Latin or Romanized ASCII) address for the registered entityASSOC
has Underlierfibo-der-drc-bsc:hasUnderlierrelates a derivative to an asset, such as one or more financial instrument(s), index or parameter, or combination thereof on which the contract is basedASSOC
has Urbanizationfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:hasUrbanizationindicates  area, sector, or development within a geographic area relevant to a delivery addressASSOC
has Validation Authorityfibo-fbc-fct-breg:hasValidationAuthorityidentifies the business registration authority for the legal entity, used by the Local Operating Unit (LOU) as the basis for validation, as defined in the GLEIF Registration Authorities ListASSOC
has Validation Levelfibo-fbc-fct-breg:hasValidationLevelan indicator of the level of validation performed by the registrar with respect to the legal entityASSOC
has Value Expressed Infibo-fbc-fi-fi:hasValueExpressedInrelates an instrument to the currency its value is typically expressed inASSOC
has Vested In Itfibo-be-oac-exec:hasVestedInItindicates the delegated legal authority that is vested in the controlling partyASSOC
High Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:HighPricehighest price for a given security over the period specifiedBASE
Highway Contract Routefibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:HighwayContractRoutehighway contract route associated with an addressBASE
Highway Contract Route Addressfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:HighwayContractRouteAddressdelivery address whose delivery address line uses the abbreviation ‘HC’, followed by the route identifier, followed by ‘BOX’ followed by box number, in place of a street addressBASE
Historical Languagelcc-lr:HistoricalLanguagea well-known prior version of a living or extinct languageBASE
Holdingfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Holdingreal or personal property (assets), including but not limited to financial assets, to which one holds title and of which one has possessionBASE
Holding Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:HoldingCompanya business (corporation, limited liability company, or limited partnership) that has been established to own stock in another company, typically to own enough voting shares to have some level of control over that company’s policies and managementBASE
holdsfibo-fnd-rel-rel:holdsis the relationship between a party and something it possesses, or over which it exercises some ownership or control or has at its discretion the ability to dispose of it as it sees fitASSOC
holds An Ownership Interest Infibo-be-oac-opty:holdsAnOwnershipInterestInlinks a party to some organization it holds an ownership interest inASSOC
holds Duringfibo-fnd-dt-bd:holdsDuringspecifies that some condition or state is true (holds) during a specified date periodASSOC
holds Equity Infibo-be-oac-opty:holdsEquityInlinks a party to some equity it holdsASSOC
holds Majority Controlling Voting Rights Infibo-be-oac-cctl:holdsMajorityControllingVotingRightsInrelates a legal person to a company in which the party holds fifty percent or more of the controlling voting rightsASSOC
holds Significant Controlling Voting Rights Infibo-be-oac-cctl:holdsSignificantControllingVotingRightsInrelates a legal person to a company in which the party holds a significant proportion of the controlling voting rightsASSOC
holds Some Controlling Voting Rights Infibo-be-oac-cctl:holdsSomeControllingVotingRightsInrelates a legal person to a company in which that party holds some controlling voting rightsASSOC
holds Some Means Offibo-be-oac-cpty:holdsSomeMeansOfSome means of control held by the party.ASSOC
Householdfibo-ind-ei-ei:Householdan individual or small group of persons who occupy a housing unit (such as a house or apartment) as their usual place of residence, who pool some, or all, of their income and wealth and who consume certain types of goods and services collectively, mainly housing and foodBASE
Housing Unitfibo-ind-ei-ei:HousingUnita house, an apartment, a mobile home or trailer, a group of rooms, or a single room occupied as separate living quarters, or if vacant, intended for occupancy as separate living quartersBASE
Identification Schemelcc-lr:IdentificationSchemea system for allocating identifiers to objectsBASE
Identification Scheme (lcc)fibo-fnd-law-lcap:LegalCapacitythe capability to carry out certain actions or to have certain rights together with the resources to do soBASE
Identifierlcc-lr:Identifiera sequence of characters uniquely identifying something that it is associated with for some purpose and within a specified contextBASE
Identifier (lcc)fibo-be-ge-ge:GovernmentAgencya permanent or semi-permanent organization, often an appointed commission, in the machinery of government that is responsible for the oversight and administration of specific functionsBASE
identifieslcc-lr:identifiesrecognizes or establishes within some contextASSOC
Identity Documentfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:IdentityDocumentany legal document which may be used to verify aspects of a person’s identityBASE
implementsfibo-fnd-law-lcap:implementscarries out or puts into effect, fulfillsASSOC
Implicit Full Faith And Credit Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:ImplicitFullFaithAndCreditBondbond issued by a government sponsored agency or corporation rather than by the government directlyBASE
impliesfibo-fnd-law-lcap:impliesstrongly suggests or involves as a logical consequence based on some set of observations, facts, or eventsASSOC
Incapacitated Adultfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:IncapacitatedAdultan adult who is legally identified as not having legal capacity, typically as a result of some inherent physical or mental incapacity or as a result of having contracted some illness which temporarily deprives them of such capacityBASE
Incomefibo-fnd-acc-aeq:Incomecash or cash equivalent(s) received during a period of time in exchange for labor or services, from the sale of goods or property, or as profit from financial investmentsBASE
Incorporation Guaranteefibo-be-le-cb:IncorporationGuaranteeA guarantee which is part of the means by which some incorporated entity is incorporated by guarantee.BASE
Independent Partyfibo-fnd-pty-pty:IndependentPartyany person or organizationBASE
Indexfibo-fnd-arr-id:Indexan indirect shortcut derived from and pointing into, a greater volume of values, data, information or knowledgeBASE
Index Linked Securityfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:IndexLinkedSecuritybond in which payment of income on the principal is related to a specific index, such as the Consumer Price IndexBASE
Indexing Schemefibo-fnd-arr-id:IndexingSchemesystem for indexing values, data, information, or knowledgeBASE
Individual Investorfibo-sec-sec-rst:IndividualInvestoran investor that is a person, rather than an organization, who may or may not be considered a qualified investor from a legal perspectiveBASE
Individual Languagelcc-lr:IndividualLanguagea language that can be distinguished from another language by some set of rulesBASE
Individual Language Identifierlcc-lr:IndividualLanguageIdentifiera language identifier whose scope is that of an individual (distinct) languageBASE
Individual Unilateral Commitmentfibo-fnd-agr-agr:IndividualUnilateralCommitmenta commitment made by some party unilaterally to another specific partyBASE
Industrial Bankfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:IndustrialBanka limited service financial institution that raises funds by selling certificates called ‘investment shares’ and by accepting depositsBASE
Industrial Products Sectorfibo-ind-ei-caei:IndustrialProductsSectora classifier for a sector of the economy used for price indices focused on major commodities sold by manufacturers in CanadaBASE
Industry Sector Classification Schemefibo-fnd-arr-cls:IndustrySectorClassificationSchemea system for allocating classifiers to organizations by industry sectorBASE
Industry Sector Classifierfibo-fnd-arr-cls:IndustrySectorClassifiera standardized classification or delineation for an organization, or possibly for a security representing an interest in a given organization, per some scheme for such delineation, by industryBASE
Inflation Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:InflationBondbond whose principal amount is linked to an inflation rate indexBASE
Inflation Ratefibo-ind-ei-ei:InflationRatean economic indicator representing a change in prices of goods and services for a specified period, for a given statistical areaBASE
Influence Based De Facto Controlfibo-be-oac-cpty:InfluenceBasedDeFactoControlSome influence and control over some entity other than by means of investment in that entity.BASE
Influence Based De Facto Controlling Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:InfluenceBasedDeFactoControllingPartyA party which exercises some influence and control over the entity other than by means of investment.BASE
Informal Organizationfibo-fnd-org-fm:InformalOrganizationorganization that is not formally constituted in some wayBASE
Input Producer Price Indexfibo-ind-ei-ei:InputProducerPriceIndexan economic indicator representing a measure of the rate of change over time in the prices of inputs of goods and services purchased by the producerBASE
Institutional Investorfibo-sec-sec-rst:InstitutionalInvestoran organization that trades large volumes of securitiesBASE
Institutional Personfibo-ind-ei-ei:InstitutionalPersona person that resides in an institution for some reason, due, for example, to hospitalization, rehabilitation, or incarcerationBASE
Institutional Unitfibo-ind-ei-ei:InstitutionalUnita party that is capable, in its own right, of owning assets, incurring liabilities, and engaging in economic activities and in transactions with other partiesBASE
Instrument Of Incorporationfibo-be-le-cb:InstrumentOfIncorporationSome legal instrument by which some legal entity which is not a natural person is made to exist.BASE
Instrument Poolfibo-sec-sec-pls:InstrumentPoola pool consisting of financial instruments that may be included in the same investment vehicleBASE
Instrumentalityfibo-be-ge-ge:Instrumentalityan organization that serves a public purpose and is closely tied to a government, but is not a government agencyBASE
Insurance Backed Guarantyfibo-fbc-dae-gty:InsuranceBackedGuarantya guaranty that is realized as an insurance policyBASE
Insurance Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:InsuranceCompanya non-depository institution whose primary and predominant business activity is the writing of insurance or the reinsuring of risks underwritten by insurance companies, and that provides compensation based on the happening of one or more contingenciesBASE
Insurance Policyfibo-fbc-dae-gty:InsurancePolicya contract document that (1) puts an indemnity cover into effect, (2) serves as a legal evidence of the insurance agreement, (3) sets out the exact terms on which the indemnity cover has been provided, and (4) states associated information such as the (a) specific risks and perils covered, (b) duration of coverage, (c) amount of premium, (d) mode of premium payment, and (e) deductibles, if anyBASE
Insurance Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:InsuranceServicea financial service in which the insurer promises to provide compensation for specific potential future losses in exchange for a periodic paymentBASE
Insurerfibo-fbc-dae-gty:Insurera financial service provider that issues an insurance policyBASE
Intangible Assetfibo-fnd-oac-own:IntangibleAssetidentifiable, non-monetary asset that lacks physical substanceBASE
Interbank Bid Ratefibo-ind-ir-ir:InterbankBidRateinterbank rate that is the interest rate at which participating banks are willing to borrow deposits from other banksBASE
Interbank Mid Ratefibo-ind-ir-ir:InterbankMidRateinterbank rate that represents the mid-point between bid and offer ratesBASE
Interbank Offered Ratefibo-ind-ir-ir:InterbankOfferedRateinterbank rate that is the interest rate at which participating banks lend moneyBASE
Interbank Ratefibo-ind-ir-ir:InterbankRatereference rate that is the rate of interest charged on short-term loans between banksBASE
Interestfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Interestthe cost of using credit, or another’s money, expressed as a rate per period of time, payable by a debtor to a creditor in consideration of the credit extended to the debtorBASE
Interest Only Stripfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:InterestOnlyStripa strip that represents the non-principal portion of the monthly payments on the underlying debt instrument, such as a bondBASE
Interest Payment Termsfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:InterestPaymentTermscontract terms for payment of interest on a debtBASE
Interest Ratefibo-fnd-acc-cur:InterestRatean amount charged, expressed as a percentage of principal, by a lender to a borrower for the use of assetsBASE
Interest Rate Authorityfibo-ind-ir-ir:InterestRateAuthorityfinancial service provider/publisher responsible for specifying some benchmark interest rateBASE
Interest Rate Benchmarkfibo-ind-ir-ir:InterestRateBenchmarkclassifier for regularly updated interest rates that are publicly accessible, typically set by a central bank or group of financial institutionsBASE
Interest Rate Benchmark Classification Schemefibo-ind-ir-ir:InterestRateBenchmarkClassificationSchemescheme for classifying interest rate benchmarks, such as the FpML classification schemeBASE
Interest Rate Derivative Instrumentfibo-der-rtd-rtd:InterestRateDerivativeInstrumenta rate-based derivative whose underlier is an interest rateBASE
Interest Rate Observablefibo-der-rtd-rtd:InterestRateObservablea rate-based observable that is specifically an interest rateBASE
Interest Rate Stream Eventfibo-der-rtd-irswp:InterestRateStreamEventan interest-rate specific event occurring with respect to one leg of a swapBASE
Interest Rate Swapfibo-der-rtd-irswp:InterestRateSwapa swap in which the underlier for one or both legs is an interest rateBASE
Interest Rate Swap Legfibo-der-rtd-irswp:InterestRateSwapLegthe components specifiying an interest rate stream, including both a parametric and cashflow representation for the stream of paymentsBASE
Internal Rate Of Returnfibo-fbc-fi-ip:InternalRateOfReturndiscount rate that results in a net present value (NPV) of zero for a series of future cash flowsBASE
International Addressfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:InternationalAddressphysical address that explicitly includes a countryBASE
International Bank Account Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-caa:InternationalBankAccountIdentifieridentifier for a bank account that is an expanded version of the basic bank account number (BBAN), intended for use internationallyBASE
International Electronic Funds Transfer Servicefibo-ind-fx-fx:InternationalElectronicFundsTransferServicean electronic funds transfer (EFT) service involving the transfer of funds across national borders, that may also involve currency conversionBASE
International Money Market Australian Dollar Trading Date Rulefibo-sec-sec-sch:InternationalMoneyMarketAustralianDollarTradingDateRulea trading date rule defined as the last trading day of an Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) 90-Day Bank Accepted Futures and Options product, one Sydney business day preceding the second Friday of the relevant settlement monthBASE
International Money Market Canadian Dollar Trading Date Rulefibo-sec-sec-sch:InternationalMoneyMarketCanadianDollarTradingDateRulea trading date rule defined as the last trading day / expiration day of the Canadian Derivatives Exchange (Bourse do Montreal Inc.), three month Bankers’ Acceptance Futures (Ticker symbol BAX), the second London banking day prior to the third Wednesday of the contract monthBASE
International Money Market New Zealand Dollar Trading Date Rulefibo-sec-sec-sch:InternationalMoneyMarketNewZealandDollarTradingDateRulea trading date rule defined as the last trading day of an Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) New Zealand (NZ) 90-Day Bank Accepted Futures and Options product, the first Wednesday after the ninth day of the relevant settlement monthBASE
International Money Market Settlement Date Rulefibo-sec-sec-sch:InternationalMoneyMarketSettlementDateRulea settlement date rule as defined in the International Money Market (IMM) settlement dates calendarBASE
International Securities Identification Numberfibo-sec-sec-id:InternationalSecuritiesIdentificationNumbersecurity identifier that is defined as specified in ISO 6166, Securities and related financial instruments — International securities identification numbering system (ISIN)BASE
International Securities Identification Numbering Schemefibo-sec-sec-id:InternationalSecuritiesIdentificationNumberingSchemeformal definition of the structure and application of a ISINs as defined in ISO 6166BASE
Intra Day Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:IntraDayPriceprice for a given security at some point between the opening and official closing price on a given exchange or composite group of exchangesBASE
Introducing Brokerfibo-der-drc-bsc:IntroducingBrokeran entity that solicits or accepts orders for futures or options contracts traded on or subject to the rules of an exchange; and does not accept any money, securities, or property (or extend credit in lieu thereof) to margin, guarantee, or secure any trades or contracts that result or may resultBASE
Investment Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:InvestmentAccountaccount that provides a record of deposits of funds and/or securities held at a financial institutionBASE
Investment Bankfibo-fbc-fct-fse:InvestmentBanka financial service provider that performs a variety of services. Investment banks specialize in large and complex financial transactions such as underwriting, acting as an intermediary between a securities issuer and the investing public, facilitating mergers and other corporate reorganizations, and acting as a broker and/or financial adviser for institutional clients.BASE
Investment Based De Facto Controlfibo-be-oac-cpty:InvestmentBasedDeFactoControlControl which arises through some investment in some entity, other than as the holding of constitutional equity (shares etc.) in that entity.BASE
Investment Based De Facto Controlling Interest Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:InvestmentBasedDeFactoControllingInterestPartyA party which exercises some degree of de facto control based on some investment which they hold in the entity.BASE
Investment Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:InvestmentCompanyAny issuer which: (a) is or holds itself out as being engaged primarily, or proposes to engage primarily, in the business of investing, reinvesting, or trading in securities; (b) is engaged or proposes to engage in the business of issuing face-amount certificates of the installment type, or has been engaged in such business and has any such certificate outstanding; or (c) is engaged or proposes to engage in the business of investing, reinvesting, owning, holding, or trading in securities, and owns or proposes to acquire investment securities having a value exceeding 40 per centum of the value of such issuer's total assets (exclusive of Government securities and cash items) on an unconsolidated basisBASE
Investment Equityfibo-be-oac-opty:InvestmentEquityequity that represents an ownership interest in some entity, but may or may not take the form of shareholders’s equityBASE
Investment Firmfibo-fbc-fct-eufse:InvestmentFirmany legal person whose regular occupation or business is the provision of one or more investment services to third parties and/or the performance of one or more investment activities on a professional basisBASE
Investment Objectivefibo-fnd-gao-obj:InvestmentObjectivefinancial objective used by an investor to determine whether or not a given potential investment is appropriate for themselves or on behalf of another partyBASE
Investment Or Deposit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:InvestmentOrDepositAccountaccount associated with a product or service that requires the account holder to provide funds for management by the account providerBASE
Investment Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:InvestmentServicea financial service designed to assist investors in using capital to create more money, either through income-producing vehicles or through more risk-oriented ventures to result in capital gains, including but not limited to providing investment advice, asset and portfolio management, brokerage services, and so forthBASE
Investorfibo-be-oac-opty:Investora party that owns some stake in some organization by way of investmentBASE
Investor Contractfibo-be-oac-opty:InvestorContractContract setting out the terms under which some investor invests in the entity and setting out the rights which are conferred on that investor.BASE
Investors Domicile Restrictionfibo-sec-sec-rst:InvestorsDomicileRestrictiona legal holding restriction that specifies where holders of a security may be domiciledBASE
involvesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:involves(of a situation or event) includes (something) as a necessary part or resultASSOC
is Aboutfibo-fnd-arr-doc:isAboutindicates the subject or topic of a given documentASSOC
is Amortization Offibo-fbc-dae-dbt:isAmortizationOflinks the process of reduction of debt or other costs through periodic charges to the relevant asset or liabilityASSOC
is Based Onfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:isBasedOnrelates something to something else on which it rests, or that supports it in some wayASSOC
is Based On (sec)fibo-sec-dbt-bnd:isBasedOnindicates the economic indicator or market rate on which an index-based security dependsASSOC
is Based On Investment Equityfibo-be-oac-cpty:isBasedOnInvestmentEquityindicates investment-based de facto control, which is is based on the holding of some investment equity by some partyASSOC
is Collateralization Offibo-fbc-dae-dbt:isCollateralizationOfrelates some collateral to a credit agreement or debt instrument for which the property has been pledged as security for the debtASSOC
is Collateralized Byfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:isCollateralizedByrelates a credit agreement or debt instrument to property pledged as security for the debtASSOC
is Conferred Onfibo-fnd-rel-rel:isConferredOnthat on which the conferred thing is conferredASSOC
is Consolidated Byfibo-be-le-lei:isConsolidatedByindicates the entity considered the ‘end node’ or consolidating entity (parent) from an ISO 17442 perspectiveASSOC
is Consolidation Offibo-be-le-lei:isConsolidationOfindicates the entity considered the ‘start node’ or consolidated entity from an ISO 17442 perspectiveASSOC
is Constituted Byfibo-be-le-cb:isConstitutedBythe instrument by which an entity is incorporatedASSOC
is Controlled Thing In Rolefibo-fnd-oac-ctl:isControlledThingInRoleindicates the context of control in which the thing plays the role of being controlledASSOC
is Controlled To Some Degree Byfibo-be-oac-cpty:isControlledToSomeDegreeByidentifies a party that has some degree of control over a formal business organizationASSOC
is Derived Fromfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:isDerivedFromindicates something that the subject is derived from: a derived quantity is derived from a base quantity; a derived unit is derived from a base unitASSOC
is Designed To Achievefibo-fnd-gao-obj:isDesignedToAchieverelates an approach, method, plan, or strategy to an objective or goal or outcome that is the goal, objective, or intended resultASSOC
is Directly Consolidated Byfibo-be-le-lei:isDirectlyConsolidatedByindicates that the entity considered the ‘end node’ or consolidating entity (parent) fully consolidates the accounting of the ‘start node’ (child) per the accounting rules specified, and is the closest consolidating entity to that child in any applicable ownership hierarchyASSOC
is Domiciled Infibo-fnd-org-fm:isDomiciledInindicates a primary location where an entity conducts business, such as where its headquarters is locatedASSOC
is Evaluated Byfibo-fnd-utl-alx:isEvaluatedBylinks a quantity value to the expression that generated itASSOC
is Guaranteed Byfibo-fbc-dae-gty:isGuaranteedByrelates guaranty to the contract guarantor, i.e., to the legal person providing the guarantyASSOC
is Incorporated Infibo-be-le-cb:isIncorporatedInthe legal jurisdiction under which the legal entity is incorporatedASSOC
is Index Tofibo-fnd-arr-id:isIndexTothat to which the index refersASSOC
is Instrument Offibo-be-ge-ge:isInstrumentOfrelates an instrumentality of some government to the government that it supportsASSOC
is Interest Onfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:isInterestOnlinks a monetary amount that is the cost of using credit to the debt that it applies toASSOC
is International Branch Offibo-be-le-lei:isInternationalBranchOfindicates that the entity considered the ‘start node’ or consolidated entity (child) is an international branch of the ‘end node’ (parent) in the jurisdiction of the childASSOC
is Legally Recorded Infibo-fbc-fi-fi:isLegallyRecordedInjurisdiction (country, county, state, province, city) in which the financial instrument is legally recorded for regulatory and/or tax purposesASSOC
is Located Atfibo-fnd-plc-loc:isLocatedAtrelates something to a location, which might be physical or virtualASSOC
is Measure Offibo-fnd-utl-alx:isMeasureOfindicates the concept being measuredASSOC
is Not Cleared Infibo-sec-sec-rst:isNotClearedInidentifies a country subdivision, such as a US state or territory, where an issue is NOT cleared under Blue Sky RestrictionsASSOC
is Organized Infibo-be-le-lp:isOrganizedInindicates the juridiction whose laws a legal entity is organized underASSOC
is Owedfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:isOwedlinks a creditor to a debt that is owed to themASSOC
is Owed Tofibo-fbc-dae-dbt:isOwedTolinks a debt to the party to which it is owedASSOC
is Owned Byfibo-fnd-oac-own:isOwnedByidentifies the party that owns the assetASSOC
is Preferred By Exchangefibo-sec-sec-id:isPreferredByExchangeindicates the exchange that prefers a specific identifier for a securityASSOC
is Premium Onfibo-ind-fx-fx:isPremiumOnan exchange rate expressed as a premium on the spot rate for the currency pairASSOC
is Principal Offibo-fbc-dae-dbt:isPrincipalOflinks the value of a debt, excluding any interest or other costs of using credit to the debt that it applies toASSOC
is Published Byfibo-be-fct-pub:isPublishedByidentifies the independent party (i.e., the individual or organization) that disseminates the materialASSOC
is Recognized Infibo-be-le-lp:isRecognizedInindicates the jurisdiction in which a legal person is considered competent to enter into a contract, conduct business, or participate in other activities, or in which an agreement may be acknowledged and possibly enforceableASSOC
is Registered Infibo-fbc-fct-ra:isRegisteredInindicates the registry that something is registered inASSOC
is Registered Withfibo-sec-sec-iss:isRegisteredWithindicates the registration authority for a given security, i.e., in the name of the owner on the books of the issuer, with the issuer’s registrar, with a third-party transfer agent, with a broker-dealer, or other competent partyASSOC
is Regulated Byfibo-fbc-fct-rga:isRegulatedByindicates a regulatory agency that has regulatory authority for somethingASSOC
is Relative Tofibo-fnd-dt-fd:isRelativeToidentifies a RelativeDate or RelativeDatePeriod defined relative to this DateASSOC
is Reported Tofibo-fnd-arr-rep:isReportedToindicates the party to which something is reportedASSOC
is Represented Byfibo-be-ge-ge:isRepresentedByrelates a system of governance to its chosen representativesASSOC
is Senior Tofibo-sec-eq-eq:isSeniorToindicates that a given share (share class) has higher seniority than the related share, meaning that it gives the holder a higher claim on the assets of the issuerASSOC
is Submitted Tofibo-fnd-arr-rep:isSubmittedToindicates the party to which something is submittedASSOC
is Tender Infibo-fnd-acc-cur:isTenderIna jurisdiction in which the currency is exchangeable for goods and servicesASSOC
is Traded Onfibo-sec-sec-lst:isTradedOnidentifies the trading facility on which the security is tradedASSOC
is Triggered Byfibo-fnd-dt-oc:isTriggeredByAn OccurrenceBasedDate is triggered by an Occurrence that exemplifies the OccurrenceKind.ASSOC
is Ultimately Consolidated Byfibo-be-le-lei:isUltimatelyConsolidatedByindicates that the entity considered the ‘end node’ or consolidating entity (parent) fully consolidates the accounting of the ‘start node’ (child) per the accounting rules specified, and is the most distant consolidating entity to that child in any applicable ownership hierarchyASSOC
is Volatility Offibo-ind-ind-ind:isVolatilityOfindicates something to which the volatility measure applies and of which it is a measureASSOC
is Wholly Owned Byfibo-be-oac-cctl:isWhollyOwnedByrelates a company to an organization that has 100 percent ownership and control over itASSOC
Issued Debtfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:IssuedDebtdebt that is set out by the borrower in some form of financial security in which the lender is the holder or counterparty of that securityBASE
Issuerfibo-fbc-fi-fi:Issuerany party who issues (or proposes to issue, in a formal filing) any financial instrument, where a party can be a natural person, company, government, or political subdivision, agency, or instrumentality of a governmentBASE
Issuer Identification Numberfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:IssuerIdentificationNumbera numbering system that allows a credit, debit, or other card to be identified as having been issued by a particular financial institutionBASE
issuesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:issuesofficially makes something availableASSOC
Joint Controlling Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:JointControllingPartySome group of entities which collectively are able to direct the affairs of some business organizationBASE
Joint Guarantyfibo-fbc-dae-gty:JointGuarantya guaranty provided by two or more parties, jointly and severallyBASE
Joint Stock Companyfibo-be-corp-corp:JointStockCompany1. In the UK, the original (17th century) name for a corporation in which the liability of the owners is limited to the nominal value of the stock (shares) held by them. 2. In the US, a corporation with unlimited liability for the shareholders. Investors in a US joint stock company receive stock (shares) which can be transferred, and can elect a board of directors, but are jointly-and-severally liable for companys debts and obligations. A US joint stock company cannot hold title to a real property.BASE
Joint Venturefibo-be-le-fbo:JointVenturea legal entity that is a formal venture between two or more business entitiesBASE
Joint Venture Partnerfibo-be-oac-cctl:JointVenturePartnera party in the role of joint venture partner to some ventureBASE
Judiciaryfibo-be-ge-ge:Judiciarya branch of government that comprises the system of courts that interprets and applies the law in the name of the supranational, national, federal, or regional government, depending on its jurisdictionBASE
Jurisdictionfibo-fnd-law-jur:Jurisdictionthe limits or territory within which authority may be exercised; the power, right, or authority to interpret and apply the lawBASE
Labor Productivity Gross Outputfibo-ind-ei-ei:LaborProductivityGrossOutputa ratio of a quantity index of gross output to a quantity index of labor inputBASE
Labor Productivity Value Addedfibo-ind-ei-ei:LaborProductivityValueAddeda ratio of a quantity index of value added to a quantity index of labor inputBASE
Languagelcc-lr:Languagea systematic use of sounds, characters, symbols or signs to communicate meaningBASE
Language Familylcc-lr:LanguageFamilya group of individual languages related to each other through common ancestryBASE
Language Grouplcc-lr:LanguageGroupa collection of two or more individual languages, treated as a group for some purposeBASE
Language Identifierlcc-lr:LanguageIdentifiera string of characters that uniquely identifies a linguistic entityBASE
Language Variantlcc-lr:LanguageVarianta variation of an individual language that is sufficiently unique that it can be identified and namedBASE
Language Variationlcc-lr:LanguageVariationcontinuous change within and between individual languagesBASE
Last Regular Coupon Datefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:LastRegularCouponDatescheduled date of the last regular coupon payment, that is the last of the payments that are made according to a regular repeating series of coupon periods, before any non-standard (long or short) final coupon period in the scheduleBASE
Lawfibo-fnd-law-cor:Lawa system of rules and guidelines which are enforced through social institutions to govern behaviorBASE
Ledger Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:LedgerAccountaccount recorded in a general ledgerBASE
Legal Agentfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:LegalAgentany party that has been legally empowered to act on behalf of another partyBASE
Legal Constructfibo-fnd-law-lcap:LegalConstructsomething which is conferred by way of law or contract, such as a rightBASE
Legal Documentfibo-fnd-arr-doc:LegalDocumenta written or printed paper that bears the original, official, or legal form of something and can be used to furnish decisive evidence or informationBASE
Legal Entityfibo-be-le-lp:LegalEntitya legal person that is a partnership, corporation, or other organization having the capacity to negotiate contracts, assume financial obligations, and pay off debts, organized under the laws of some jurisdictionBASE
Legal Entity Identifierfibo-be-le-lei:LegalEntityIdentifieran organization identifier that uniquely identifies a legal person as defined in ISO 17442BASE
Legal Entity Identifier Registryfibo-fbc-fct-breg:LegalEntityIdentifierRegistryregistry for registering and maintaining information about business entities for a particular jurisdictionBASE
Legal Entity Identifier Registry Entryfibo-fbc-fct-breg:LegalEntityIdentifierRegistryEntryentry in a legal entity identifier registry that conforms to ISO 17442 and the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) Common Data Format (CDF)BASE
Legal Entity Identifier Schemefibo-be-le-lei:LegalEntityIdentifierSchemea scheme that specifies the elements of an unambiguous legal entity identifier (LEI) scheme to identify the legal entities relevant to any financial transactionBASE
Legal Holding Restrictionfibo-sec-sec-rst:LegalHoldingRestrictiona security restriction applicable to holding the securityBASE
Legal Obligationfibo-fnd-law-lcap:LegalObligationan obligation or duty that is enforceable by a courtBASE
Legal Personfibo-be-le-lp:LegalPersonautonomous agent that is recognized as having rights and obligations under the law, including but not limited to the right to sue and be sued, enter into contracts, own property, and incur financial and other obligationsBASE
Legal Rightfibo-fnd-law-lcap:LegalRighta contingent right or privilege that, if challenged, would be supported in court as a claim that is recognizable and enforceable in law, statutes, regulations, or other legislative actionsBASE
Legal Systemfibo-fnd-law-jur:LegalSystemLegal regimen of a country consisting of (1) a written or oral constitution, (2) primary legislation (statutes) enacted by the legislative body established by the constitution, (3) subsidiary legislation (bylaws) made by person or bodies authorized by the primary legislation to do so, (4) customs applied by the courts on the basis of traditional practices, and (5) principles or practices of civil, common, Roman, or other code of law.BASE
Legally Capable Adultfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:LegallyCapableAdulta person who has attained the age of majority as defined by given jurisdiction and is allowed to conduct a business or any other occupation on his or her own behalf or for their own accountBASE
Legally Competent Natural Personfibo-be-le-lp:LegallyCompetentNaturalPersona person who is considered competent, under the circumstances, to enter into a contract, conduct business, or participate in other activities that generally require the mental ability to understand problems and make decisions on his or her own behalfBASE
Legally Delegated Authorityfibo-be-oac-exec:LegallyDelegatedAuthoritya party having some legal control of some entityBASE
Legislaturefibo-be-ge-ge:Legislaturethe law-making body of a political unit, usually a national government, that has power to enact, amend, and repeal public policyBASE
LEI Registered Entityfibo-be-le-lei:LEIRegisteredEntitya legal person that has registered for and is identified by a legal entity identifierBASE
Lenderfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Lendera party that extends credit or money to a borrower with the expectation of being repaid, usually with interestBASE
Letter Of Creditfibo-fbc-dae-gty:LetterOfCredita letter from a bank or other creditworthy institution guaranteeing that a buyer’s payment to a seller will be received on time and for the correct amountBASE
Letter Of Credit Guarantyfibo-fbc-dae-gty:LetterOfCreditGuarantya guaranty that takes the form of a letter of credit, i.e., a document issued by a bank guaranteeing the payment up to a stated amount for a specified periodBASE
Liability Apportionment Terms Setfibo-be-ptr-ptr:LiabilityApportionmentTermsSetterms defining the apportionment of liabilities accrued by some formal business organization.BASE
Liability Capacityfibo-fnd-law-lcap:LiabilityCapacitythe ability to be sued at lawBASE
Licensefibo-fnd-law-lcap:Licensegrant of permission needed to do somethingBASE
License Identifierfibo-fnd-law-lcap:LicenseIdentifieran identifier associated with a licenseBASE
Licensed Agentfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:LicensedAgentany individual who is licensed to perform a legally binding function, and who has been legally empowered to act on behalf of another partyBASE
Licenseefibo-fnd-law-lcap:Licenseea party to whom a license has been grantedBASE
licensesfibo-fnd-law-lcap:licensesissues a license required in order to perform some task, provide some service, exercise some privilege, or pursue some line of business or occupation to some partyASSOC
Licensorfibo-fnd-law-lcap:Licensora party who grants a licenseBASE
Lifecyclefibo-fnd-arr-lif:Lifecyclearrangement that compares the cyclical nature of families, organizations, processes, products, marketing, and order management, portfolio management or other systems with the cradle to grave life stages (birth, growth, maturity, decay, and death) of living organismsBASE
Lifecycle Eventfibo-fnd-arr-lif:LifecycleEventkind of event that occurs during one or more stages of a lifecycleBASE
Lifecycle Event Occurrencefibo-fnd-arr-lif:LifecycleEventOccurrencerealization of an event in a stage of a lifecycleBASE
Lifecycle Occurrencefibo-fnd-arr-lif:LifecycleOccurrencerealization of a lifecycleBASE
Lifecycle Stagefibo-fnd-arr-lif:LifecycleStagephase in a lifecycleBASE
Lifecycle Stage Occurrencefibo-fnd-arr-lif:LifecycleStageOccurrencerealization of a phase in a given lifecycleBASE
Lifecycle Statusfibo-fnd-arr-lif:LifecycleStatusclassifier indicating the position or state of something at a particular point in its life-cycleBASE
Limited Controlling Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:LimitedControllingPartySome individual entity which is able to direct the affairs of some business organization to a specific degree.BASE
Limited De Facto Controlfibo-be-oac-cpty:LimitedDeFactoControlThe ability to direct the affairs of some entity within prescribed limits. Those limits are described in terms of activities which the entity holding such control may cause the controlled entity to carry out.BASE
Limited Partnerfibo-be-ptr-ptr:LimitedPartnera partner whose liabilities are limited to the extent of their equity holding or guaranteesBASE
Limited Partner Equityfibo-be-ptr-ptr:LimitedPartnerEquityequity in a partnership held by limited partners; this is not accompanied by any liability capability on the part of the holders of this equity.BASE
Limited Partnership Unitfibo-sec-eq-eq:LimitedPartnershipUnitshare in a limited partnershipBASE
Limited Partnership Unit Restrictionfibo-sec-eq-eq:LimitedPartnershipUnitRestrictionrestriction on ownership or transfer of the unitsBASE
Listed Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:ListedBondbond that may be traded on one or more exchangesBASE
Listed Securityfibo-sec-sec-lst:ListedSecurityregistered security listed on one or more exchangesBASE
Listed Security Identifierfibo-sec-sec-id:ListedSecurityIdentifiersecurity identifier issued in the public domain and referred to in listings and other relevant publicationsBASE
Listed Sharefibo-sec-eq-eq:ListedShareshare that is listed on one or more platforms or venuesBASE
Listingfibo-sec-sec-lst:Listingregistry entry for a security that provides information regarding the eligibility for making that security available for tradingBASE
listsfibo-sec-sec-lst:listsrelates a given exchange-specific security listing to its issueASSOC
Litigation Capacityfibo-fnd-law-lcap:LitigationCapacitythe legal capacity to pursue a litigation action in lawBASE
Living Languagelcc-lr:LivingLanguagean individual language or variant in use today by some speech communityBASE
Loan Or Credit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:LoanOrCreditAccountaccount associated with a service in which the account holder receives funds from the account provider under certain terms and conditions for repaymentBASE
Local Firmfibo-fbc-fct-eufse:LocalFirma firm dealing for its own account on markets in financial futures or options or other derivatives and on cash markets for the sole purpose of hedging positions on derivatives markets, or dealing for the accounts of other members of those markets and being guaranteed by clearing members of the same markets, where responsibility for ensuring the performance of contracts entered into by such a firm is assumed by clearing members of the same marketsBASE
Local Operating Unitfibo-fbc-fct-breg:LocalOperatingUnitregistration authority that issues legal entity identifiers and is authorized by the Global LEI Foundation to do soBASE
Local Operating Unit Identifierfibo-fbc-fct-breg:LocalOperatingUnitIdentifieridentifier that uniquely identifies a local operating unit (LOU), issued by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF)BASE
Locationlcc-cr:Locationa place or position in time and/or space, including virtual placeBASE
Low Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:LowPricelowest value for a given security over the period specifiedBASE
Macrolanguagelcc-lr:Macrolanguagea language that may be viewed in some circumstances as an individual language, but actually represents two or more individual languagesBASE
Macrolanguage Identifierlcc-lr:MacrolanguageIdentifiera language identifier whose scope is that of a macrolanguageBASE
Mailboxfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:Mailboxmailbox, other than a U.S. Post Office box, associated with an addressBASE
Major Swap Participantfibo-der-drc-swp:MajorSwapParticipanta financial service provider that maintains a substantial position in swaps for any of the major swap categories, excluding positions held for hedging or mitigating commercial risk and positions maintained by an employee benefit plan for the primary purpose of hedging or mitigating any risk directly associated with the operation of the planBASE
Majority Controlling Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:MajorityControllingPartyan entity controlling party that possesses, either directly or indirectly, the power to direct or cause the direction of the management and policies of a legal person, whether through the ownership of a majority of voting securities, by contract, or otherwiseBASE
Make Whole Callfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:MakeWholeCallcall allowing the issuer to pay off remaining debt earlyBASE
Make Whole Featurefibo-sec-dbt-dbti:MakeWholeFeaturea call provision allowing the issuer to pay off remaining debt earlyBASE
Managed Interest Ratefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:ManagedInterestRatea variable interest rate charged by a financial institution for borrowing that is not prescribed as a margin over base rate but is set from time to time by the institutionBASE
Managed Investmentfibo-sec-sec-pls:ManagedInvestmentan investment pool that is controlled by a professional investment manager who invests the pool in various financial instruments and assets that align with their investment objectives and is overseen by a board of directorsBASE
Management Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:ManagementCompanyAny investment company that sells and manages a portfolio of securities other than a face-amount certificate company or unit investment fund.BASE
managesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:managesrelates an autonomous agent to something that it directs in some wayASSOC
mandatesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:mandatesrelates something to a commitment, contract, law, obligation, requirement, regulation, or similar concept that requires itASSOC
Mandatory Convertible Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:MandatoryConvertibleBondconvertible bond that converts into shares at maturity regardless of the equity priceBASE
Marginfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:Margina variable that is added to a specified index rate to determine the fully indexed interest rate charged to a borrower on a credit balanceBASE
Market Data Providerfibo-ind-ir-ir:MarketDataProviderpublisher of data relevant to financial marketsBASE
Market Identifierfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:MarketIdentifieran identifier and code that specifies a universal method of identifying exchanges, trading platforms and regulated or non-regulated markets as sources of prices and related information in order to facilitate automated processing, i.e., stock exchanges, regulated markets, e.g., Electronic Trading Platforms (ECN), and unregulated markets, e.g., Automated Trading Systems (ATS)BASE
Market Identifier Code Registry Entryfibo-fbc-fct-ireg:MarketIdentifierCodeRegistryEntryan entry in a market identifier code registry that conforms to ISO 10383BASE
Market Identifier Code Statusfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:MarketIdentifierCodeStatusa lifecycle stage indicating the status of the MIC code, as specified by the registration authorityBASE
Market Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:MarketPricelast reported price at which a security was soldBASE
Market Ratefibo-ind-ind-ind:MarketRatea rate that measures market trends for a set of instruments (S&P500, NASDAQ composite, 30 day CD) or that describes the economic climate for an industry (Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), H&Q Growth Technologies) and/or political region (LIBOR, Prime)BASE
Market Segment Level Marketfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:MarketSegmentLevelMarketan exchange/market/trade reporting facility that specializes in one or more specific instruments or that is regulated uniquely from the operating-level market that manages itBASE
Market Segment Level Market Identifierfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:MarketSegmentLevelMarketIdentifiera market identifier that identifies a section of an exchange/market/trade reporting facility that specializes in one or more specific instruments or that is regulated differentlyBASE
Market Spreadfibo-ind-ind-ind:MarketSpreada statistical measure providing the difference (or spread) between two market ratesBASE
Maturity Levelfibo-fnd-utl-av:MaturityLevelclassifier used to indicate state of an artifact with respect to its development lifecycleBASE
may Be Subordinated Tofibo-sec-dbt-dbti:mayBeSubordinatedToindicates the target security (i.e., the one in the range) has a higher priority than the security in questionASSOC
may Be Traded Infibo-fbc-fi-fi:mayBeTradedInoptionally identifies one or more markets in which the security may be tradedASSOC
Meanfibo-fnd-utl-alx:Meanmost common measure of central tendency; the average of a set of numbersBASE
Measurefibo-fnd-utl-alx:Measureamount or degree of something; the dimensions, capacity, or amount of something ascertained by measuringBASE
Measurement Unitfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:MeasurementUnitquantity, defined and adopted by convention, with which any other quantity of the same kind can be compared to express the ratio of the two quantities as a numberBASE
Medianfibo-fnd-utl-alx:Medianvalue of the variate dividing the total frequency of a data sample, population, or probability distribution, into two halvesBASE
Median Absolute Deviationfibo-fnd-utl-alx:MedianAbsoluteDeviationmedian of the absolute deviations of observations from the average which may be the arithmetic mean, the median or the modeBASE
Medium Term Notefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:MediumTermNotebond issued over time under a shelf registration program, where each issue may have a different coupon and maturity typically ranging from one to ten yearsBASE
Merchantfibo-be-fct-fct:Merchanta business entity engaged in a trading activityBASE
Merchant Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:MerchantServicea financial service provided by a financial institution to a merchant or other business, including but not limited to managing financial transactions via a secure channelBASE
Metropolitan Statistical Areafibo-ind-ei-ei:MetropolitanStatisticalAreaone or more adjacent counties or county equivalents that have at least one urban core area of at least 50,000 population, plus adjacent territory that has a high degree of social and economic integration with the core as measured by commuting tiesBASE
Micropolitan Statistical Areafibo-ind-ei-ei:MicropolitanStatisticalAreaone or more adjacent counties or county equivalents that have at least one urban core area of at least 10,000 population but less than 50,000, plus adjacent territory that has a high degree of social and economic integration with the core as measured by commuting tiesBASE
Mid Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:MidPricearithmetic mean between bid and offer pricesBASE
Military Personfibo-ind-ei-ei:MilitaryPersona person that is a member of the active duty militaryBASE
Minorfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:Minora person under a certain age, usually the age of majority in a given jurisdiction, which legally demarcates childhood from adulthoodBASE
Mixed Basketfibo-sec-sec-bsk:MixedBasketbasket that has a mix of constituents, including securities and indicesBASE
Monetary Amountfibo-fnd-acc-cur:MonetaryAmountthe measure which is an amount of money specified in monetary unitsBASE
Monetary Authorityfibo-fbc-fct-fse:MonetaryAuthoritya regulatory agency that controls the monetary policy, regulation and supply of money in some country or group of countriesBASE
Monetary Measurefibo-fnd-acc-cur:MonetaryMeasuresome measure of some sum of moneyBASE
Monetary Pricefibo-fnd-acc-cur:MonetaryPricea price that that is expressed as a monetary amountBASE
Money Market Instrumentfibo-sec-dbt-tstd:MoneyMarketInstrumenta short-term debt security that gives the owner the unconditional right to receive a stated, fixed sum of money on a specified dateBASE
Multilateral Trading Facilityfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:MultilateralTradingFacilitya trading system that facilitates the exchange of financial instruments between multiple partiesBASE
Municipal Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:MunicipalBondgovernment bond that may be issued by states, cities, counties, special tax districts or special agencies or authorities of state or local governmentsBASE
Municipal Debt Funds Usagefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:MunicipalDebtFundsUsageofficial statement specifying how the funds raised via a new issue of municipal securities are to be appliedBASE
Municipal Debt Remarketing Agentfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:MunicipalDebtRemarketingAgentmunicipal securities dealer responsible for reselling to investors securities (such as variable rate demand obligations and other tender option bonds) that have been tendered for purchase by their ownerBASE
Municipal Debt Source Of Fundsfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:MunicipalDebtSourceOfFundsofficial statement identifying the source of funds for a new issue of municipal securitiesBASE
Municipal Entityfibo-be-ge-ge:MunicipalEntitya polity that typically represents a city, township, or other administrative subdivision having corporate status and powers of self-government or jurisdictionBASE
Municipal Governmentfibo-be-ge-ge:MunicipalGovernmentthe government of a municipalityBASE
Municipal Notefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:MunicipalNoteshort-term obligation to repay a specified principal amount on a certain date, together with interest at a stated rate, usually payable from a defined source of anticipated revenuesBASE
Municipal Securityfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:MunicipalSecuritybond, note, warrant, certificate of participation or other obligation issued by a state or local government or their agencies or authorities (such as cities, towns, villages, counties or special districts or authorities)BASE
Municipal Trusteefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:MunicipalTrusteefinancial institution with trust powers, designated by the issuer or borrower, that acts, pursuant to a bond contract, in a fiduciary capacity for the benefit of the bondholders in enforcing the terms of the bond contractBASE
Municipalityfibo-fnd-plc-loc:Municipalityurban administrative division having corporate status and usually powers of self-government or jurisdictionBASE
Mutual Agreementfibo-fnd-agr-agr:MutualAgreementan agreement between two or more specific named parties. The rights and obligations pertaining to either party cannot be transferred to another party without prior agreementBASE
Mutual Commitmentfibo-fnd-agr-agr:MutualCommitmentA commitment between two or more partiesBASE
Mutual Contractual Agreementfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:MutualContractualAgreementcontract between two or more specific named parties; the rights and obligations pertaining to either party cannot be transferred to another party without prior written permission or a change to the contract itselfBASE
Mutual Savings Bankfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:MutualSavingsBanka financial institution that accepts deposits primarily from individuals and places a large portion of its funds into mortgage loansBASE
National Bankfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:NationalBanka commercial bank whose charter is approved by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) rather than by a state banking departmentBASE
National Governmentfibo-be-ge-ge:NationalGovernmenta government and the politicians that that run a country as a whole (as opposed to local government)BASE
National Identification Numberfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:NationalIdentificationNumbera number or text which appears on an identity document issued by a country or jurisdictionBASE
National Identification Number Schemefibo-fnd-aap-ppl:NationalIdentificationNumberSchemesystem for allocating identifiers to national identification numbersBASE
National Numbering Agencyfibo-sec-sec-id:NationalNumberingAgencyregistration authority responsible for issuing and managing National Securities Identifying Numbers for securities in accordance with the ISO 6166 standard in some jurisdiction (typically that of a country)BASE
National Securities Identifying Numberfibo-sec-sec-id:NationalSecuritiesIdentifyingNumbergeneric, nine-digit alpha numeric code which identifies a fungible security, assigned by a national numbering agency under the ISO 6166 standardBASE
National Securities Identifying Number Registryfibo-sec-sec-id:NationalSecuritiesIdentifyingNumberRegistryregistry used by a national numbering agency to manage the financial instrument identifiers and related information that it registersBASE
National Securities Identifying Number Registry Entryfibo-sec-sec-id:NationalSecuritiesIdentifyingNumberRegistryEntryentry in a National Securities Identifying Number registryBASE
National Security Identification Schemefibo-sec-sec-id:NationalSecurityIdentificationSchemesecurity identification scheme, defining the format and structure of a National Securities Identifying Number (NSIN), published nationally on behalf of a countryBASE
Natural Languagelcc-lr:NaturalLanguagea language used in human communications that is not artificial in natureBASE
Natural Person Limited Partnerfibo-be-ptr-ptr:NaturalPersonLimitedPartnera limited partner in a partnership who is a natural personBASE
Negative Amortizationfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:NegativeAmortizationamortization in which the payments made do not cover the interest dueBASE
Negative Pledgefibo-fbc-dae-gty:NegativePledgea guaranty whereby the issuer will not pledge any assets if doing so would result in less security for lender(s) or investor(s)BASE
Negotiable Commodityfibo-fnd-pas-pas:NegotiableCommoditya commodity that can be bought or sold in some marketplaceBASE
Negotiable Securityfibo-fbc-fi-fi:NegotiableSecuritya security that can be transferred or delivered to another partyBASE
Network Locationfibo-fnd-plc-vrt:NetworkLocationa virtual location that may be identified by a network address (an identifier for a node or interface)BASE
New Housing Sectorfibo-ind-ei-caei:NewHousingSectora classifier for a sector of the economy used for price indices focused on contractors’ selling prices of new residential houses, where detailed specifications pertaining to each house remain the same between two consecutive periodsBASE
NIC Registry Entryfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:NICRegistryEntryan entry in the the National Information Center (NIC) repository, a repository of financial data and institution characteristics collected by the Federal Reserve SystemBASE
nominatesfibo-be-oac-exec:nominatesappoints or proposes for appointment to an office or placeASSOC
Non Binding Termsfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:NonBindingTermscontractual commitments that do not have binding legal standing on the issuer or holderBASE
Non Cumulative Preferred Sharefibo-sec-eq-eq:NonCumulativePreferredSharepreferred share whose dividend payments are not carried forwardBASE
Non Depository Institutionfibo-fbc-fct-fse:NonDepositoryInstitutionany financial institution that acts as the middleman between two parties in a financial transaction, and that does not provide traditional depository services, such as brokerage firms, insurance companies, investment companies, etc.BASE
Non Depository Trust Companyfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:NonDepositoryTrustCompanya trust company that accepts and executes trusts, but does not issue currency; non-depository trust companies can either be Federal Reserve Members or Federal Reserve Non-membersBASE
Non European Economic Area Branchfibo-fbc-fct-eufse:NonEuropeanEconomicAreaBrancha branch of a credit institution whose Head Office is in a third countryBASE
Non Executive Board Memberfibo-be-oac-exec:NonExecutiveBoardMemberSome person performing the role of a Board Member of a company, and having no executive responsibilities towards the running of the company.BASE
Non Governmental Organizationfibo-be-le-fbo:NonGovernmentalOrganizationa not for profit organization that is a citizen-based group that functions independently of governmentBASE
Non Incorporated Partnershipfibo-be-ptr-ptr:NonIncorporatedPartnershipa partnership in which the partners are jointly and severally liable for liabilities incurred by the entityBASE
Non Negotiable Securityfibo-fbc-fi-fi:NonNegotiableSecuritya security that is not transferable to another partyBASE
Non Participating Preferred Sharefibo-sec-eq-eq:NonParticipatingPreferredSharepreferred share that is not a participating preferred shareBASE
Non Physical Underlierfibo-der-drc-bsc:NonPhysicalUnderlieran underlier that does not represent a deliverable assetBASE
Non Rolling Datefibo-sec-sec-sch:NonRollingDatean explicit date that equates to a calendar date with no adjustments and with no reference to any date specificationBASE
Non Tradable Debt Instrumentfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:NonTradableDebtInstrumenta debt instrument that may not be bought or soldBASE
Non Tradable Debt Redemption Provisionfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:NonTradableDebtRedemptionProvisionterms for repayment of principal on debt instruments that are not traded securities, such as over the counter, bilateral paperBASE
Non Transaction Deposit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:NonTransactionDepositAccountany deposit account that is not explicitly considered a transaction accountBASE
Non Wholly Owned Subsidiaryfibo-be-oac-cctl:NonWhollyOwnedSubsidiarya subsidiary which is not a wholly owned subsidiaryBASE
North American Industry Classification System Codefibo-fbc-fct-breg:NorthAmericanIndustryClassificationSystemCodethe North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code representing an industryBASE
North American Industry Classification System Schemefibo-fbc-fct-breg:NorthAmericanIndustryClassificationSystemSchemethe scheme defining the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) CodesBASE
Not For Profit Corporationfibo-be-le-cb:NotForProfitCorporationa corporation approved by its jurisdictional oversight and taxing authorities as operating for educational, charitable, social, religious, civic or humanitarian purposesBASE
Not For Profit Objectivefibo-be-le-lp:NotForProfitObjectivean objective that reflects the charitable, educational, religious, humanitarian, public services, or other not for profit goals of an organizationBASE
Not For Profit Organizationfibo-be-le-fbo:NotForProfitOrganizationan organization that uses its surplus revenues to further achieve its purpose or mission, rather than distributing its surplus income to the organization’s owners (directors, investors, or equivalents) as profit or dividendsBASE
Noticefibo-fnd-arr-doc:Noticeannouncement, intimation, or warning of something, especially to allow preparations to be madeBASE
Notification Provisionfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:NotificationProvisiona provision of a redemption feature defining notification requirementsBASE
Notional Placefibo-fnd-plc-vrt:NotionalPlacean abstract place; one of many commonly understood concepts such as domestic, Eurozone etc.BASE
Notional Step Amountfibo-der-rtd-irswp:NotionalStepAmountthe amount of money that is subtracted from the notional on each step dateBASE
Notional Step Change Eventfibo-der-rtd-irswp:NotionalStepChangeEventan event on which a step change in the notional amount of the swap stream occursBASE
Notional Step Percentage Amountfibo-der-rtd-irswp:NotionalStepPercentageAmountthe percentage amount by which the notional changes on each step dateBASE
Notional Step Period Lengthfibo-der-rtd-irswp:NotionalStepPeriodLengtha recurrence interval indicating the frequency with which step changes occur, which is a multiple of the calculation period in the calculation scheduleBASE
Notional Step Schedulefibo-der-rtd-irswp:NotionalStepScheduleschedule of changes in the notional amount on which interest is paid, comprising the regular sequence of step eventsBASE
Numeric Indexfibo-fnd-utl-alx:NumericIndexchange in some aggregate relative to the value of the aggregate at a reference periodBASE
Obligeefibo-fnd-agr-agr:Obligeea party to whom some commitment or obligation is owed, either legally or per the terms of an agreementBASE
Obligorfibo-fnd-agr-agr:Obligora party that is bound legally or by agreement to repay a debt, make a payment, do something, or refrain from doing somethingBASE
Observable Valuefibo-der-drc-bsc:ObservableValuea value for something that can be observed in the marketplaceBASE
Occurrencefibo-fnd-dt-oc:OccurrenceAn Occurrence is a happening of an OccurrenceKind. Each Occurrence has a DateTimeStamp, which identifies when the Occurrence happened, and a Location (possibly virtual), that identifies where the Occurrence happened.BASE
Occurrence Based Datefibo-fnd-dt-oc:OccurrenceBasedDateAn OccurrenceBaseDate is a CalculatedDate that is defined with respect to the Occurrence of some OccurrenceKind. The ‘hasDateValue’ property of an OccurrenceBasedDate is not set until the Occurrence happens.  The ‘triggeredBy’ property relates an OccurrenceBasedDate to the OccurrenceKind that gives the meaning of the OccurrenceBasedDate.BASE
Occurrence Kindfibo-fnd-dt-oc:OccurrenceKindinstances of OccurrenceKind are types of events, each having a descriptionBASE
Off The Shelf Productfibo-fnd-pas-pas:OffTheShelfProducta product that is readily available from merchandise in stock, or can be quickly and easily configured to order, not specially designed or custom-madeBASE
Offer Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:OfferPriceprice suggested by a prospective seller at a particular time for a given securityBASE
Offereefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Offereea party that receives an offer from something from someone (i.e., an offerer) based on the terms of the offeringBASE
Offeringfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Offeringan expression of interest in providing something to someone that is contigent upon acceptance, forbearance, or some other consideration, as desired by the offeree(s)BASE
Offering Documentfibo-sec-sec-iss:OfferingDocumenta legal document that states the objectives, risks and terms of an investmentBASE
Offering Statementfibo-sec-sec-iss:OfferingStatementan offering memorandum that conforms to Regulation A, Offering Statement, of the Securities Act of 1933BASE
Offerorfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Offerora party that proposes to make something available to someone (i.e., an offeree) based on the terms of the offeringBASE
Official Closing Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:OfficialClosingPriceprice of the final trade of a security at the end of a trading day on a given exchangeBASE
Opening Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:OpeningPriceprice at which a security or commodity starts a trading dayBASE
operates In Countryfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:operatesInCountryindicates the country in which the exchange is registered and operatesASSOC
operates In Municipalityfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:operatesInMunicipalityindicates the municipality or business center in which the exchange is registered and operatesASSOC
Operating Level Marketfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:OperatingLevelMarketan exchange/market/trade/reporting facility that operates in a specific market/countryBASE
Operating Level Market Identifierfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:OperatingLevelMarketIdentifiera market identifier that identifies an entity operating an exchange/market/trade/reporting facility that operates in a specific market/countryBASE
Opinionfibo-fnd-arr-asmt:Opinionjudgement, appraisal, or view about somethingBASE
Optionfibo-fbc-fi-fi:Optiona contract that grants to the holder either the privilege to purchase or the privilege to sell the assets specified at a predetermined price or formula at or within a time in the futureBASE
Ordinancefibo-fnd-law-cor:OrdinanceAn authoritative rule or law; a decree or command; a public injunction or regulation, such as a city ordinance against excessive horn blowing. (Source: Dictionary.com)BASE
Ordinary Dividendfibo-sec-eq-eq:OrdinaryDividenddividend that is paid to shareholders periodicallyBASE
Ordinary Voting Rightfibo-sec-eq-eq:OrdinaryVotingRightvoting right conferred on holders of common shares, as defined by the issuerBASE
Organizationfibo-fnd-org-org:Organizationcollection of one or more people, or groups of people formed together into a community or other social, commercial or political structure to act, or that is designated to act, towards some purpose, such as to meet a need or pursue collective goals on a continuing basisBASE
Organization (sm)fibo-sec-dbt-dbti:CallPriceprice at which an asset is redeemed in the event of a callBASE
Organization Covering Agreementfibo-be-le-fbo:OrganizationCoveringAgreementA formal agreement between the principals in a formal organization which covers the relationship between the principals, and between the principals and the entity.BASE
Organization Identification Schemefibo-be-le-fbo:OrganizationIdentificationSchemean identification scheme dedicated to the unique identification of organizationsBASE
Organization Identifierfibo-be-le-fbo:OrganizationIdentifieran identifier assigned to an organization within an organization identification scheme, and unique within that schemeBASE
Organization Memberfibo-fnd-pty-pty:OrganizationMemberidentifies that which has a membership role in some organizationBASE
Organization Part Identifierfibo-be-le-fbo:OrganizationPartIdentifieran identifier allocated to a particular organizational sub-unitBASE
Organizational Sub Unitfibo-be-le-fbo:OrganizationalSubUnitany department, service, or other entity within a larger organization that only has full recognition within the context of that organization, but requires identification for some purposeBASE
Organized Trading Facilityfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:OrganizedTradingFacilitya multi-lateral system which is not an RM or an MTF and in which multiple third-party buying and selling interests in bonds, structured finance products, emission allowances or derivatives are able to interact in the system in a way that results in a contract in accordance with the provisions of Title II of MiFID IIBASE
Orthographylcc-lr:Orthographya set of conventions and rules for representing language in written formBASE
OTC Contract Settlement Termsfibo-der-drc-bsc:OTCContractSettlementTermssettlement terms specific to an over-the-counter agreementBASE
OTC Derivative Contractfibo-der-drc-bsc:OTCDerivativeContractan over-the-counter agreement that is also a derivative instrumentBASE
OTC Derivative Transactionfibo-der-drc-bsc:OTCDerivativeTransactiona derivative transaction that is struck over the counter between two partiesBASE
OTC Instrumentfibo-der-drc-bsc:OTCInstrumenta financial instrument and bilateral contract that is not listed or traded on an organized exchangeBASE
OTC Productfibo-der-drc-bsc:OTCProductan over-the-counter derivative, made up of one or more transactions, with a corresponding contract or contractsBASE
OTC Transactionfibo-der-drc-bsc:OTCTransactionan over-the-counter transaction to exchange an instrument for some considerationBASE
OTC Transaction Confirmationfibo-der-drc-bsc:OTCTransactionConfirmationa formal confirmation document that codifies the terms and conditions of the transaction between the partiesBASE
OTC Transaction Partyfibo-der-drc-bsc:OTCTransactionPartya party to an over-the-counter agreementBASE
Output Producer Price Indexfibo-ind-ei-ei:OutputProducerPriceIndexan economic indicator representing a measure of the rate of change over time in the prices of products sold as they leave the producerBASE
Over Fifty Percent Controlling Interest Companyfibo-be-oac-cctl:OverFiftyPercentControllingInterestCompanya voting shareholding company that owns more than fifty (50) percent of the voting shares in another companyBASE
Overnight Ratefibo-ind-ir-ir:OvernightRatereference rate that is an interest rate at which a depository institution lends funds to another depository institution (short-term), or the interest rate the central bank charges a financial institution to borrow money overnightBASE
Overseas Military Addressfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:OverseasMilitaryAddressdelivery address whose delivery address line uses an abbreviation for the unit or command such as ‘CMR’, ‘PSC’, or ‘UNIT’, or  ‘HC’, followed by the unit identifier, followed by ‘BOX’ followed by box number, in place of a street address, either ‘APO’ or ‘FPO’ as the literal value for the city and the appropriate armed forces subdivision code in place of a subdivision (state) codeBASE
owesfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:oweslinks a party to a debt that they oweASSOC
Ownerfibo-fnd-oac-own:OwnerA party in the ownership role; one that owns something. The thing owned is an Asset to that Party.BASE
Owners Equityfibo-fnd-acc-aeq:OwnersEquityportion of an organization belonging to the owners, represented by capital investments and accumulated earnings less any dividends or other financial obligationsBASE
Ownershipfibo-fnd-oac-own:OwnershipOwnership is the context in which some Party is said to own some Independent Thing. The Party is defined as such due to its being the owning party to that Thing.BASE
Ownership And Controlfibo-fnd-oac-oac:OwnershipAndControlThe intersection of ownership and control reflects the unique case where an independent party both owns and controls another independent thing.BASE
ownsfibo-fnd-oac-own:ownsto have (something) as one’s own, possessASSOC
owns And Controlsfibo-fnd-oac-oac:ownsAndControlsdirects and exercises authoritative or dominating influence over some thing that is also ownedASSOC
Packaged Financial Productfibo-fbc-fi-fi:PackagedFinancialProducta financial product that acts as a container, or wrapper, for one or more financial instruments, including other financial productsBASE
Paid In Capitalfibo-fnd-acc-aeq:PaidInCapitalassets received from investors in exchange for an ownership interestBASE
Parametric Cashflow Termsfibo-der-drc-bsc:ParametricCashflowTermsterms for a set of cashflows defined according to a mathematical formulaBASE
Parametric Schedulefibo-sec-sec-sch:ParametricSchedulea regular, parameterized schedule typically used for the calculation of payments for coupons, dividends, and interestBASE
Parcelfibo-fnd-plc-loc:Parceltract or plot of landBASE
Partial Amortizationfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:PartialAmortizationamortization in which the very last payment the last payment due may be a large balloon payment of all remaining principal and interestBASE
Partial Callfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:PartialCallcall of part of an issueBASE
Partial Call Featurefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:PartialCallFeaturecall feature whereby the issuer can recall part of the issue on scheduled dates, where bonds are selected to be called according to some rule, or by selecting various bonds at randomBASE
Partial Redemption Allocation Conventionfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:PartialRedemptionAllocationConventionconvention used to determine how the partial call will be actioned with respect to bond selectionBASE
Participating Preferred Sharefibo-sec-eq-eq:ParticipatingPreferredSharepreferred share that, in addition to paying a stipulated dividend, gives the holder the right to participate with common share holders in additional distributions of earnings under specified conditionsBASE
Partnerfibo-be-ptr-ptr:Partnera member of a partnershipBASE
Partnershipfibo-be-ptr-ptr:Partnershipventure in which two or more legal entities carry out some business activities under a common identityBASE
Partnership Agreementfibo-be-ptr-ptr:PartnershipAgreementa document setting up a partnership, giving the details of the business and the amount each partner is contributing to it.BASE
Partnership Equityfibo-be-ptr-ptr:PartnershipEquityequity in some partnershipBASE
Partnership Incorporated By Equityfibo-be-ptr-ptr:PartnershipIncorporatedByEquitya partnership incorporated via the issuance of equity, with limited partners (i.e., partners whose liability is limited) that are necessarily not natural persons (i.e., cannot be individuals)BASE
Partnership Incorporated Through Agreementfibo-be-ptr-ptr:PartnershipIncorporatedThroughAgreementa partnership which has legal personhood, but for which there is not some issuance of limited partner equityBASE
Partnership With Corporate Limited Partnersfibo-be-ptr-ptr:PartnershipWithCorporateLimitedPartnersA partnership with limited partners (partners whose liability is limited) and where those partners are necessarily non natural persons (i.e. cannot be individuals).BASE
Partnership With General And Limited Partnersfibo-be-ptr-ptr:PartnershipWithGeneralAndLimitedPartnersa partnership having both limited partners and general partnersBASE
Partnership With General Partnersfibo-be-ptr-ptr:PartnershipWithGeneralPartnersa partnership that has two or more general partnersBASE
Partnership With General Partners With Limited Liabilityfibo-be-ptr-ptr:PartnershipWithGeneralPartnersWithLimitedLiabilitya partnership that has general partners, whose general partners have limited liabilityBASE
Partnership With Limited Partnersfibo-be-ptr-ptr:PartnershipWithLimitedPartnersa partnership having limited partners, that is partners whose liabilities are limited to the extent of their equity or guaranteesBASE
Partnership With Natural Person Limited Partnersfibo-be-ptr-ptr:PartnershipWithNaturalPersonLimitedPartnersa partnership with limited partners (partners whose liability is limited) and where those partners are necessarily natural persons (i.e. cannot be corporates)BASE
Partnership With Only Limited Partnersfibo-be-ptr-ptr:PartnershipWithOnlyLimitedPartnersa partnership having limited partners but no general partnersBASE
Party Holding Some Option For Controlfibo-be-oac-cpty:PartyHoldingSomeOptionForControlSome party holding the option to exercise some de jure controlling interestBASE
Party In Rolefibo-fnd-pty-pty:PartyInRolea relative concept that ties an independent party to a specific role they are standing in in which they play some part i.e. are party toBASE
Party In Role Identification Schemefibo-fnd-pty-pty:PartyInRoleIdentificationSchemesystem for allocating identifiers to partiesBASE
Party In Role Identifierfibo-fnd-pty-pty:PartyInRoleIdentifiersequence of characters, capable of uniquely identifying a party based on a specific role that they play in some contextBASE
Passportfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:Passporta document, issued by a national government, which certifies the identity and nationality of its holder for the purpose of international travelBASE
Passport Numberfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:PassportNumberidentifier associated with a passportBASE
Passport Number Identification Schemefibo-fnd-aap-ppl:PassportNumberIdentificationSchemesystem for allocating identifiers to passportsBASE
Payeefibo-fnd-pas-psch:Payeea party to whom a debt should be paid, or to whose order a bill of exchange, note, or check is made payable, or who receives or will receive a payment from a payer in partial or complete fulfillment of an obligationBASE
Payerfibo-fnd-pas-psch:Payera party who pays a bill or fees, or who makes payments to a payee in partial or complete fulfillment of an obligationBASE
Paymentfibo-fnd-pas-psch:Paymentdelivery of money in fulfillment of an obligation, such as to satisfy a claim or debtBASE
Payment Eventfibo-fnd-pas-psch:PaymentEventan event that involves delivery of money in fulfillment of an obligationBASE
Payment Institutionfibo-fbc-fct-eufse:PaymentInstitutiona legal person that has been granted authorisation in accordance with Article 10 to provide and execute payment services throughout the European communityBASE
Payment Obligationfibo-fnd-pas-psch:PaymentObligationa legally enforceable duty to pay a sum of money, or agree to do something (or not to do something), according to the terms stated in a contractBASE
Payment Schedulefibo-fnd-pas-psch:PaymentScheduleschedule for delivery of money in fulfillment of an obligation, such as a coupon payment schedule, loan payment schedule, interest payment scheduleBASE
Payment Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:PaymentServicea financial service that involves acceptance of electronic payments by a variety of payment methods including credit card, bank-based payments such as direct debit, bank transfer, and real-time bank transfer based on online bankingBASE
Payroll Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:PayrollServicea financial service, typically provided to small businesses that are not large enough to have an internal finance organization, that involves managing payment of wages to employeesBASE
paysfibo-sec-eq-eq:paysrelates a share to a dividend that it may pay to shareholdersASSOC
Percentagefibo-fnd-utl-alx:Percentageratio value expressed as a fraction of 100, i.e., in which the denominator is fixed rather than variable and equal to 100BASE
Percentage Monetary Amountfibo-fnd-acc-cur:PercentageMonetaryAmounta measure of some amount of money expressed as a percentage of some other amount, some notional amount or some concrete money amountBASE
Periodic Scheduled Event Datefibo-sec-sec-sch:PeriodicScheduledEventDatethe date on which a schedule event occurs in some parametric scheduleBASE
Perpetual Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:PerpetualBondbond that has no maturity date, i.e., one that pays interest in perpetuityBASE
Personfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:Persona person; any member of the species homo sapiensBASE
Personal Consumption Expendituresfibo-ind-ei-ei:PersonalConsumptionExpendituresan economic indicator representing a measure of the value of the goods and services purchased by, or on the behalf of, ‘persons’BASE
Physical Addressfibo-fnd-plc-adr:PhysicalAddressphysical address where communications can be addressed, papers served or representatives located for any kind of organization or personBASE
Physical Address Identifierfibo-fnd-plc-adr:PhysicalAddressIdentifierBASE
Physical Addressing Schemefibo-fnd-plc-adr:PhysicalAddressingSchemescheme for specifying physical addresses according to a country specific standardBASE
Physical Locationfibo-fnd-plc-loc:PhysicalLocationlocation in physical spaceBASE
Physical Sitefibo-fnd-plc-fac:PhysicalSiteA physical site is a an actual location that situates something, typically a structure or building, archeological dig, landing location for an aircraft or spacecraft, etc.  From biology, this could also be the site of a wound, and active site, and so forth. A physical site has certain characteristics that contribute to the context it provides, including area, shape, accessibility, and in the case of a geographic site, landforms, soil and ground conditions, climate, and so forth.BASE
plays Rolefibo-fnd-pty-rl:playsRoleindicates a role that an independent thing, such as a person or organization, plays under some circumstanceASSOC
Point Of Purchase Surveyfibo-ind-ei-usei:PointOfPurchaseSurveya program conducted on a regular basis that provides information on purchases of various items and services by consumersBASE
Policyfibo-fnd-law-lcap:Policysystem of principles, rules and guidelines, adopted by an organization to guide decision making with respect to particular situations and implemented via procedures or protocols to achieve stated goalsBASE
Policyholderfibo-fbc-dae-gty:Policyholdera counterparty to and typically owner of an insurance policy; an insured partyBASE
Polityfibo-be-ge-ge:Politya legal person that is a supranational entity, crown, state, or subordinate civil authority, such as a province, prefecture, county, municipality, city, or district representing the people of that entityBASE
Poolfibo-sec-sec-pls:Poola combination of resources for a common purpose or benefitBASE
Pool Constituentfibo-sec-sec-pls:PoolConstituentcomponent of a poolBASE
Pool Equityfibo-sec-sec-pls:PoolEquitya share or proportion of the capital gains in some pool investment such as a fund or a debt asset poolBASE
Pooled Fundfibo-sec-sec-pls:PooledFunda pool of funds that a group of investors combines for common benefitBASE
Populated Placefibo-fnd-plc-loc:PopulatedPlacecommunity in which people live or have lived, without being specific as to size, population or importanceBASE
Population Not In Labor Forcefibo-ind-ei-ei:PopulationNotInLaborForcea subset of the civilian, noninstitutional population, that is considered neither employed nor unemployed by the reporting agency during the reporting periodBASE
Portfoliofibo-sec-sec-ast:Portfolioa collection of investments (financial assets) such as stocks, bonds and cash equivalents, as well as mutual fundsBASE
Portfolio Holdingfibo-sec-sec-ast:PortfolioHoldingthe contents of holding of one or more portfolios of investments held by an individual investor or entityBASE
Positionfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Positionan investor’s stake, i.e., a holding, in a particular asset (such as an individual security)BASE
Post Code Areafibo-fnd-plc-adr:PostCodeAreaphysical area uniquely identified by some postal codeBASE
Post Office Boxfibo-fnd-plc-adr:PostOfficeBoxpost office box associated with an addressBASE
Post Office Box Addressfibo-fnd-plc-adr:PostOfficeBoxAddressphysical address used to deliver communications to a designated container at a local post office or the local equivalent for the jurisdiction, where mail is held until the recipient collects it, rather than to a given house, building, or other locationBASE
Post Office Box Designatorfibo-fnd-plc-adr:PostOfficeBoxDesignatordesignator used, together with an identifier, for a post office boxBASE
Postcodefibo-fnd-plc-adr:Postcodesequence of characters used to assist in the sorting of mailBASE
Postdirectional Symbolfibo-fnd-plc-adr:PostdirectionalSymbolgeographic directional symbol that follows the street name and street suffix in a street addressBASE
Power Of Attorneyfibo-be-le-lp:PowerOfAttorneylegal authorization given by one party (the principal) to another (the agent or attorney-in-fact) to perform certain acts on the principal’s behalfBASE
Precedence Rightfibo-sec-eq-eq:PrecedenceRightright that give the shareholder higher priority with respect to certain pre-defined dividend payments over other shareholders and that pay out first in the case of liquidationBASE
precedesfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:precedesrelates a product, organization, stage in a lifecycle, an event, or occurrence, such as a trade, to one that occurs before itASSOC
Precious Metalfibo-fnd-pas-pas:PreciousMetala metal that is considered to be rare and/or have a high economic valueBASE
Precious Metal Identifierfibo-fnd-pas-pas:PreciousMetalIdentifierthe trigraph representing the precious metalBASE
Predirectional Symbolfibo-fnd-plc-adr:PredirectionalSymbolgeographic directional symbol that occurs after the primary street number but before the street name in a street addressBASE
Preferred Listed Security Identifierfibo-sec-sec-id:PreferredListedSecurityIdentifierlisted security identifier for a given security that is preferred by some exchangeBASE
Preferred Sharefibo-sec-eq-eq:PreferredShareshare that pays dividends at a specified rate and has preference over common shares in the payment of dividends and liquidation of corporate assetsBASE
Preferred Share Couponfibo-sec-eq-eq:PreferredShareCouponcommitment to distribute a portion of earnings to shareholders, similar to a dividend but often with a fixed payment amount and scheduleBASE
Prescriptive Eventfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:PrescriptiveEventan event related to the imposition or enforcement of a rule, method, formula, etc.BASE
Pricefibo-fnd-acc-cur:Pricean amount of money, goods, or services requested, expected, required, or given in exchange for something elseBASE
Price Analyticfibo-fbc-fi-ip:PriceAnalyticstatistical measure involving security pricesBASE
Price Spreadfibo-fbc-fi-ip:PriceSpreaddifference between two pricesBASE
Price Structurefibo-ind-ind-ind:PriceStructurea structured collection of quoted prices, such as market prices for some index or security, such that volatility may be constructed for the structureBASE
Price Volatilityfibo-ind-ind-ind:PriceVolatilitya statistical measure of the rate of change in pricing for a given security or market indexBASE
Pricing Modelfibo-fbc-fi-ip:PricingModelformula used to determine a value for an instrument at a given point in timeBASE
Primary Address Numberfibo-fnd-plc-adr:PrimaryAddressNumberaddress component that identifies a location with respect to a given streetBASE
Primary Federal Regulatorfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:PrimaryFederalRegulatorthe primary federal regulator for an institution as defined by the National Information Center (NIC) registryBASE
Principalfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Principalwith respect to a debt: the value of an obligation, such as a bond or loan, raised and that must be repaid at maturity; for investments: the original amount of money invested, separate from any associated interest, dividends or capital gainsBASE
Principal Only Stripfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:PrincipalOnlyStripa strip that represents the principal portion of the monthly payments on the underlying debt instrument, such as a bondBASE
Principal Repayment Termsfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:PrincipalRepaymentTermscontract terms that specify requirements for repayment of the principalBASE
Principal Underwriterfibo-fbc-fct-fse:PrincipalUnderwriterPrincipal underwriter of or for any investment company other than a closed-end company, or of any security issued by such a company, means any underwriter who as principal purchases from such company, or pursuant to contract has the right (whether absolute or conditional) from time to time to purchase from such company, any such security for distribution, or who as agent for such company sells or has the right to sell any such security to a dealer or to the public or both, but does not include a dealer who purchases from such company through a principal underwriter acting as agent for such company. Principal underwriter of or for a closed-end company or any issuer which is not an investment company, or of any security issued by such a company or issuer, means any underwriter who, in connection with a primary distribution of securities, (a) is in privity of contract with the issuer or an affiliated person of the issuer; (b) acting alone or in concert with one or more other persons, initiates or directs the formation of an underwriting syndicate; or (c) is allowed a rate of gross commission, spread, or other profit greater than the rate allowed another underwriter participating in the distribution.BASE
Priority Levelfibo-fbc-dae-gty:PriorityLevelthe level of priority that guaranty has in the context of the contract, for example for a credit enhancement priorityBASE
Private Company With Limited Liabilityfibo-be-plc-plc:PrivateCompanyWithLimitedLiabilitya hybrid business entity having certain characteristics of both a corporation and a partnership or sole proprietorship (depending on how many owners there are).BASE
Private Mail Box Addressfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:PrivateMailBoxAddressdelivery address provided by a commercial mail receiving company that includes a supplementary address line containing the abbreviation ‘PMB’ or the pound “#” symbol followed by the mailbox number; alternatively, ‘PMB’ or ‘#” and the mailbox number can be appended to the street addressBASE
Private Offeringfibo-sec-sec-iss:PrivateOfferingan offering of securities made privately to a limited number of qualified potential investorsBASE
Private Placement Memorandumfibo-sec-sec-iss:PrivatePlacementMemoranduma legal document stating the objectives, risks and terms of investment involved with a private placementBASE
Privately Held Companyfibo-be-corp-corp:PrivatelyHeldCompanyA firm whose issued shares are all held by a family or a small group of investors and, therefore, cannot be bought by the public.BASE
Privately Held Sharefibo-sec-eq-eq:PrivatelyHeldShareshare in a security that signifies ownership in an entity that is not publicly tradedBASE
Producerfibo-fnd-pas-pas:Producerthe manufacturer of a product, also called makerBASE
Producer Price Indexfibo-ind-ei-ei:ProducerPriceIndexan economic indicator representing a measure of the rate of change over time in the prices of goods and services bought and sold by producersBASE
producesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:producesidentifies something that is fabricated, manufactured or created via some production processASSOC
Productfibo-fnd-pas-pas:ProductA commercially distributed good that is (1) tangible property, (2) the output or result of a fabrication, manufacturing, or production process, or (3) something that passes through a distribution channel before being consumed or used.BASE
Product Identifierfibo-fnd-pas-pas:ProductIdentifieran identifier for a productBASE
Product Lifecyclefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:ProductLifecyclea lifecycle specific to a product or product familyBASE
Product Lifecycle Eventfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:ProductLifecycleEventa kind of event that occurs during one or more stages of a product lifecycleBASE
Product Lifecycle Event Occurrencefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:ProductLifecycleEventOccurrencean occurrence of an event that occurs during a specific stage of a specific product lifecycleBASE
Product Lifecycle Occurrencefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:ProductLifecycleOccurrencea realization of a product lifecycleBASE
Product Lifecycle Stagefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:ProductLifecycleStagea phase in a product lifecycleBASE
Product Lifecycle Stage Occurrencefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:ProductLifecycleStageOccurrencean instance of a phase in an occurrence of a given product lifecycleBASE
Productivityfibo-ind-ei-ei:Productivityan economic indicator representing a ratio of a volume measure of output to a volume measure of input useBASE
Profit Objectivefibo-be-le-lp:ProfitObjectivean objective that reflects pursuit of a financial benefit that may be realized when the amount of revenue gained from a business activity exceeds the expenses, costs and taxes needed to sustain that activityBASE
Promissory Notefibo-fnd-agr-ctr:PromissoryNoteunconditional and unsecured promise by one party (the issuer or promisor) to another (the payee or promisee) that commits the issuer to pay a specified sum on demand, or on a fixed or a determinable dateBASE
Proprietary Security Identification Schemefibo-sec-sec-id:ProprietarySecurityIdentificationSchemesecurity identification scheme published by a data provider or other commercial entityBASE
Proprietary Security Identifierfibo-sec-sec-id:ProprietarySecurityIdentifieridentifier supplied by a commercial data provider or government, such as a RIC codeBASE
Prospectusfibo-sec-sec-iss:Prospectusa formal, written offering document to sell securities that provides the facts an investor needs to make an informed investment decisionBASE
providesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:providesmakes something availableASSOC
provisionsfibo-fnd-pas-pas:provisionscustomizes, provides, or outfits something required for use in delivering a serviceASSOC
Public Offeringfibo-sec-sec-iss:PublicOfferingan offering of securities for sale to the investment public, after compliance with registration requirements of the relevant regulatory authoritiesBASE
Public Purposefibo-be-le-lp:PublicPurposean objective that reflects values generally thought to be shared by and that is intended to benefit the populace as a wholeBASE
Public Shareholderfibo-be-oac-cown:PublicShareholdera shareholder that holds publicly issued shares in a listed companyBASE
Publicationfibo-be-fct-pub:Publicationanything made public by print (such as a newspaper, magazine, pamphlet, letter, telegram, via computer modem or program, or in a poster, brochure or pamphlet), orally, or by broadcast (radio, television)BASE
Publicly Held Companyfibo-be-corp-corp:PubliclyHeldCompanya company whose shares are traded and held publiclyBASE
Publicly Issued Debtfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:PubliclyIssuedDebtan issued debt in the form of a tradable debt instrument (security)BASE
Published Financial Informationfibo-ind-ind-ind:PublishedFinancialInformationpublished information made available by a financial information publisherBASE
Publisherfibo-be-fct-pub:Publishera party responsible for the printing or distribution of digital or printed informationBASE
publishesfibo-be-fct-pub:publishesprepares and issues material for public consumptionASSOC
Publishing Housefibo-be-fct-pub:PublishingHousesome organization whose principal role is to publish informationBASE
Puerto Rico Addressfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:PuertoRicoAddressdelivery address for a delivery point in Puerto Rico that may include a supplementary address line containing the abbreviation ‘URB’ followed by the name of the urbanization area that is appropriate for that addressBASE
Put Eventfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:PutEventan event associated with the put schedule for a debt instrument, i.e., an event involving the ‘put’, or surrender of the instrument by the holderBASE
Put Featurefibo-sec-dbt-dbti:PutFeaturea redemption provision giving the holder the right, but not the obligation, to sell a specified amount of the debt instrument (i.e., redeem it), prior to maturityBASE
Put Notification Provisionfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:PutNotificationProvisiona provision of a put feature defining notification requirementsBASE
Put Premiumfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:PutPremiuman amount over par that a debt instrument holder must pay to sell the security earlyBASE
Put Pricefibo-sec-dbt-dbti:PutPriceprice at which a debt instrument with a put feature may be sold by the holderBASE
Put Schedulefibo-sec-dbt-dbti:PutSchedulea schedule that defines the events associated with the put feature of a debt instrument, i.e, the dates on which the debt instrument may be sold at what price by the holderBASE
Put Windowfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:PutWindowan explicit period of time prior to a put date during which holder or agent must give notice to an issuerBASE
Qualified Dividendfibo-sec-eq-eq:QualifiedDividenddividend that falls under capital gains tax rates that are lower than the income tax rates on unqualified, or ordinary, dividendsBASE
Qualified Investor Restrictionfibo-sec-sec-rst:QualifiedInvestorRestrictiona legal holding restriction specifying that only qualified investors may hold the security, optionally for a defined holding period (if this is not defined then the period is indefinite)BASE
Qualified Measurefibo-fnd-utl-alx:QualifiedMeasurestatistical measure that is constrained by features, quantity kinds or units that refine how it is calculatedBASE
qualifiesfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:qualifieslimits, constrains or refinesASSOC
Qualitative Rating Scorefibo-fnd-arr-rt:QualitativeRatingScorerating score that is a qualitative code in some rating scale, such as a triple-A (i.e., AAA) or 5-star rating for somethingBASE
Quantitative Rating Scorefibo-fnd-arr-rt:QuantitativeRatingScorerating score that is a simple numeric value on some scale, such as a credit rating for an individualBASE
Quantityfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:Quantityproperty of a phenomenon, body, or substance, to which a number can be assigned with respect to a referenceBASE
Quantity Kindfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:QuantityKindclassifier for ‘quantity’ that characterizes quantities as being mutually comparableBASE
Quantity Kind Factorfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:QuantityKindFactorfactor in a product of powers that defines a derived quantityBASE
Quantity Valuefibo-fnd-qt-qtu:QuantityValuenumber and measurement unit together giving magnitude of a quantityBASE
Quoted Exchange Ratefibo-ind-fx-fx:QuotedExchangeRatean exchange rate quoted at a specific point in time, for a given block amount of currency as quoted against another (base) currencyBASE
Quoted Pricefibo-ind-ind-ind:QuotedPricea monetary price quoted by some publisher on a given dateBASE
Ratefibo-fnd-qt-qtu:Ratequantity measured with respect to some other quantityBASE
Rate Based Observablefibo-der-rtd-rtd:RateBasedObservablea non-physical observable value, such as an interest rate, market rate, economic indicator, statistical measure calculated over some collection of indices, or some other rate that is readily observable in the worldBASE
Rate Basis Conventionfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:RateBasisConventionbasis for a percentage quoted rate as used in specifying bond call percentage amountsBASE
Rate Of Returnfibo-fbc-fi-ip:RateOfReturnnet gain or loss on an investment over a specified time period, expressed as a percentage of the investment’s initial cost or value as of a specific point in timeBASE
Rate Reset Time Of Dayfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:RateResetTimeOfDaytime of day that an interest rate is reset, as indicated by some interest rate authority or market data providerBASE
ratesfibo-fnd-arr-rt:ratesindicates the instrument, party or something else to which a rating appliesASSOC
Ratingfibo-fnd-arr-rt:Ratingstanding of something at a particular time as indicated by one or more rating scores with respect to some scale according to some rating partyBASE
Rating Agencyfibo-fnd-arr-rt:RatingAgencyrating issuer that is also a rating scale publisher, frequently but not always an independent rating serviceBASE
Rating Assessment Activityfibo-fnd-arr-rt:RatingAssessmentActivityassessment activity resulting in a grade or score and potentially a report describing the score and the process used to determine that scoreBASE
Rating Assessment Eventfibo-fnd-arr-rt:RatingAssessmentEventindividual assessment resulting in a grade or score and potentially a report describing the scoreBASE
Rating Issuerfibo-fnd-arr-rt:RatingIssuerparty that is responsible for issuing ratingsBASE
Rating Partyfibo-fnd-arr-rt:RatingPartyperson, organization or group that analyzes some aspect of something and develops a ratingBASE
Rating Reportfibo-fnd-arr-rt:RatingReportreport describing a set of ratingsBASE
Rating Scalefibo-fnd-arr-rt:RatingScalesystem for assigning a value to something according to some scale with respect to quality, a standard, or rankingBASE
Rating Scale Publisherfibo-fnd-arr-rt:RatingScalePublisherparty responsible for managing one or more rating schemes and potentially publishing ratings based on those schemesBASE
Rating Scorefibo-fnd-arr-rt:RatingScoregrade, classification, or ranking of for something in accordance with some rating scaleBASE
Ratiofibo-fnd-utl-alx:Ratioproportional relationship between two different numbers or quantities, or in mathematics a quotient of two numbers or expressions, arrived at by dividing one by the otherBASE
Ratio Valuefibo-fnd-utl-alx:RatioValueproportional relationship specifically between two different quantity values that gives rise to a datum of a specific quantity typeBASE
Raw Materials Sectorfibo-ind-ei-caei:RawMaterialsSectora classifier used for price indices related to raw materials purchased by industries in Canada for further processingBASE
Real Estatefibo-fnd-plc-loc:RealEstatetract or plot of land including any fixed structures on it, as well as the natural resources of the land including uncultivated flora and fauna, farmed crops and livestock, water, and any additional mineral depositsBASE
realizesfibo-fbc-pas-caa:realizesmakes concreteASSOC
Receiverfibo-be-oac-cpty:ReceiverA party appointed by some court for the purposes of winding up the affairs of some entity which is no longer solvent.BASE
Recordfibo-fnd-arr-doc:Recorda memorialization and objective evidence of activities performed, events occurred, results achieved, or statements made, regardless of its characteristics, media, physical form, or the manner in which it is recorded or storedBASE
recordsfibo-fnd-arr-doc:recordsdocuments for later referenceASSOC
Recurrence Intervalfibo-fnd-dt-fd:RecurrenceIntervala time interval that is consistent between elements of a regular scheduleBASE
Redemption Eventfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:RedemptionEventa prescriptive event involving the return of an investor’s principal in a fixed-income security, such as a preferred stock or bond, or the sale of units in a mutual fundBASE
Redemption Paymentfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:RedemptionPaymentrepayment event involving payment of a bond’s principal amount at maturity or when it is calledBASE
Redemption Provisionfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:RedemptionProvisiona contract provision enabling the issuer (writer) to regain possession through repayment of some stipulated priceBASE
Redemption Schedulefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:RedemptionSchedulerepayment schedule whereby a given percentage of a bond issue is redeemed on predefined datesBASE
Referencefibo-fnd-rel-rel:Referencea concept that refers to (or stands in for) another conceptBASE
Reference Documentfibo-fnd-arr-doc:ReferenceDocumenta document that provides pertinent details for consultation about a subjectBASE
Reference Interest Ratefibo-ind-ir-ir:ReferenceInterestRatemarket rate that is a rate of interest paid by or agreed among some bank or set of banksBASE
Referentfibo-fnd-rel-rel:Referentthe concept that another concept stands for or refers toBASE
refers Tofibo-fnd-rel-rel:refersTothe relationship between a reference and the concept it stands for or refers to, i.e., the referent for that referenceASSOC
Region Specific Identifierfibo-fnd-plc-adr:RegionSpecificIdentifiergeographic region or subdivision identifier used internally by a country or other regionBASE
Regional Governmentfibo-be-ge-ge:RegionalGovernmentan administrative body for a small geographic area, such as a county, smaller town, or other similar communityBASE
Regional Sovereigntyfibo-be-ge-ge:RegionalSovereigntythe legal person that corresponds to an administrative division, administrative unit, administrative entity or country subdivision (or, sometimes, geopolitical division or subnational entity), that has the capacity to incur debt, issue contracts, and enter into relations with other similar entitiesBASE
Registered Agentfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:RegisteredAgenta legal agent designated by another party (person or organization), to represent and acts on their behalf under a formal agency agreementBASE
Registered Multilateral Trading Facilityfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:RegisteredMultilateralTradingFacilitya multilateral system operated by an investment firm or market operator, which brings together multiple third-party buying and selling interests in financial instruments in the system, in accordance with non-discretionary rules, in a way that results in a contract in accordance with the provisions of Title II of the MiFID IIBASE
Registered Securityfibo-sec-sec-lst:RegisteredSecuritysecurity that is registered with some registration authority and that may be traded in some trading venue (market) or over the counterBASE
Registered Shareholderfibo-be-oac-cown:RegisteredShareholdera shareholder that is registered on the shareholder registry for a companyBASE
registersfibo-fbc-fct-ra:registersrecords something in a registry or archiveASSOC
Registrarfibo-fbc-fct-ra:Registrarparty that has the capacity to act as a representative of a registration authority to provide registration services, including official record keepingBASE
Registration Authorityfibo-fbc-fct-ra:RegistrationAuthorityservice provider that is responsible for maintaining a registry and provides registration servicesBASE
Registration Authority Codefibo-fbc-fct-breg:RegistrationAuthorityCodeidentifier that uniquely identifies a business registry, and is associated with a registration authority and jurisdiction, issued by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF)BASE
Registration Capacityfibo-fbc-fct-ra:RegistrationCapacitythe capacity of some natural person to formally register information in a registry on behalf of some registration authorityBASE
Registration Identifierfibo-be-corp-corp:RegistrationIdentifieran identifier that is officially allocated to an organization at the time of registration, typically in a jurisdiction in which said organization is organized or registered and used in that jurisdiction to identify the organizationBASE
Registration Identifier Schemefibo-be-corp-corp:RegistrationIdentifierSchemethe scheme that defines the registration identifier per the issuing registration authorityBASE
Registration Schemefibo-fbc-fct-ra:RegistrationSchemescheme for organizing information and allocating identifiers to items in a registryBASE
Registration Servicefibo-fbc-fct-ra:RegistrationServiceservice provided to individuals and/or organizations to register items in a registryBASE
Registration Statusfibo-fbc-fct-breg:RegistrationStatuslifecycle stage indicating the status of a given registration of something, such as a business or legal entity, as specified by the registration authorityBASE
Registryfibo-fbc-fct-ra:Registryauthoritative record or collection of records relating to somethingBASE
Registry Entryfibo-fbc-fct-ra:RegistryEntryindependently identified entry for something recorded in a registryBASE
Registry Identifierfibo-fbc-fct-ra:RegistryIdentifieran identifier associated with an entry in a registry, i.e., one that provides an index to the registry for the identified itemBASE
Regular Coupon Schedulefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:RegularCouponScheduleschedule including an initial and/or final stub period and an interval of regular coupon payment datesBASE
Regular Schedulefibo-fnd-dt-fd:RegularSchedulea schedule whose time intervals recur regularlyBASE
Regulated Commodityfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:RegulatedCommoditya commodity under the jurisdiction of the regulatory agency, such as the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTF), which includes any commodity traded in an organized contracts marketBASE
Regulated Marketfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:RegulatedMarketa medium for the exchange of goods or services over which a government body exerts a level of control. This control may require market participants to comply with environmental standards, product-safety specifications, information disclosure requirements and so on.BASE
regulatesfibo-fbc-fct-rga:regulateshas regulatory authority over or directs according to rule or law, typically an industry, organization, or productASSOC
regulates Supply Offibo-fbc-fct-fse:regulatesSupplyOfrelates a regulatory agency to something it controls or supervises the availability of in some market by means of rules and regulationsASSOC
Regulationfibo-fnd-law-lcap:Regulationa rule used to carry out a lawBASE
Regulation Identification Schemefibo-fbc-fct-rga:RegulationIdentificationSchemea scheme for organizing information and allocating identifiers to regulationsBASE
Regulation Identifierfibo-fbc-fct-rga:RegulationIdentifieran identifier associated with a regulationBASE
Regulation Sfibo-sec-sec-rst:RegulationSa securities regulation defining an exemption through which corporations can issue unregistered securities to qualified foreign investors and foreign institutionsBASE
Regulatory Agencyfibo-fbc-fct-rga:RegulatoryAgencya public authority or government agency responsible for exercising autonomous authority over something in a regulatory or supervisory capacityBASE
Regulatory Callfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:RegulatoryCallcall that is triggered by some regulatory event or ruleBASE
Regulatory Capacityfibo-fbc-fct-rga:RegulatoryCapacitythe capacity of some natural person to regulate some industry, organization, or product by virtue of some certification program on behalf of some regulatory agencyBASE
Regulatory Reportfibo-fbc-fct-rga:RegulatoryReporta report required to support operational transparency that demonstrates compliance with some specification, law, policy, restriction, or other rule specified by a regulatory agencyBASE
Regulatory Servicefibo-fbc-fct-rga:RegulatoryServicea service provided by a regulatory agency, which may include, but not be limited to, examination, monitoring, supervision, testing, or other capabilities required to ensure the integrity, fairness, safety, or other capacity of a given industry, organization, or productBASE
relates Tofibo-fbc-pas-fpas:relatesTohas a logical or causal connection withASSOC
Relationship Managerfibo-fbc-pas-caa:RelationshipManagerresponsible party who manages the client’s account (or portfolio of accounts) and oversees their relationship with the service providerBASE
Relationship Period Qualifierfibo-be-le-lei:RelationshipPeriodQualifiera classifier that qualifies something about the reporting period specified, such as that the date period reflects an accounting or document filing periodBASE
Relationship Qualifierfibo-be-le-lei:RelationshipQualifiera classifier that qualifies something about the relationship between consolidated entities during the reporting period, such as the accounting framework usedBASE
Relationship Recordfibo-be-le-lei:RelationshipRecorda record describing relationships between legal entitiesBASE
Relationship Statusfibo-be-le-lei:RelationshipStatusa classifier that specifies the status of the relationship between consolidated entities during the reporting period (active or inactive)BASE
Relative Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:RelativeDatea calculated date that is some duration before or after another dateBASE
Relative Pricefibo-sec-dbt-dbti:RelativePricea relative price with respect to either a stated or market value for a debt instrument at some point in time, defined as par, premium, or discountBASE
Religious Corporationfibo-be-corp-corp:ReligiousCorporationa not for profit organization whose objective is specific to some fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of people, and that is incorporated under the lawBASE
Religious Objectivefibo-be-le-lp:ReligiousObjectivea not for profit objective that reflects the religious goals of an organizationBASE
Remainder Grouplcc-lr:RemainderGroupa group of languages that explicitly excludes certain individual languagesBASE
Remarketable Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:RemarketableBondcorporate bond program where the coupon rate on outstanding bonds is periodically reset through an auction processBASE
Reportfibo-fnd-arr-rep:Reporta document organized in a narrative, graphic, or tabular form, prepared on ad hoc, periodic, recurring, regular, or as required basisBASE
Reporting Partyfibo-fnd-arr-rep:ReportingPartya party providing a report, typically in response to some contractual, legal, regulatory or other business requirementBASE
Reporting Policyfibo-fnd-law-lcap:ReportingPolicypolicy specifying principles, rules and/or guidelines regarding some aspect of reportingBASE
reports Onfibo-fnd-arr-rep:reportsOnindicates a subject matter, observation(s), assessment(s), focus or other topic of a reportASSOC
representsfibo-fnd-rel-rel:representsrelates some textual or other symbol or some set of words to some concept that has the sense or meaning the representation is intended to conveyASSOC
represents An Interest Infibo-fnd-acc-aeq:representsAnInterestInindicates the entity, fund, or structured product that the equity represents an interest inASSOC
Repurchase Agreementfibo-sec-dbt-tstd:RepurchaseAgreementan agreement between two parties whereby one party lends the other a security at a specified price with a commitment to take the security back at a later date for another specified priceBASE
Research Statistics Supervision Discount Identifierfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:ResearchStatisticsSupervisionDiscountIdentifiera unique identifier assigned by the Federal Reserve to financial institutionsBASE
Responsible Partyfibo-be-oac-exec:ResponsiblePartya person acting in a role that has some formal responsibility, such as a fiduciary responsibility, a signatory, an examiner or registrar, etc.BASE
Restricted Voting Rightfibo-sec-eq-eq:RestrictedVotingRightvoting right that has certain limitations associated with itBASE
Restriction144Afibo-sec-sec-rst:Restriction144Aa Securities & Exchange Commission rule modifying a two-year holding period requirement on privately placed securities to permit qualified institutional buyers to trade these positions among themselvesBASE
Retained Earningsfibo-fnd-acc-aeq:RetainedEarningsnet profits kept to accumulate in a business after dividends are paidBASE
Reuters Instrument Codefibo-sec-sec-idind:ReutersInstrumentCodeticker-like identifier to identify financial instruments and indices owned, managed, and distributed by Thomson ReutersBASE
Revenue Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:RevenueBondmunicipal bond supported by the revenue from a specific project, such as a toll bridge, highway or local stadiumBASE
Rolefibo-fnd-pty-rl:RoleA role is a set of connected behaviours, rights, obligations, beliefs, and norms as conceptualised by actors in the context of some situation.BASE
Routing Transit Numberfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:RoutingTransitNumbera unique nine digit identifier, used in the United States, to identify a banking or other financial institution to clear funds or process checks; the routing transit number, as it appears on a check, specifically denotes the banking institution that holds the account in which funds from the check are to be drawn.BASE
Rule Determined Datefibo-sec-sec-sch:RuleDeterminedDatea date determined by the application of some ruleBASE
Rural Routefibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:RuralRoutemail route outside the city or township limits in a rural area associated with an addressBASE
Rural Route Addressfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:RuralRouteAddressdelivery address whose delivery address line uses the abbreviation ‘RR’, followed by the route identifier, followed by ‘BOX’ followed by box number, in place of a street addressBASE
Sales Finance Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:SalesFinanceCompanya finance company that purchases retail and wholesale paper from automobile and other consumer and commercial goods dealersBASE
Sales Strategyfibo-fnd-gao-obj:SalesStrategystrategy for selling a product or service, including allocating resources to the sales process, reducing costs, and optimizing revenuesBASE
Sampling Variancefibo-fnd-utl-alx:SamplingVariancemeasure of the extent to which the estimate of a characteristic from different possible samples of the same size and the same design differ from one anotherBASE
Savings And Loan Associationfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:SavingsAndLoanAssociationa financial institution that accepts deposits primarily from individuals and channels its funds primarily into residential mortgage loansBASE
Savings And Loan Holding Companyfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:SavingsAndLoanHoldingCompanya company that directly or indirectly controls a savings association or another savings and loan holding company, and explicitly excludes any company that is also a bank holding companyBASE
Savings Associationfibo-fbc-fct-fse:SavingsAssociationA savings association is defined as: (a) any Federal savings association, where a Federal savings association means any Federal savings association or Federal savings bank which is chartered under section 1464 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act; (b) any State savings association, where a State savings association means any building and loan association, savings and loan association, or homestead association; or any cooperative bank (other than a cooperative bank which is a State bank as defined in subsection (a)(2)) of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act, which is organized and operating according to the laws of the State (as defined in subsection (a)(3)) in which it is chartered or organized; and (c) any corporation (other than a bank) that the Board of Directors and the Comptroller of the Currency jointly determine to be operating in substantially the same manner as a savings association.BASE
Savings Bankfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:SavingsBanka banking institution organized to encourage thrift by paying interest dividends on savings; savings banks can have state and federal affiliations, for example, State Savings Banks and Federal Savings BanksBASE
Schedulefibo-fnd-dt-fd:Schedulea collection of events or things that will be done and the dates and/or times when they will be doneBASE
Schedule Stubfibo-fnd-dt-fd:ScheduleStuba date period before the start of the recurring part of a schedule or after the end of the recurring part, which may be associated with a specific occurrence kindBASE
Scheduled Calculation Period End Eventfibo-sec-sec-sch:ScheduledCalculationPeriodEndEventthe end date of a specific calculation periodBASE
Scheduled Calculation Period Start Eventfibo-sec-sec-sch:ScheduledCalculationPeriodStartEventthe start of a specific calculation periodBASE
Schemefibo-fnd-arr-arr:Schemea structure or means of organizing information such as a schema, numbering system, organization scheme, measurement system, taxonomy, or language for organizing informationBASE
Scoped Measurefibo-fnd-utl-alx:ScopedMeasurequalified measure that is constrained by filters on the statistical population to which it appliesBASE
Scriptlcc-lr:Scripta set of graphic characters used to represent one or more languages in writingBASE
Secondary Unitfibo-fnd-plc-adr:SecondaryUnitaddress component that identifies an individual unit within a larger structure, such as an apartment, office, hangar, slip, mailbox, and so forth, at a given street addressBASE
Secondary Unit Designatorfibo-fnd-plc-adr:SecondaryUnitDesignatorclassifier for a smaller structure or component within a larger facility, such as an apartment, office, mail stop, or other similar designationBASE
Secondary Unit Indicatorfibo-fnd-plc-adr:SecondaryUnitIndicatorindex to the specific unit within a secondary unit, such as a building or apartment, at a particular street addressBASE
Secured Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:SecuredBondbond that is backed by collateral, such as a tangible asset or income stream, in addition to a general promise to payBASE
Securities Basket Constituentfibo-sec-sec-bsk:SecuritiesBasketConstituentsecurity identified as a component of a basket of securitiesBASE
Securities Contract Termsfibo-sec-sec-iss:SecuritiesContractTermsone or more contractual commitments that are specific to financial instruments that can be bought or sold and may or may not be negotiableBASE
Securities Offeringfibo-sec-sec-iss:SecuritiesOfferingan offering of a security (or securities) for saleBASE
Securities Poolfibo-sec-sec-pls:SecuritiesPoola pool of securities organized for the purpose of issuing notes against those securitiesBASE
Securities Pool Constituentfibo-sec-sec-pls:SecuritiesPoolConstituentsecurity that is included in a securities poolBASE
Securities Regulationfibo-sec-sec-rst:SecuritiesRegulationa regulation codified in law specific to securities and investmentsBASE
Securities Restrictionfibo-sec-sec-rst:SecuritiesRestrictionlegal obligation that is applicable to a financial instrument or listing as mandated in a law or by contractBASE
Securities Transactionfibo-fbc-fi-fi:SecuritiesTransactiona trade that represents the execution of an order to buy or sell a securityBASE
Securities Transaction Identifierfibo-fbc-fi-fi:SecuritiesTransactionIdentifieran identifier for a securities transactionBASE
Securityfibo-fbc-fi-fi:Securitya financial instrument that can be bought or soldBASE
Security Holdingfibo-sec-sec-ast:SecurityHoldinga (tradable) security held in a portfolioBASE
Security Identification Schemefibo-sec-sec-id:SecurityIdentificationSchemeformal definition of the structure and application of a particular set of securities identifiersBASE
Security Identifierfibo-sec-sec-id:SecurityIdentifierany publicly available identifier that is used to identify a securityBASE
Security Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:SecurityPricemonetary price that some party is willing to pay, has recently paid, or would like to be paid for a given financial instrument at some point in timeBASE
Security Registryfibo-sec-sec-id:SecurityRegistryregistry used to manage security identifiers and related information by an exchange, clearing house, or other financial services providerBASE
Security Registry Entryfibo-sec-sec-id:SecurityRegistryEntryentry in an exchange, clearing house, or other financial services provider securities repositoryBASE
Security Underwriterfibo-sec-sec-iss:SecurityUnderwritera party that has purchased from an issuer with a view to, or sells for an issuer in connection with, the distribution of any security, or participates or has a direct or indirect participation in any such undertaking, or participates or has a participation in the direct or indirect underwriting of any such undertakingBASE
Security Underwriting Arrangementfibo-sec-sec-iss:SecurityUnderwritingArrangementan underwriting arrangement between an organization (typically an investment bank) and a securities issuer that commits the underwriter to assuming risk involved in buying a new issue of securities from an issuing corporation or government entity and reselling it to the public, either directly or through dealersBASE
Self Regulating Organizationfibo-fbc-fct-fse:SelfRegulatingOrganizationa non-governmental organization that has the power to create and exercise some degree of regulatory authority over an industry or profession in some country or group of countriesBASE
Sellerfibo-fnd-pas-pas:Sellera party that makes, offers or contracts to make a sale to an actual or potential buyerBASE
sellsfibo-fnd-pas-pas:sellslinks a party in the role of broker, dealer, vendor, or merchandiser to something that they make available for saleASSOC
Servicefibo-fnd-pas-pas:Servicea type of economic activity that is intangible, is not stored and does not result in ownership; a service is consumed at the point of saleBASE
Service Agreementfibo-fnd-pas-pas:ServiceAgreementa written contract between a client and service provider whereby the service provider supplies some service in the form of time, effort, and/or expertise in exchange for compensationBASE
Service Providerfibo-fnd-pas-pas:ServiceProvidera party that provides and typically provisions professional services, such as consulting, financial, legal, real estate, education, communications, storage, or processing services, to other parties, typically defined in a service agreementBASE
Settlement Date Rulefibo-sec-sec-sch:SettlementDateRulea rule for determining dates by reference to some calendar or specification of settlement datesBASE
Settlement Termsfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:SettlementTermscontract terms that define the commitment to and mechanism for settling one or more sides of a transactionBASE
Sharefibo-sec-eq-eq:Sharefinancial instrument that signifies a unit of equity ownership in a corporation, or a unit of ownership in a mutual fund, or interest in a general or limited partnership, or a unit of ownership in a structured product, such as a real estate investment trustBASE
Share Yieldfibo-sec-eq-eq:ShareYieldratio of the annualized dividend per share divided by the (current) price per shareBASE
Shareholderfibo-be-oac-cown:Shareholderan individual, group, or organization that owns one or more shares in a corporation or mutual fund, or an interest in a general or limited partnership, or a unit of ownership in a structured product, such as a real estate investment trust, and in whose name the share is issuedBASE
Shareholders Equityfibo-fnd-acc-aeq:ShareholdersEquityequity that is manifested in the form of one or more shares in an entity, fund or structured productBASE
Shareholdingfibo-be-oac-cown:ShareholdingLegal power of stockholders (shareholders) varies in proportion to their shareholdings. Typically, ten percent and below stockholding provides no protection. Fifteen percent stockholding may give the power to petition courts against changing the shares class rights. Up to 49.9 percent stockholding normally gives power to demand calling of an extraordinary general meeting. Fifty percent and over stockholding gives power to fire a director and force out minority stockholders by acquiring their shares as per the rules of the firm. Holder of 75 percent of the stock has the power to change the articles and memorandum of association and the firms name, reduce the share capital, allow the firm to buy its own shares from other stockholders, and to shut down the business. One hundred percent stockholding of course gives total power under the corporate legislation.BASE
Signatoryfibo-be-le-lp:SignatorySome agent who has the capacity to sign contracts on the part of some legal personBASE
Signatory Capacityfibo-fnd-law-lcap:SignatoryCapacitythe capacity of some natural person to sign agreements on the part of some organization or legal personBASE
Significant Controlling Interest Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:SignificantControllingInterestPartyA person which owns a significant voting stake in this entity of between some lower significant threshold and 50 percent, but not 50 percent or more.BASE
Significant Shareholding Companyfibo-be-oac-cctl:SignificantShareholdingCompanya company that owns a significant voting stake in another companyBASE
Single Currency Interest Rate Swapfibo-der-rtd-irswp:SingleCurrencyInterestRateSwapan interest rate swap in which the two streams of interest payments are in the same currencyBASE
Sinking Fund Amortization Termsfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:SinkingFundAmortizationTermsterms for the paydown of principal in a sinking fund type of amortizing securityBASE
Sitefibo-fnd-plc-fac:SiteA site is a place, setting, or context in which something is situated.BASE
situatesfibo-fnd-plc-fac:situatesindicates the place, setting, or context in which something is situatedASSOC
Sole Controlling Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:SoleControllingPartyan individual entity that directs the affairs of some formal business organizationBASE
Sole Proprietorfibo-be-sps-sps:SoleProprietora party that owns a business, has the rights to all profits from that business and is considered a single entity (unincorporated) together with that business for tax and liability purposesBASE
Sole Proprietorshipfibo-be-sps-sps:SoleProprietorshipan unincorporated business owned by a single personBASE
Sovereign Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:SovereignBondbond issued by a national or sovereign government of a countryBASE
Sovereign Debt Instrumentfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:SovereignDebtInstrumentdebt security issued by a national or sovereign government of a countryBASE
Sovereign Statefibo-be-ge-ge:SovereignStatea nonphysical juridical entity that is represented by one centralized government that has sovereignty over a geographic areaBASE
Special Assessment Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:SpecialAssessmentBondan obligation payable from revenues of a special assessmentBASE
Special Dividendfibo-sec-eq-eq:SpecialDividenddividend that is paid to shareholders on a one-time basisBASE
Special Obligation Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:SpecialObligationBondbond secured by a limited revenue source or promise to payBASE
Special Purpose Codelcc-lr:SpecialPurposeCodea language identifier whose scope is that of a special purpose language constructBASE
Special Purpose Language Conceptlcc-lr:SpecialPurposeLanguageConcepta language concept introduced in ISO 639-3 to satisfy special-purpose requirements, typically to support application constraintsBASE
Special Tax Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:SpecialTaxBondbond secured by revenues derived from one or more designated taxes other than ad valorem taxesBASE
specializesfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:specializesindicates something whose nature is more general (broader than) the subjectASSOC
Specific Provider Interest Rate Benchmarkfibo-ind-ir-ir:SpecificProviderInterestRateBenchmarkinterest rate benchmark that is made available by a specific market data provider for reference purposesBASE
Specified Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:SpecifiedDatea calculated date that is defined by a rule, which is captured as a string by the ‘hasDateSpecification’ propertyBASE
specifiesfibo-fbc-fct-ra:specifiesstates a fact about somethingASSOC
specifies Conversion Datefibo-sec-eq-eq:specifiesConversionDateindicates the date on which, or after which, conversion may occurASSOC
specifies Conversion Intofibo-sec-sec-iss:specifiesConversionIntospecifies a security that will replace a convertible security under the terms of the agreementASSOC
Spoken Languagelcc-lr:SpokenLanguagean individual language or language variant that is articulated through speech (oral or vocal) soundsBASE
Standard Industrial Classification Codefibo-fbc-fct-breg:StandardIndustrialClassificationCodethe SIC code representing an industryBASE
Standard Industrial Classification Schemefibo-fbc-fct-breg:StandardIndustrialClassificationSchemethe scheme defining the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code ListBASE
Standard Variantlcc-lr:StandardVarianta language variant with a high degree of status and normalization, typically used in public discourse, centers of government and commerceBASE
Standardized Addressfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:StandardizedAddressdelivery address that is fully spelled out, abbreviated by using the Postal Service standard abbreviations or as given in the current Postal Service ZIP+4 fileBASE
Standardized Termsfibo-fbc-fi-fi:StandardizedTermsa set of standardized terms, published by some body, and capable of being incorporated into a contract by agreementBASE
State Chartered Bankfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:StateCharteredBanka commercial bank whose charter is approved by a state banking departmentBASE
Statistical Areafibo-fnd-utl-alx:StatisticalAreaphysical location that is defined per some program for designating geographic regions for the purposes of tabulating and presenting statistical dataBASE
Statistical Area Identifierfibo-fnd-utl-alx:StatisticalAreaIdentifieridentifier for a physical location that is defined per a nationally consistent program for designating geographic regions for the purposes of tabulating and presenting statistical dataBASE
Statistical Information Publisherfibo-ind-ei-pub:StatisticalInformationPublishera publisher that publishes statistical informationBASE
Statistical Measurefibo-fnd-utl-alx:StatisticalMeasuresummary (means, mode, total, index, etc.) of the individual quantitative variable values for the statistical units in a specific group (study domain)BASE
Statistical Populationfibo-fnd-utl-alx:StatisticalPopulationstatistical universe filtered by time and regionBASE
Statistical Programfibo-fnd-utl-alx:StatisticalProgramprogram that presents a detailed investigation and analysis of a subject or situation involving one or more studies or surveysBASE
Statistical Universefibo-fnd-utl-alx:StatisticalUniversecollection representing the total membership, or ‘universe’, of people, resources, products, services, events, or entities of interest for some question, experiment, survey or statistical programBASE
Statute Lawfibo-fnd-law-jur:StatuteLawwritten law (as opposed to oral or customary law) set down by a legislature or by a legislator (in the case of an absolute monarchy)BASE
Statutory Bodyfibo-be-le-lp:StatutoryBodya body set up by a government to consider evidence and make judgements in some field of activityBASE
Step Eventfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:StepEventevent whereby a set of fixed coupon terms comes into force as specified in a step scheduleBASE
Step Schedulefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:StepScheduleschedule specifying the dates and rates relevant to securities that pay an initial interest rate but also have a feature where set rate increases happen at periodic intervalsBASE
Step Up Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:StepUpBondbond with a coupon that increases (steps up) while the bond is outstandingBASE
Stepped Coupon Termsfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:SteppedCouponTermscoupon payment terms for securities with a coupon that increases (steps up) while the bond is outstandingBASE
Stock Corporationfibo-be-le-cb:StockCorporationa corporation that has shareholders (stockholders), each of whom receives a portion of the ownership of the corporation through shares of stockBASE
Stock Exchange Daily Official List Codefibo-sec-sec-idind:StockExchangeDailyOfficialListCodeseven-character security identifier, issued by the London Stock Exchange, that is the National Securities Identifying Number (NSIN) for securities issued in the United Kingdom, which is also part of the ISIN for the security it identifiesBASE
Strategyfibo-fnd-gao-obj:Strategyplan or method for achieving a specific goal, objective, solution or outcomeBASE
Street Addressfibo-fnd-plc-adr:StreetAddressindex to a location that consists of a primary address number, predirectional, street name, suffix, postdirectional, and an optional secondary unitBASE
Street Suffixfibo-fnd-plc-adr:StreetSuffixclassifier for a street or other delivery location, such as a dwelling located along a waterwayBASE
Stripfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:Stripa tradeable debt instrument created either through the process of removing coupons from a bond and then selling the separate parts as a zero coupon bond and an interest paying coupon bond or through taking the opposite position from some variant in the options marketBASE
Strip Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:StripBondbond that is part of a series of bonds formed by selling each interest payment and the principal amount of a bond as separate zero coupon bonds.BASE
Structure Or Complex Namefibo-fnd-plc-adr:StructureOrComplexNameidentifier for a building, house, office complex, shopping center, or other structureBASE
Structured Collectionfibo-fnd-arr-arr:StructuredCollectiona collection that has a clearly defined structure or organizationBASE
submitsfibo-fnd-arr-rep:submitspresents something (a proposal, application, report, or other document) for consideration or reviewASSOC
Submitterfibo-fnd-arr-rep:Submittera party presenting something, such as a regulatory reportBASE
Subsidiaryfibo-be-oac-cctl:Subsidiarya company that is entirely or partially owned and entirely or partially controlled by another companyBASE
supersedesfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:supersedesthe or any earlier contract which this contract supersedesASSOC
Supplemental Address Componentfibo-fnd-plc-adr:SupplementalAddressComponentaddress component that provides additional information that is important to ensuring proper delivery of communicationsBASE
Supplemental Address Designatorfibo-fnd-plc-adr:SupplementalAddressDesignatorclassifier for supplemental address information, such as a highway contract route, rural route, building complex, shopping center, condominium complex, mail box, or other similar designationBASE
Supplemental Address Indicator Or Unitfibo-fnd-plc-adr:SupplementalAddressIndicatorOrUnitaddress component that includes a specific route, box, apartment, condominium or other indicator or unit associated with a specific addressBASE
Supplierfibo-fnd-pas-pas:Suppliera party that supplies goods or servicesBASE
suppliesfibo-fnd-pas-pas:supplieslinks a party in the role of outfitter, provisioner, distributor, etc. to something that they provideASSOC
Supranational Entityfibo-be-ge-ge:SupranationalEntitya governmental or non-governmental entity that is established by international law or treaty or incorporated at an international levelBASE
Swapfibo-der-drc-swp:Swapa derivative instrument that facilitates the exchange of financial instruments among the parties; the instruments can be almost anything, but most swaps involve cash flows (streams of payments or other commitments over time) based on a notional principal amount that both parties agree toBASE
Swap Confirmationfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapConfirmationa formal confirmation that codifies the terms and conditions specific to a lifecycle event with respect to the overall transaction between the partiesBASE
Swap Data Repositoryfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapDataRepositorya financial service provider that provides a central facility for swap data reporting and recordkeepingBASE
Swap Dealerfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapDealera financial service provider that holds itself out as a dealer in swaps; makes a market in swaps; regularly enters into swaps with counterparties as an ordinary course of business for its own account; or engages in any activity causing the person to be commonly known in the trade as a dealer or market maker in swapsBASE
Swap Execution Facilityfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapExecutionFacilityan exchange, trading system, or platform that enables many participants to execute or trade swapsBASE
Swap Legfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapLegterms defining and commitment to fulfill the future payment or cashflow requirements (e.g., interest payments, coupon payments, etc.) for one leg of a swap transactionBASE
Swap Lifecycle Eventfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapLifecycleEventan event that occurs during the lifecycle of a swap, where the overall set of events includes those specific to the issuer, front office, middle office, and/or back office processesBASE
Swap Lifecycle Event Identifierfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapLifecycleEventIdentifieran identifier that uniquely identifies a specific event in the lifecycle of a swapBASE
Swap Partyfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapPartya party to a swap and therefore a legal party to the contract that embodies that transactionBASE
Swap Paying Partyfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapPayingPartya swap party responsible for making payments for a given leg of the transaction as defined in the contractBASE
Swap Receiving Partyfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapReceivingPartya swap party that receives payments for a given leg of the transaction as defined in the contractBASE
Swap Stream Calculation Relative Datefibo-der-rtd-irswp:SwapStreamCalculationRelativeDatea calculation date that is relative to the rate reset scheduleBASE
Swap Stream Eventfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapStreamEventa payment event (e.g., interest payment, coupon payment, etc.) against one leg of a swap streamBASE
Swap Stream Interest Calculationfibo-der-rtd-irswp:SwapStreamInterestCalculationan expression that represents a calculation of interestBASE
Swap Stream Interest Calculation Schedulefibo-der-rtd-irswp:SwapStreamInterestCalculationSchedulea parametric schedule that represents the dates on which interest is calculatedBASE
Swap Stream Interest Paymentfibo-der-rtd-irswp:SwapStreamInterestPaymentan event involving the payment of interest for a given swap legBASE
Swap Stream Interest Payment Schedulefibo-der-rtd-irswp:SwapStreamInterestPaymentSchedulea parametric schedule that represents the dates on which interest is due to be paidBASE
Swap Stream Interest Rate Resetfibo-der-rtd-irswp:SwapStreamInterestRateResetan event on which an interest rate for a given swap stream changes (resets)BASE
Swap Stream Interest Rate Reset Schedulefibo-der-rtd-irswp:SwapStreamInterestRateResetSchedulea parametric schedule of reset datesBASE
Swap Stream Interest Rate Setting Eventfibo-der-rtd-irswp:SwapStreamInterestRateSettingEventan event on which an interest rate for a given swap stream is determinedBASE
Swap Stream Interest Setting Relative Datefibo-der-rtd-irswp:SwapStreamInterestSettingRelativeDatea date on which an interest rate is revised is that is relative to a rate reset eventBASE
Swap Termsfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapTermsthe legal contractual terms of a swap transactionBASE
System Of Quantitiesfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:SystemOfQuantitiesset of quantities together with a set of non-contradictory equations relating those quantitiesBASE
System Of Unitsfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:SystemOfUnitsset of measurement units associated with a system of quantities, together with a set of rules that assign one measurement unit to be the base unit for each base quantity in the system of quantities and a set of rules for the derivation of other units from the base unitsBASE
Systematic Internaliserfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:SystematicInternaliseran investment firm that, on an organised, frequent, systematic and substantial basis, deals on its own account by executing client orders outside a regulated market, MTF or OTF without operating a multilateral systemBASE
takes Formfibo-fnd-acc-aeq:takesFormthe form taken by some amount of money defined according to its purpose, such as capital or equityASSOC
Tangible Assetfibo-fnd-oac-own:TangibleAssetasset that is a physical, measurable resource, i.e., one that takes a physical formBASE
Tax Allocation Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:TaxAllocationBondbond payable from the incremental increase in tax revenues realized from any increase in property value and other economic activity, often designed to capture the economic benefit resulting from a bond financingBASE
Telephone Numberfibo-fnd-plc-vrt:TelephoneNumbervirtual address that may be assigned to a fixed-line telephone subscriber station connected to a telephone line or to a wireless electronic telephony device, such as a radio telephone or a mobile telephone, or to other devices or services for data transmission via the public switched telephone network (PSTN) or other public and private networksBASE
Term Sheetfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:TermSheetnonbinding agreement setting forth the basic terms and conditions under which a proposed business deal may be madeBASE
Term Structurefibo-ind-ind-ind:TermStructurea structured collection of rates, such as interest rates, or bond yields with different terms to maturity, such that a yield curve may be constructed for the structureBASE
Terminology Codelcc-lr:TerminologyCodea language identifier whose scope is that of terminological codesBASE
Territorylcc-cr:Territorya geopolitical entity, typically considered an area of special geopolitical interest, related to a country or other geopolitical entityBASE
Thing In Rolefibo-fnd-pty-rl:ThingInRolea thing-in-role is a relative concept that ties some thing to a role it plays in a given situational contextBASE
Third Party Agentfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:ThirdPartyAgentany service provider that is licensed to perform a legally binding function and has been legally empowered to act on behalf of another partyBASE
Thrift Institutionfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:ThriftInstitutionan organization that primarily accepts savings account deposits and invests most of the proceeds in mortgages; savings banks and savings and loan associations and credit unions are examples of thrift institutionsBASE
Ticker Symbolfibo-sec-sec-id:TickerSymbolexchange-specific identifier for a particular securityBASE
Time Certificate Of Deposit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:TimeCertificateOfDepositAccounttime deposit account that allows deposits evidenced by a negotiable or nonnegotiable instrument, or a deposit in book entry form evidenced by a receipt or similar acknowledgement issued by the bank, that provides, on its face, that the amount of such deposit is payable to the bearer, to any specified person, or to the order of a specified person, as follows: (1) on a certain date not less than seven days after the date of deposit, (2) at the expiration of a specified period not less than seven days after the date of the deposit, or (3) upon written notice to the bank which is to be given not less than seven days before the date of withdrawal.BASE
Time Deposit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:TimeDepositAccountdeposit account that the depositor does not have a right, and is not permitted, to make withdrawals from within six days after the date of deposit unless the deposit is subject to an early withdrawal penalty of at least seven days’ simple interest on amounts withdrawn within the first six days after depositBASE
Time Deposit Open Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:TimeDepositOpenAccounttime deposit account that allows deposits (other than time certificates of deposit) for which there is in force a written contract with the depositor that neither the whole nor any part of such deposit may be withdrawn prior to (1) the date of maturity which shall be not less than seven days after the date of the deposit, or (2) the expiration of a specified period of written notice of not less than seven days.BASE
Time Directionfibo-fnd-dt-fd:TimeDirectionan enumeration that indicates whether a calendar specified date is figured from the start or the end of a calendar periodBASE
Time Instantfibo-fnd-dt-fd:TimeInstanta temporal entity that is a member of a time scale, with no extent or durationBASE
Time Intervalfibo-fnd-dt-fd:TimeIntervala segment of the time axis, a location in time, with an extent or durationBASE
Time Of Dayfibo-fnd-dt-fd:TimeOfDayexplicit time, according to a clockBASE
Totalfibo-fnd-utl-alx:Totalsum of the values for some characteristic of all unitsBASE
Total Controlling Interest Companyfibo-be-oac-cctl:TotalControllingInterestCompanyan organization having 100 percent ownership one or more organizations it holds voting shares inBASE
Total Ownerfibo-be-oac-cpty:TotalOwnerEntity having 100 percent ownership in the entity so owned.BASE
Tradable Debt Instrumentfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:TradableDebtInstrumenta debt instrument that is also a security, i.e., that can be bought and sold by the holderBASE
Tradable Debt Instrument Redemption Provisionfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:TradableDebtInstrumentRedemptionProvisionterms for the redemption of the debt represented by a debt securityBASE
Tradefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Tradean agreement between parties participating in a voluntary action of buying and selling goods and servicesBASE
Trade Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:TradeIdentifieran identifier for a tradeBASE
Trade Lifecyclefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:TradeLifecyclea lifecycle that defines the evolution of a trade, from initiation through settlementBASE
Trade Lifecycle Eventfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:TradeLifecycleEventa kind of event that occurs during one or more stages of the lifecycle of a tradeBASE
Trade Lifecycle Event Occurrencefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:TradeLifecycleEventOccurrencean occurrence of an event that occurs during a specific stage of a specific trade lifecycleBASE
Trade Lifecycle Occurrencefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:TradeLifecycleOccurrencea realization of a trade lifecycleBASE
Trade Lifecycle Stagefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:TradeLifecycleStagea phase in the lifecycle of a tradeBASE
Trade Lifecycle Stage Occurrencefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:TradeLifecycleStageOccurrencean instance of a phase in an occurrence of a given trade lifecycleBASE
Traderfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Traderan individual or organization or representative thereof that engages in the transfer of financial assets in any financial market on behalf of a client or the financial services providerBASE
Trading Date Rulefibo-sec-sec-sch:TradingDateRulea rule for dates defined with reference to some trading date calendar published by some trading facility or authority, such as a stock exchangeBASE
Trading Restrictionfibo-sec-sec-rst:TradingRestrictiona restriction that limits trading in some manner, typically summarized on term sheets or in other documentation, including but not limited to restrictions on day tradingBASE
Transaction Confirmationfibo-fnd-pas-pas:TransactionConfirmationwritten communication from a seller or service provider reciting the relevant details of a transactionBASE
Transaction Deposit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:TransactionDepositAccountdeposit or account from which the depositor or account holder is permitted to make transfers or withdrawals by negotiable or transferable instruments, payment orders of withdrawal, telephone transfers, or other similar devices for the purpose of making payments or transfers to third persons or others or from which the depositor may make third party payments at an automated teller machine (ATM), a remote service unit (RSU), or another electronic device, including by debit cardBASE
Transaction Eventfibo-fnd-pas-pas:TransactionEventany sale, assignment, lease, license, loan, advance, contribution, or other transfer of any interest in or right to use any property (tangible or intangible) or money, however that transaction is effected, and regardless of whether the terms of the transaction are formally documentedBASE
Transcriptionlcc-lr:Transcriptionthe representation of speech or signing in written formBASE
Transferable Contractfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:TransferableContractcontract in which the rights and obligations of one party (the holder) may be transferred to another party, which thereby takes on the same rights and obligations with respect to the other party to the contractBASE
Transferable Contract Holderfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:TransferableContractHolderparty that holds a transferable contract and enjoys the benefits defined in that contract while they hold itBASE
Transliterationlcc-lr:Transliterationthe conversion of text from one script to another without loss of informationBASE
Treasury Billfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:TreasuryBillshort-term zero coupon treasury obligation with a maturity ranging from one to twelve monthsBASE
Treasury Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:TreasuryBondlong term term coupon bearing treasury obligation with original maturity over ten years, with 30 years being most commonBASE
Treasury Notefibo-sec-dbt-bnd:TreasuryNotemedium term coupon bearing treasury obligation with original maturity ranging from two to ten yearsBASE
Treasury Securityfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:TreasurySecuritydebt instrument issued by the United States Department of the Treasury that carries a full faith and credit guaranteeBASE
Tribal Areafibo-be-ge-ge:TribalAreaa designation for an area of land managed by a group of indigenous people (tribe) rather than by the sovereign state or regional governmental entity in which the tribal area is geographically locatedBASE
Tribal Entityfibo-be-ge-ge:TribalEntitya legal entity that represents fundamental unit of sovereign tribal (indigenous) governmentBASE
Tribal Governmentfibo-be-ge-ge:TribalGovernmenta government representing a group of indigenous people that has legal authority to govern those people, including authority to legislate the existance of tribal entitiesBASE
Trustfibo-be-tr-tr:TrustA fiduciary relationship in which one party, known as a trustor, gives another party, the trustee, the right to hold title to property or assets for the benefit of a third party, the beneficiary.BASE
Trust Agreementfibo-be-tr-tr:TrustAgreementFormal agreement through which a trustor vests the ownership rights (title) to one or more assets to one or more trustees for conservation and protection on behalf of one or more beneficiaries of the trust. It normally states the (1) purpose for which the trust was established and fulfillment of which will terminate the trust, (2) details of the assets placed in the trust, (3) powers and limitations of the trustees, their reporting requirements, and other associated provisions, and (4) may also specify the trustees’ compensation, if any. A trust agreement involving real estate requires its exact description and the trustor’s express, written consent to create the trust to be valid. A will admitted to probate may also act like a trust agreement.BASE
Trust Beneficiaryfibo-be-tr-tr:TrustBeneficiaryPerson or organization for whose present or future interest (benefit) an annuity, assignment (such as a letter of credit), contract, insurance policy, judgment, promise, trust, will, etc., is madeBASE
Trust Fund Managerfibo-be-tr-tr:TrustFundManagerA trust fund manager acts on behalf of the Trustee to manage the assets of the Trust.BASE
Trust Fund Trustfibo-be-tr-tr:TrustFundTrustA trust which forms the basis for a fund.BASE
Trusteefibo-be-tr-tr:TrusteeAn individual or organization which holds or manages and invests assets for the benefit of another. The trustee is legally obliged to make all trust-related decisions with the beneficiary’s interests in mind, and may be liable for damages in the event of not doing so. Trustees may be entitled to a payment for their services, if specified in the trust deed. In the specific case of the bond market, a trustee administers a bond issue for a borrower, and ensures that the issuer meets all the terms and conditions associated with the borrowing.BASE
Trustorfibo-be-tr-tr:TrustorEntity that establishes a trust and place property under the protection and management of one or more trustees for the immediate or eventual benefit of ascertainable one or more beneficiaries. It is not always necessary to identify the trustor who may be also be a trustee and/or one of the beneficiaries. In legal parlance, a trustor is called a settlor in the UK and a grantor in the US, whereas in common usage he or she may also be called a creator, donor, initiator, owner, or Trust maker.BASE
Ultimate Consolidationfibo-be-oac-opty:UltimateConsolidationhighest-level (top, end) ancestral ownership, evidenced by accounting consolidation, by some party of some other legal entityBASE
Ultimate Consumerfibo-ind-ei-ei:UltimateConsumera person that is the ultimate user of a good, product or serviceBASE
Underwriterfibo-fbc-fct-fse:Underwritera financial service provider that evaluates and assumes another party’s risk for a fee, such as a commission, premium, spread or interestBASE
underwritesfibo-sec-sec-iss:underwritesidentifies one or more underwriters involved in raising capital for or distributing the instruments that are the subject of the offeringASSOC
Underwriting Arrangementfibo-fbc-fct-fse:UnderwritingArrangementa contractual agreement between parties that commits the underwriter to assuming riskBASE
Unemployed Populationfibo-ind-ei-ei:UnemployedPopulationa subset of the civilian labor force that is considered to have had no employment but was available for work, except for temporary illness, and had made specific efforts to find employment sometime during a specified period, during the reporting periodBASE
Unemployment Ratefibo-ind-ei-ei:UnemploymentRatean economic indicator representing the ratio of the unemployed population with respect to the civilian labor force of a given economy for some specified periodBASE
Unilateral Commitmentfibo-fnd-agr-agr:UnilateralCommitmentA commitment made by one party without reference to the party to which the commitment is made.BASE
Unilateral Contractfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:UnilateralContractcontract in which only one party makes an express promise, or undertakes a performance without first securing a reciprocal agreement from the other partyBASE
Unique Swap Identifierfibo-der-drc-swp:UniqueSwapIdentifiera unique swap identifier (USI) is an identifier for a swap transaction, that is the CFTC term or Unique Transaction Identifier (UTI) which is the term used more globally is an identifier on the transaction level that stays unique throughout the life of a tradeBASE
Unique Transaction Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:UniqueTransactionIdentifiera globally unique identifier for a reportable transaction, whose primary purpose is to uniquely identify individual OTC derivatives transactions in reports to trade repositoriesBASE
Unit Factorfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:UnitFactorfactor in a product of powers that defines a derived unitBASE
Unit Investment Trustfibo-fbc-fct-fse:UnitInvestmentTrustan investment company which (a) is organized under a trust indenture, contract of custodianship or agency, or similar instrument, (b) does not have a board of directors, and (c) issues only redeemable securities, each of which represents an undivided interest in a unit of specified securities; but does not include a voting trustBASE
Unit Of Accountfibo-fnd-acc-cur:UnitOfAccounta nominal monetary unit of measure used to represent the real value (or cost) of any economic item; i.e. goods, services, assets, liabilities, income, expensesBASE
Unit Of Account Identifierfibo-fnd-acc-cur:UnitOfAccountIdentifierthe trigraph representing the unit of accountBASE
Unlisted Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:UnlistedBondbond that is traded over the counter rather than via an exchange or other listing facilityBASE
Unsecured Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:UnsecuredBondbond that is only secured by the bond issuer’s good credit standingBASE
Urban Consumer Price Indexfibo-ind-ei-usei:UrbanConsumerPriceIndexan economic indicator representing a measure of the average change over time in the prices paid by urban consumers for a market basket of consumer goods and servicesBASE
Urban Consumers Universefibo-ind-ei-usei:UrbanConsumersUniversea statistical universe for consumer expenditure surveys consisting of people within a household that make joint expenditure decisionsBASE
Urbanizationfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:Urbanizationan area, sector, or development within a larger geographic areaBASE
US Bankfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:USBanka bank that is licensed to conduct business in the United StatesBASE
US Bank Holding Companyfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:USBankHoldingCompanya bank holding company that is licensed to conduct business in the United States and is regulated and supervised by the Federal Reserve in accordance with the Bank Holding Company Act of 1956BASE
US Credit Unionfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:USCreditUniona cooperative association organized for the purpose of promoting thrift among its members and creating a source of credit for provident or productive purposesBASE
US Postal Service Address Identifierfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:USPostalServiceAddressIdentifiercombined with the ZIP + 4 code, the delivery point code provides a unique identifier for every deliverable address served by the USPSBASE
US Producer Price Indexfibo-ind-ei-usei:USProducerPriceIndexan economic indicator representing a measure of the change over time in the selling prices received by domestic producers for their outputBASE
US Treasury Bill Auction Date Rulefibo-sec-sec-sch:USTreasuryBillAuctionDateRulea rule for setting auction dates for US Treasury billsBASE
US Treasury Bill Datefibo-sec-sec-sch:USTreasuryBillDatean auction date for US 13 week and 26 week Treasury billsBASE
useslcc-cr:usesemploys as a means of accomplishing some task or achieving some resultASSOC
uses Administrative Languagelcc-cr:usesAdministrativeLanguagerelates a country or geopolitical entity to an administrative language that entity uses for international communicationsASSOC
uses Rating Partyfibo-fnd-arr-rt:usesRatingPartyrating performer an issuer uses to assess ratingsASSOC
Value Added Producer Price Indexfibo-ind-ei-ei:ValueAddedProducerPriceIndexan economic indicator representing a weighted average of the input and output producer price indicesBASE
Value Assessmentfibo-fnd-arr-asmt:ValueAssessmentassessment event to estimate the value of somethingBASE
Variablefibo-fnd-utl-alx:Variablesymbol that represents a parameter in a formula or expressionBASE
Variable Coupon Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:VariableCouponBondbond that has a floating or variable interest rate, or coupon rateBASE
Variable Coupon Termsfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:VariableCouponTermscontractual terms specifying the calculation of the floating or variable interest rate, or coupon rate for a variable coupon bondBASE
Variable Debt Principalfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:VariableDebtPrincipalprincipal that is defined in relation to some variable and so varies over time, as principalBASE
Variable Income Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:VariableIncomeBondbond whose income may vary over time, because either the coupon rate or principal amount changes in line with an index or schedule over the life of the securityBASE
Variable Income Securityfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:VariableIncomeSecuritytradeable debt instrument that provide their owners with a rate of return that is dynamic and determined by market forcesBASE
Variable Interest Calculation Formulafibo-sec-dbt-bnd:VariableInterestCalculationFormulaformula for the calculation of variable interestBASE
Variable Interest Expressionfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:VariableInterestExpressionan expression used to determine a variable interest payment amountBASE
Variable Interest Ratefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:VariableInterestRatean interest rate that is allowed to vary over the maturity of a loan or other debt instrumentBASE
Variable Principal Bondfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:VariablePrincipalBondbond whose principal adjusts over time with changes in an index such as inflation or GDPBASE
Variancefibo-fnd-utl-alx:Variancemeasure of spread, calculated as the average squared deviation of each number from the mean of a data setBASE
Venuefibo-fnd-plc-fac:VenueA place where something happens, described in the context of the event or activity that occurs thereBASE
Verbal Contractfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:VerbalContractcontract that exists as a result of some verbal exchangeBASE
verifies Addressfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:verifiesAddressverifies a person’s address as recorded in an identity documentASSOC
Virtual Addressfibo-fnd-plc-adr:VirtualAddressaddress identifying a virtual, i.e. non-physical, locationBASE
Virtual Locationfibo-fnd-plc-vrt:VirtualLocationplace that is not located in any single physical location; a network location without geographic boundariesBASE
Volatilityfibo-ind-ind-ind:Volatilitya statistical measure of the dispersion around the average of some random variable over some period of timeBASE
Volume Weighted Average Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:VolumeWeightedAveragePriceaverage price at which a given security has traded throughout a trading day, determined by multiplying each trade by its volume, adding the results, then dividing by the volume traded for the dayBASE
Volume Weighted Open Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:VolumeWeightedOpenPriceprice determined by multiplying each trade by its volume, adding the results, then dividing by the volume over a certain period during the trading day (rather than over the course of the entire day)BASE
Voting Rightfibo-sec-eq-eq:VotingRightcontractual right that specifies shareholder voting entitlements, such as to elect directors, elect outside auditors, and vote on matters of corporate policyBASE
Voting Shareholderfibo-be-oac-cctl:VotingShareholdera party owning voting shares in some company limited by the issue of sharesBASE
Voting Shareholdingfibo-be-oac-cctl:VotingShareholdinga holding of some voting shareBASE
Voting Shareholding Companyfibo-be-oac-cctl:VotingShareholdingCompanya formal business organization that holds voting shares in some incorporated companyBASE
Warrant Holderfibo-be-oac-cpty:WarrantHolderA holder of some warrant which when exercised would confer upon that party some de jure controlling interest in some entity.BASE
Wealth Management Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:WealthManagementServicea high-level financial service that combines financial and investment advice, accounting and tax services, retirement planning and legal or estate planning for one set feeBASE
Weighted Basketfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:WeightedBasketbasket whose constituents have some relative importance with respect to one anotherBASE
Weighted Basket Constituentfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:WeightedBasketConstituentcomponent of a basket whose relative importance with respect to other basket constituents is knownBASE
Weighting Functionfibo-fnd-utl-alx:WeightingFunctionexpression or function that determines the relative importance or influence of a given element of a set with respect to the wholeBASE
Wholly Owned Subsidiaryfibo-be-oac-cctl:WhollyOwnedSubsidiarya subsidiary that is entirely owned and controlled by another companyBASE
Writing Systemlcc-lr:WritingSystema system for writing a language, including the requisite script and character setBASE
Written Contractfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:WrittenContractformal contract that is written and signed by the parties theretoBASE
Written Languagelcc-lr:WrittenLanguagethe representation of a language via a writing system, with a relatively normalized orthographyBASE
Yieldfibo-fbc-fi-ip:Yieldreturn on the investor’s capital investmentBASE
Yield Spreadfibo-fbc-fi-ip:YieldSpreadthe spread between the yields of two itemsBASE
Zero Coupon And Original Issue Discount Bond Call Termsfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:ZeroCouponAndOriginalIssueDiscountBondCallTermscall feature specific to a zero coupon or original issue discount (OID) bondBASE
Zero Coupon Termsfibo-sec-dbt-bnd:ZeroCouponTermsterms for payment of interest on a zero coupon bondBASE
ZIP Codefibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:ZIPCodefive-digit code code assigned to a delivery address indicating the state and post office or postal zoneBASE
Zip Code Schemefibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:ZipCodeSchemesystem used in the U.S. to facilitate the delivery of mail, consisting of a five- or nine-digit code Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) printed directly after the address, the first five digits (initial code) indicating the state and post office or postal zone, the last four (expanded code) the box section or number, portion of a rural route, building, or other specific delivery locationBASE
ZIP Plus4Codefibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:ZIPPlus4Codenine-digit number consisting of five digits, a hyphen, and four digits, which the USPS describes by its trademark ZIP+4BASE